The Reincarnated Corporate S*ave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World


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Who said, “It’s s*upid to train for years?”

After the male protagonist was reincarnated, his corporate s*ave spirit burst, and he spent all his time training day after day. He has no special abilities whatsoever, but when the day his training results paid off. He would have become a magnificent and peerless person.

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The Sword is faster than the Light: The Otherworld Reincarnated Corporate S*ave
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AdmiralUnknown rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c15
Have no special abilities whatsoever! But with the results of his training, he will become peerless!

Yea, no. MC learns skills way too fast. Sure, he gained them during the time skips, but that's not what I mean. Sure, he doesnt really have any cheat skills besides insight and analyze. But he learns skills way too easily. Tried using magic after reading a book as a toddler, tada! You learned Light Magic: Beginner!

Seems like he was already a working adult in his past life. But he acts like a child in... more>> his second one. There was no semblance or feeling that he has an adult mind.

Also, he was born from two very strong parents apparently. The story feels kinda forced for me. Dunno. Also has a bit of feeling like Sage's Grandson, just instead of strong grandparents, you get strong parents.

At the start, the novel emphasizes on that the MC has a strong mentality, expected of someone who worked zealously to death in his past life. I thought the story would be on his HARD work or efforts being talentless in trying to improve his strength. But sadly it wasnt. As of c15, there was no events that capitalizes on his strong mentality. <<less
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Teadragon rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c22
The story is 4 stars. The editing however made me drop it down to three stars for now. I realize the translator got confused with POV switches, but it is usually made clear later who was talking. The combat scenes would be infinitely better if the POV character name was added at the beginning of each switch. Then each POV section needs to be edited to make sense (switch he to her when it is a female POV, or ‘I did it’ to ‘We did it’ when the person saying... more>> it did not actually do the thing in question, etc). <<less
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yinko rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c08
Each chapter is about a page in length, by chapter eight he's time skipped to being seven years old. Lots of excuses for why he shouldn't learn stuff, very little interesting ideas, world building or character development.
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RagingDs rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c25
The concept seems solid, but it just ends up being no good. I'm not sure if it's on the translators side or the authors side, but there seems to be a huge disconnect that makes it hard to even follow the major plot lines let alone the details. It's so scattered that I can't even tell which perspective the story is from the majority of the time. Reads like a very bad mtl.

Edited: Translator seems to have been changed about C23 and the story starts making more sense. It's... more>> not perfect, but it's a vast improvement so changed from a 2 star to 3 star.

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