The Regressor’s Personality Training


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After clearing Lee Danwoo died. A sword pierced his neck, the ceiling collapsed, and nobody survived. However, when he opened his eyes again, he had returned before.

Cha Woowon died in the first raid of and Danwoo was the lone survivor. Was that what he wished for?

“Are you okay? You’re sweating.”

Young Cha Woowon, who didn’t know Danwoo, spoke. Danwoo barely nodded his head.

“You’re crying.”

“I know.”

He had plenty of regrets.

Lee Danwoo returned to the time before the most regrettable thing happened.

“A monster is about to crush 30 people in front of you. If you stop it, you will die, but they will live. What will you do?”

Cha Woowon answered Danwoo’s question without hesitation.

“It seems like the right decision is for me to block it.”

‘This guy sure is a good kid…’

There was an urgent solution, whether it was a strategy or not.

Why did Cha Woowon die in ? His good personality was the problem, without a doubt.

This time, Danwoo would save him.

By tearing up that good human nature of his.

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The Regressor's Personality Education
회귀자 인성 교육
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