The Reborn Girl’s Path to Glory


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Song Yixiao, a lady of an official family, was miserably drowned to death due to the vicious scheme of her stepmother, after her parents divorced and respectively remarried. Coincidentally, she was resurrected and became her 8-year-old self. With grievance and ambition, Song Yixiao was determined to take revenge and live a different life. She plotted her own kidnapping in order to frame her stepmother for revenge. Afterwards, she moved to live with her birth mother, shunning from the previous fate of being drowned to death. By coincidence, Song Yixiao encountered a noble young man called Jian Xubai, Duke Yanguo, who was also unloved by his father and siblings just like her. As the wheel of fate rolled, their lives were linked and afterwards they got married. During the vicissitudes of dynasties, they supported each other through various hardships and games of thorn.

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Xoxopixie rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c85
Because this has such low ratings, I had to leave a review.

This one has a feel of realism and lack of pink tinted lens view (or even black tinted towards everyone except ML as seems to often be the case instead, for ancient China settings) that really struck at me. Not to say that no one has plot armour or good luck, but later onto that.

Yixiao struggles as any girl in an ancient Chinese dynasty setting with all its limitations would. She has the advantage of some extra knowledge (very... more>> little actually, because she was such a non-entity in her first life) but it, in no way makes her omniscient and while she sometimes thinks she's all scheming and understanding of the background dealings of things, it's hilarious how wrong she can be.

Minor spoiler about beginning of novel:


Her prior knowledge is mainly only used at the beginning, in her youth, to save her from the clutches of her abusive fathers side of the family.


This story gave me a lot of 'Legend of Concubine's daughter Ming Lan' vibes. Yixiao makes me think what Ming Lan might have been like if her Mom were a more capable Concubine Lin. It's a nice change to see the mother character not be a virtuous angel that died at birth but actually has a powerful but ineffectual maiden family. People in this story can be quite ugly inside without coming off as cartoonishly unreasonable. This novel seems to portray the evilness in people quite realistically, they're are a product of their times and their motivations are usually clear with visible cause and effect, whether it be greed, selfishness, jealousy or a spiteful grudge. Oh, you still hate them, but it's not the ridiculous over-the-top-2d sort that makes you drop the book. Yet. But maybe that's just me.

If anything would make you drop the book, it's all the names, relationships and titles/statuses that can be really confusing but that's mainly because of the translation (which is okay and pretty speedy other than that) and not the novel itself. Pinyin with a glossary at the end or beginning might have actually made that easier. Or rather, if you're gonna read a ancient Chinese setting, you've gotta get used to the fact that relationships in the upper echelons is complicated as heck.

The only other thing that bugs me, like most of these other rebirth novels, is the intelligence upgrade time travel gives them. Dying pathetically in the first life but suddenly becoming a schemer by going back in time - having prior knowledge about things only gives you time to prepare, it doesn't make you smart. But then, I suppose, we should give time its due. Removing obstacles that hinder their progression from a young age and being able to grow up healthier the second time, get an education a second time, with the maturity of already having lived one life to its end, particularly a painful pathetic one. It teaches them to be wary and mistrustful, since trusting the wrong people is usually what gets them killed and gives them a more mature, disillusioned eye to see the world through.

Yixiao is also quite lucky in some aspects, though she did help that luck along at times and at other times it's the ML's purple halo giving her a push up (and does he have a halo - strangely enough, I don't hate him for it. Yet. There's a lot still to be revealed about him).

Minor spoilers about their relationship ahead:

I quite like their "non-romance". It's the most realistic one I've seen yet I think, feelings wise anyway. But then I only say that because he's one of the few MLs in these Asian novels that's not completely hung up over some girl he met when he was 11. Post-marriage/newlywed-stage, their relationship dynamic is quite refreshing to see in this genre. They bicker and fight all the time, but they're both pragmatic and respect each other's expertise in their respective area and don't hesitate to ask for help or advise when it comes to business. And they're not one of those annoying couples that are married but act like chaste monks who only have accidental skinship until the author decides to make them confess heartfelt feelings to each other. And wow, an FL that actually knows how to reciprocate instead of crying and trying to run away.

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bestdoctor2019 rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: --
Another rebirth story based on a Chinese history. The difference between this one and others is that this novel describe a very detailed and figurative background of times. It is a very good novel to help you understand ancient Chinese culture. Thank you for translating it! I'll keep reading it.
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c49
You want a non-stop mess of political schemes and royal pains in the *ss? ?

Then you came to read the right book because the court intrigue and plots are neverending so much so that you might end up screaming, "CAN I GET A BREAK? PLEASE!" like I did. My brain is tired of trying to figure out who is scheme who and backstabbing and plotting and lying and why...? ?


The MC barely resolves... more>> one plot and another comes and hits her in the face. It's so bad that the MC has to analyze and second guess everything someone says for double meanings or hints to a ploy. What little revenge she gets barely works. And the schemes she solves are only effective because she's dealing with petty people. Some schemes don't even reach her because other character's schemes are counteracted by another's schemes that may have nothing to do with her... it's RIDICULOUS!

The book description had this right, it's a game of mother f*king thrones.

In conclusion...I don't wanna read anymore. ? <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 26, 2020
Status: c155
So far I find this novel very enjoyable and likeable. The characters are all realistic and MC is not OP and only rely on the past life memories for help. I personally like her she’s neither weak nor strong but she isn’t s*upid (as she learns from her past mistakes and isn’t naive anymore).

Good job, I love

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