The Reborn Demon King’s Goddess Hunt


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The Demon King, Juno, was sealed in the holy space by the goddesses.

However, in the three hundred years that he was sealed away for, he managed to create the strongest magic, 『Magic Tuning』.

The spell grants him the ability to interfere with his opponent’s magic circuit, while giving them pleasure and making them climax. Once the spell is activated, it would let him toy with his opponents to his heart’s desire!

He will first make an example of the sword princess who tried to subjugate him, Spica, by making her fall from pleasure!!

Associated Names
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Shinsei-maou no Venus-Hunt
新生魔王の女神狩り【ヴィーナスハント】 ~史上最強の快楽スキルで、奪われた世界を取り戻す~
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12/24/18 Bananas c9
11/17/18 Bananas c8
11/13/18 Bananas c7
11/09/18 Bananas c6
11/02/18 Bananas c5
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10/25/18 Bananas c2
10/22/18 Bananas c1
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Mochax3 rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: c5
I don't usually write reviews but after seeing the only review this has so far is a 2 star one after only 1 chapter read, here are my two cents.

First off this is a light hearted story of the ecchi genre with an isekai setting, nothing original here.

The premises of this story is quite niche but hey if you like a light hearted isekai setting harem nonsense with demons and goddesses in a non full blown ero with some decent character interactions and some (not too cringey) comedy maybe you'll... more>> have some fun with this.

It's honesty not that awful. Its like watching some brainless ecchi Anime.

Actual rating so far:7/10

Five stars cause I'm nice <<less
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cookieconquerer rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: --
Ok, honestly I just attempted to read chapter 1 (couldn't get through it) and have an issue.

Can we just talk about the fact that Juno is the roman name for Hera?! If you're going to choose a name for a character, at least choose an appropriate one... Definitely doesn't bode well for the story (in my opinion) if you just choose the first name off a google search of god/goddess names. They use Venus but failed to figure out Juno is also a GODDESS?! I know it's not the same... more>> pantheon (because this is a story set in another universe) but if you're going to adapt at least do it right. Why Juno when he could have been PLUTO or any other freaking male god. Pluto would have been more appropriate for a demon king anyway. =.=

The s*xy scenes were impossible because my mind just could not get over this issue and kept trying to resolve it. Names are the lifeblood and proof of an author's investment into a character, which I suppose is why this bothers me so much (and I bothered to write this).

So, if you're a mythology buff, this isn't for you. lol <<less
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Ugfluffyturtle rated it
October 29, 2018
Status: c1
Aight I can't tell if this is suppose to be a comedy or it's legitimately trying to be erotic. No matter what I can't see this as anything other than trying to be funny. Yes TRYING.

First off this guy doesn't seem like a demon king, he talks in stutters like a beta Japanese stereotype. Second, The words *slurp* and *gulp* aren't erotic, they're words that personally disgust me. And third, things like "My magic cannon" and "Blade of Darkness" are nothing short of cringy.

This is all in chapter 1 so... more>> not even worth me putting a spoiler tag. The translations are pretty well done soooooooo 2 stars. <<less
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