The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World


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Unmarried woman being pregnant? A disgrace in the grand wedding!

Princess (Wang fei) of Jing An, who was envied by everyone, in the blink of an eye became a fallen woman. Insults, divorce, assassination, perishing….

Everything seemed like a meticulously schemed game!

When dead game revived by a chance, she returned with a hatred and with exactly the same face as in the past. Dazzling and with astonishing talent, she awe-struck the imperial court as well as the ordinary people!

The former husband was struggling between love and regret while princes of three countries were mutually enamored with her.

She sneered at it all. If people humiliated me I will humiliate them. If people ruined me, I will ruin them.

At that time, while suffering false accusations , she suppressed her tears and asked with an accusation: “Is prince (Wangye) willing to believe me?”

His expression chilling, with a straight wave of the palm he caused her dress shattering into small pieces, using the most cruel method proving her innocence!

At this moment, with extreme regret and ache said: “I believe you.”

She coldly smiled, “I will never believe you!”

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October 25, 2015
Status: --
The translation (from Yi Yue) is unfortunately rather rough. The readability is about a step up from Google translate. It does get easier to read around chapter... 18?
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Leslie1000 rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
Sigh... Couldn't finish reading my heart couldn't take it anymore. The male lead.... ugghhhh....... then the female lead might still go for that guy!?!?.. uggghhhh!!!
Move on!! Geez... somehow I keep cursing after every chapter.

Really if I was her should've just continue being single! Anyways, it's tooooooooooo tragic. My heart really can't handle it.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crimsoniv0j rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: --
Review for Ch. 1-4:
I like the flow of the story so far but the grammar really hurts the eye. Hmmp

Review for ch 5-29:
The translation gets better. I love the MC's way of thinking. I've the other reviews and they don't like how the story progress or how the MC still falling for the male lead but for me, I really ship the MC and the male lead. I guess, It really depends on reader's understanding and opinion. Please keep translating this novel. I really appreciate your work.... more>> <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 21, 2017
Status: --
Honestly... I don't even know who the male lead is. Like is it the Crown Prince or the Sixth Prince? In my opinion, the MC is better off with the Sixth Prince. I don't know, their interaction with each other is cuter and the crown prince just get on my nerves. Toward the last few chapters (on here), I get mad every single time the crown prince show up. Like no, boy, this is suppose to be a date for the sixth prince and the MC.

I honestly love the... more>> Sixth Prince for some reason. It's like... he's always there for the MC when she's in trouble and besides... they totally kiss when they first met. And the Crown Prince is just a jerk.

But overall, it's really good, it's just the Crown Prince that ruins the mood for me. There's not that many chapters out but its pretty interesting Although, it does get pretty confusing to me. I hope the MC ends up with the Sixth Prince. And as you can see that I keep mentioning the Prince, you can already tell how awesome he is. I need one of him in my life, if not in my dreams. Lol <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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