The Reason Why We Shouldn’t Get Married


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Her first love ended in ruin.

[And so I often thought to myself, “I’d rather my husband just die already.”]

That selfish, arrogant, boar-headed, and indulgent Prince was imprinted upon her memory. But now he’s acting strange….

Almost like he’s in love with Diana……

“This is my second chance, Iandrus.”

“I can’t lose you, Diana. It’ll end up just like my last life.”

[Murderer.] [You end up dying, along with me, and even my child…… This is our future. So we shouldn’t get married, Iandrus. Don’t look so oblivious to it all.]

“Without you, Diana……I might just die.”

The story of a woman who wants to avoid getting married, a man who desires their marriage, and the reason why they never should.

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우리가 결혼하면 안 되는 이유
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New queridamia rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c9
This is... heavy. It's not clear yet what actually happened and how much of a hand Iandrus played in all of it in Diana's first life, but the way the story was told from Diana's POV is so heart wrenching that it's hard to imagine any light at the end of the tunnel. But I'll power through.
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