The Protagonist Is in the Right Position to Get Along With the Villain


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After a mishap, he accidentally became the protagonist. Unexpectedly, he and the villain cultivated together and they actually became dao companions.

“If you want to be with me forever, there is only the supreme road of achievement. Are you willing to travel with me?”

“Of course I’m willing.”


In Li Jinzhi’s view, the protagonist and villain’s coexistence should be like swords and spears facing each other, a feud.

But when he crossed into the novel and became the protagonist; when he placed all his trust in the man who was supposed to be the villain; when the other side revealed some unusual feelings to him; when he held Ye Yu’s hand to the altar, he discovered that the relationship between the protagonist and villain isn’t as dull as he imagined.

When the monotonous pattern is broken, the feelings of resentment turns into sharing a common destiny.

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The Right Way for the Protagonist and Villain to Interact
Tư Thế Ở Chung Chính Xác Của Vai Chính Cùng Nhân Vật Phản Diện
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16 Reviews

Oct 02, 2018
Status: Completed
It's not bad, though I have to say it had the potential to develop into something even better. Sadly, the author was busy with childbirth halfway into the story (mentioned by other readers) and left lots of plotlines undeveloped.

Like there was a lot of fuss over some powerful people trying to capture the MC & ML but their names were never mentioned ever again.

From the schedule I saw, the author went from daily to monthly to quarterly updates, while the extras came almost a year later. The ending was really abrupt, but it was probably the author forgetting the plot she wanted to develop by then. At least there was a reasonable ending, though abrupt.
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eim eim
eim eim
Jan 30, 2021
Status: --
so far the story is great hmm but I only have one thing which made me uncomfortable, our MC chose to live his own life which really made me so happy unlike some shitty and MCs that goes like ah I have to take the same road as the original novel so that I can go back to my own world; like duh really u sure? in this aspect I really respected the MC and filled pleased but even so he sometimes go like this never happend in the novel... more>> or why is it different it shouldnt be this way? oh lord since you already chose a different road of course a lot of things gonna change.... so this is the only thing I dont like but so far I think the development ofthe story is very good <<less
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Nov 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, this was amazing. I don't know about anyone else but I seriously laughed out loud at the first chapter. Oh those poor straight men.

That aside, you have your typical archetype obsessive ML and Cold and dense MC, but what truly stood out was their tacit communication and understanding.

As you all know in danmei concerning these types of plot lines, the character's relationships always move forward by s*upid misunderstandings that stem from the ML's tendency to overthink. It doesn't help when the MC also doesn't say crap and takes things... more>> for granted.

This story throws all that bs out the window and what you get is two partners with full trust of each other.

Additionally, I loved the ice Phoenix and ice-fire dragon setting. It added to the cultivation setting and made everything spicier. ;) However, as another reviewer mentioned, it is a shame that the story couldn't be fully developed. I'm pretty sure if it was, there would be papapa and some plot holes would be filled. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the author, a new baby was the crux of the matter.

Anyways, I still enjoyed the story immensely.


Enjoi and Adieu!

A true shame. *Wistful sigh* <<less
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Sep 11, 2018
Status: completed
The ending is a bit abrupt which is an absolute shame.... if you want smut this is not for you its definitly not r rated. It's a new take on how you can grow and find out that what you always thought you would want of a future partner isn't exactly what life planned for you..... how feelings can grow to be more when your unaware..... definitely a cute story.... leaves a few loose ends but not to annoying to not read it
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Apr 19, 2022
Status: Comp
Ok first tnk u translator sama for ur hardwork and high quality translation hope u will comp this series.


As u can see here we have the cliche plot MC transmit to a novel and become a character and villain will fall in love with him. But the funny part here is that the real story in Mc's world is finished with that ML raping MC and get Mc's power and he dead. eventhough writer said thet his fujoshi GF (yes we are everywhere) write the last part of the... more>> story MC died and didnt see ther real end so when he transmit to novel world he was worried ab his poor ass LOL

But the most thing that I like ab in this story is our MC. In the latter part I will tell u but for now if u dont like dark theme and yandre villain stop here right now.

lets start with our Mc

Although many MC has normal life and the family that waiting for them in real world, Our MC is an orphan that doesnt have anyone that loved him. Eventhogh he has a tragedic past but it didnt affect his 3 views of world so yes MC is the normal one here I guess?

The most amazong thing ab this MC and I hated in other MC in other Novel with this theme as another comment said is that he didnt fool himself and say that oh yes I came to novel world I should do this dont do that...

blah blah blah... he really living on his own and the transmition didnt affect him at all.

i really like his character and his way of thinking and his choices for everything


like when he choose to raise villain or when he decide to let him explain everything insted of ignoring him or when he decide to coax ML instead of arguing with him and behave like an adult


although he isnt really a good person that would sarcifice himself for the others good ppl as u see


when he find out ab ML killed his family he really didnt blame ML that why u killed them eventhough they hurt me in the past im a good person and want to forgive them. Rather than that shows ML that without killing u could let themsuffer more



OK AS many novels with this theme we have yandre ML with super tragedic past that nobody is important to him and he wanted to keep MC in cage

but as I expect ML here to be like other

in the end he didnt!!!

Why?? All of this cuz by Mc

  1. Eventhough when he suspect ML that he is the villain he didnt run away like a looser (that we see in the most novels) he let ML prove himself to him. That everything he does is for MC and he deosnt want to harm to MC. And in the first part he suspect ML too but cuz ML saved him he help ML and treat him kindly no (oh he is the villain he would kill me for sure in the future) here.
  2. He knows Ml's bad doing but he knows too that ML just did all of this for his sake and cuz of that he didnt cut his relationships with ML instead he try to control ML by giving him the security and warm that he didnt have.U konw all the ML in this kind of novel become wild most of because Mc's doing. I dont say that ML in the first hadnt anyprob but MC keep cross his red line wanted to seprate from him and ML from the wild wolf in the cage became a crazy wolf that bite everyone
But the thing I dont know I should like or dislike ab ML is that he was so pure so soooo pure he like MC and sometime act Seductively to touch him more but thats alll. Bro we want meat do u und???? What ab your job as a yandree h**ny Ml???.

Then lets start with the story


as u can see MC here isnt the usually cannon fodder and he is the real MC of the novel and we dont have a shitty system that perevent him from doing anything (I really hate this kind of system after reading svss and the smile from the villain) and so MC keep living his ideal life and the most important event in this part of novel is that MC meet ML and eventhough it was ML who save him first but he save ML too. So yes here our Poor ML that everyone hate him find a warm home food and the first person that care ab him so yes the first love for the yandre ML that wanted to hide him from everyone and blah blah but MC went to a famous sect and cuz ML eat some poison for MC (without knowing) he couldnt go and MC said to ML to wait for him and aftersomtime he will back and take ML with himself but MC's family throw him on the river and this way he became our typical villain ML


Long story short for the other part of novel we have this cycle of MC and ML level uping facing strong and weak enemy and the progress isnt boring at all and I like it.

Ab their love progress


and here my boy didnt disappoint me again yes ML somehow tell MC ab his crush on him and unlike other MC that would say whattttt???? My poor ass???? U wanted to be with me???? But u have that tr*shy girl in ur harem let me help u be with her or whatt?? Im a straight man as iron I rather died than let u bent me!!! Or what??? Ur the villain and scaryy even if u helped me manytimes and risk ur life for me but what ab it? Im a white lotus and never be with bad ppl. No our MC didnt do any of this idiot things he first ask ML to get him somtime and after that he think ab it yes bro im alone here he help me all the time be with me through thick and thin and always love me so I cant be seprate from him then let us to be. Yes that alllllll!! Thats a logical choise (im so proud of u my son) and so their interaction going well without any shitty miscommunication and other thing.


Good point:

1. MC and ML interaction as I said above. Very smooth, cute and without any misunderstooding.

2. has a good action, good story line.

3. doenst have a cliche annoying dogs blood drama.

Bad point:

1. As other said the ending is really shitty. Why? The author become pregnent and left the novel after sometime come back to just finish the story. She didnt spend enough time for ending. This ending didnt deserve this novel woth such a good structure.


suddenly they became imortal and go to sky without any problem at all


2. Just Not the ending author sama didnt finish many things and this is why I rated 3 not 4. Yes I could accept the ending but what ab the villain boss that u create in the cave and I really waited to see an amzing arc with them but she let go of them at all not just him but as other said manypowerfull ppl that could create many arc fadad away from the world!! And maybe cuz I read Mtl so I didnt und but she keep both of them out of the the last battle???!!! If this novel progressed normaly im sure the chs will be more that 150. Many amazing villain and substructure has created but author deleted them completly.

Its like u use the substructure and material to build a castle and in the end u will build a shiity small house. And thats why I rated 3!! Cuz if it was a fluffy novel without good plot just for light reading I rate it 4 or 5 But the author gave me hope and im sure if she take more time on this story the last 20 chs wouldnt be like this!!

3. Lacking of any seceneeee!! Are u kidding meeeee ??? Give me A dragon with double sticks and we havent even a kiss secenee??? Yes I know I couldnt except that u write a scene that druged ML and MC with aphrodisiaaphrodisiac and let them papapa but when u showing that totem to us u should at leastttt tell something ab their bed secene or at least kiss secene.

4. Undeveloped side character. Yes as I read the story I couldnt feel anything from them. They keep coming and leaving very fast. For god sake let me see them more in ch. No detailed past no pov of side no arc that really releated to them. So how could I get connection with them??

Long story short. I recommend this story to u. Light and without any dog blood drama.. especially for whom that like to read this kind of theme but dont like r*pe and etc...

but if u like me that dont have any prob with this scene and like svsss u could enjoy this too although in the end u will be upset as I said above <<less
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Nov 15, 2021
Status: --
I like the story, MC doesn't follow the novel but, he still relies on the novel to predict the future and wonders why it isn't the same sometimes which is pretty obvious why it wouldn't follow the novel anymore, especially when you're the Protagonist of said novel so even a single deviation can cause butterfly effects.

ML is pretty stereotypical obsessive yandere.

I do like how MC was trying to change his mindset so that he could adapt to the new world he was living in.

As for his thoughts on ML... MC... more>> is quite dense (just like other transmigration bl stories) and I couldn't quite grasp/understand why he would stay so attached to someone who saved him but I guess cuz he's in a new world and it is his savior + his modern education, he feels compelled to.

It's just my opinion, but I personally wouldn't trust anyone fully, even if they saved me and they were a s*ave. Especially not in a cultivation world :)

And MC only knew him for what, a few days? Nvm, it was around a month and that's when they seperated for a year.

Anyways, this is a nice read so far. Only problem is the translations, its not very good and feels mtl-ed with no edits at all so it's a bit annoying to read with all the pronouns getting switched, and the names not being fully written. So it might be a bit confusing if you have never mtl-ed before. <<less
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Mar 01, 2023
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed it. I LOVE the pairing, I really ship them so much hehe. All in all it was a super enjoyable read, the translation is top notch!!! Really a rare high quality one!*

... sadly the novel ended very abruptly, while I was still anticipating some fluffy (and honestly some meaty (;) scenes. I really liked their dynamic and how they trust each other without a doubt. How they look out for each other and how the other is their greatest priority. I actually also liked how there were... more>> no other really lasting characters, that it was mostly just their own two-person-world. The only regret is that theres a few characters with unresolved plots, they were just forgotten somehow 😅

But honestly I still loved it.


Not spoiler

Unfortunately the translator can’t invest much time in the translation, which is perfectly understandable in her situation and I wish her all the best!! I will definitely read the novel again when the translation continues cause her translation is really great and through mtl the understanding in many areas was very lacking. Also I’m just excited for the high quality translation!! I really appreciate a translation like this!

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May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Satisfied overall ? Very nice :)

The only downside there no papapa and I read it at MTL so it's not smooth reading.

Hope it would be translated soon for better reading comfort :)
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This person is dying
This person
May 26, 2022
Status: c37
Haven't finished this, but I got something to say.

This one is a bit more descriptive in the technicality of cultivation than your usual danmei.

But it's not really cultivation-focused story because the various cultivation stuff actually are also devices to progress the romance part.

I just amazed how the author can integrate the two.


... more>>

The protagonist's constituon and the male lead's constitution seems to be a perfect fit for dual cultivation. Also I guessed if they want to advance in cultivation they need to *papapa* you know what I meant. And many mores.


There are still some things I don't like from this story, but overall I really appreciate the cultivation part and the trusting relationship between the pairing. <<less
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Nov 28, 2019
Status: c2 part2
I'm really glad someone picked up this story. It's pretty good so far, although it could be better if there was a beta-reader to get rid of the occasional errors I noticed.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this story based on what I've seen so far.
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Dec 20, 2022
Status: Completed
It was good 🥰. Both MC and ML relationship progressed verly sweetly though maybe because MC is ice Phoenix his emotion is quite indifferent and r*pe tag is just for the 1st chapter it happens in the novel which MC was reading. And also as other comments mentioned the author could have extended a bit more. But still it was quite engaging.

Highly recommend. Lots Of Love ❤.
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Nov 20, 2022
Status: c45
Till now, I love this story.

The relationship between MC and ML is good, like I feel some potential problems, but there've been situations solved by talking it out, so it shouldn't become a toxic one. I also really like where the plot is going.

I also would like to thank the translator a lot. Altought they went through bad stuff in the past, they still went on posting and even now, when they
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Jun 16, 2018
Status: c1 part1
There's only two chapters out so far, so there not much I can say. O.o So far I'm intrigued. The first chapter sets up the plot. But based on the second chapter, it's seems like the third chapter is where the real story begins.
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May 09, 2023
Status: c55
It was an unsatisfactory reading.

Two Mary Sue's are chilling cultivating and fighting. No real plot included - they are going in one direction - understanding or gaining smth incredible - mumbo jumbo fighting - cultivating another 50 years.

It is uninteresting to follow along with out any actual plot.

Though I must say that it has a huge plus in how realistic s*xual matters are considered in the novel - they DO know what s*x or mast*** is, unlike all other white lotus protagonists out there. ("The person is blushing.... I wonder... more>> if he has a fever..... "Face palm) <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: --
The story and plot seems nice. Nothing new or unique though. And I'd why I got frustrated or rather irritated by MC thought processes and logics. It's logical as a modern man, it will take time to adjust and hone his senses and be cautious in every situation, but still I am getting irritated by reading his thoughts.

Uuuuuh I guess I am not that fond of transmigration as most of the time the protagonists don't adjust to the ancient setting and insist on carrying on their principles, not being flexible... more>> to the situation <<less
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Oct 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm mixed feeling, I love this novel because it's so unique and potential but the later I feel like there some many things that can build but author like forgot it or dispose it.

I'm confused with ending, I feel like not satisfied.

Maybe because I'm mtl so there many things make me confuse, I will try read again when this novel translation at ch 86.
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