The Protagonist Is in the Right Position to Get Along With the Villain


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After a mishap, he accidentally became the protagonist. Unexpectedly, he and the villain cultivated together and they actually became dao companions.

“If you want to be with me forever, there is only the supreme road of achievement. Are you willing to travel with me?”

“Of course I’m willing.”


In Li JinZhi’s view, the protagonist and villain’s coexistence should be like swords and spears facing each other, a feud.

But when he crossed into the novel and became the protagonist; when he placed all his trust in the man who was supposed to be the villain; when the other side revealed some unusual feelings to him; when he held Ye Yu’s hand to the altar, he discovered that the relationship between the protagonist and villain isn’t as dull as he imagined.

When the monotonous pattern is broken, the feelings of resentment turns into sharing a common destiny.

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06/16/18 Blyai T. c1 part2
05/11/18 Blyai T. c1 part1
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littlejay rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: Completed
It's not bad, though I have to say it had the potential to develop into something even better. Sadly, the author was busy with childbirth halfway into the story (mentioned by other readers) and left lots of plotlines undeveloped.

Like there was a lot of fuss over some powerful people trying to capture the MC & ML but their names were never mentioned ever again.

From the schedule I saw, the author went from daily to monthly to quarterly updates, while the extras came almost a year later. The ending was really abrupt, but it was probably the author forgetting the plot she wanted to develop by then. At least there was a reasonable ending, though abrupt.
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Julles rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: completed
The ending is a bit abrupt which is an absolute shame.... if you want smut this is not for you its definitly not r rated. It's a new take on how you can grow and find out that what you always thought you would want of a future partner isn't exactly what life planned for you..... how feelings can grow to be more when your unaware..... definitely a cute story.... leaves a few loose ends but not to annoying to not read it
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June 16, 2018
Status: c1 part1
There's only two chapters out so far, so there not much I can say. O.o So far I'm intrigued. The first chapter sets up the plot. But based on the second chapter, it's seems like the third chapter is where the real story begins.
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