The Princess Wants to Die Comfortably


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I now possess the body of Ophelia, the villainess in the story ‘The Crown Prince Returns’.

And just like the protagonists in the other reincarnated novels, I thought I would fare well.

I died by getting guillotined the first time, the second time was getting my limbs torn apart, third was suicide by poison, and by the fourth time, I was struck with arrows atop the throne.

And by the fifth restart, even if I tried to stray from the original storyline, I would still be doomed to die.

“Concoct a poison for me. Not one that’s painful, but one that’ll kill me slowly.”

Therefore, this time, with all my heart and soul, I wished to die properly for once.

“After I ascend the throne, are you leaving me behind?”

“I sincerely hope that her highness survives, no matter what.”

“Your Highness, I wish to get to know you better.”

All these people surrounding aren’t letting me die off easily!

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The Princess Wishes to Die Peacefully
황녀님은 편히 죽고 싶어!
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3 Reviews

Jan 28, 2021
Status: --
It's my first time to write a review. 😆 I've just finished the promotional manhwa of this novel. It has very promising plot. I'm so excited to read this! I really appreciate the translator who picked up this novel. I hope it will be updated regularly and be finished soon.
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Jan 26, 2021
Status: --
I know it's too early to rate, but what can I do? The first chapter caught my interest (overbearing president mode). 😁 I hope the releases would be consistent so that I would be able to read more and to edit this, though absolutely no pressure though. Haha that's all for now. Thank you author and translator!
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Mar 26, 2021
Status: --
Haven't read it far but loving it so far as it breaks the conventional transmigration novels with her still ending up dead so it's interesting where it will go and how it will end since its still a romance.
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