The Prince Who I Accidentally Saved, Proposes To Me


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Millen, the owner of an establishment that is brimming with cats, known as  the ‘Cat Inn’, was a woman with many hidden wounds and secrets. Then one day, her peaceful secluded life in the forest was shattered by an unexpected visitor.

While concealing his real identity as the Kingdom’s prince, Jade received treatment from the people of the ‘Cat Inn’ for his injuries. During his stay, Jade and Millen also started to develop feelings of affection for one another. However, they could not fully express and fulfill this love and the two were forced to part ways.

Just when Millen had given up hope that she would ever see Jade again, he comes back into her life. Millen’s heart started beating again after  his arrival.

Millen couldn’t suppress her attraction to Jade, even though getting tangled with a man still unnerves her. On the other hand, Jade, while being in the middle of a fight for the succession of the throne, still could not help himself from returning to Millen’s inn.

What will be the future of two individuals held bound by their own secrets?

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무심코 살려버린 황자가 청혼합니다
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