The Prince of the World


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A history graduate student Yan Li has transmigrated into a martial world where only the strong ones survive!
Chaos Scroll! Bloody Demon Sword
See how he goes through the enemies bodies to become the real king of the world!

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/19/20 Flying Lines c21
02/16/20 Flying Lines c20
02/15/20 Flying Lines c19
02/14/20 Flying Lines c18
02/13/20 Flying Lines c17
02/09/20 Flying Lines c16
02/08/20 Flying Lines c15
02/07/20 Flying Lines c14
02/06/20 Flying Lines c13
02/05/20 Flying Lines c12
02/05/20 Flying Lines c11
11/24/19 Flying Lines c10
10/12/19 Flying Lines c9
09/27/19 Flying Lines c8
09/20/19 Flying Lines c7
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