The Prince Doesn’t Cry From Mere Onions


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The blasted war has ended.
Three years from then, this countryside village seems to be pretty stable, too, but…

This bear-like vagrant has barged into our restaurant and spouts nonsense.

“I have come to repay the debt I have incurred to your father during the war.”

But this guy doesn’t even know what his debt is.
And my father died during the war, so I can’t even ask him what it was!
When I tell him that it’s fine, and that he should leave, this wanderer goes–

“How much do you want? I’ll follow whatever you say.”

It’s money I don’t have, not pride!

“Enough about money, pay with your body.”
“….My body, or another’s body? Either way, I can provide–”
“Go slice those onions!”

#Cursed ML who can’t read the room x Current-restaurant-manger, future-hopeful-for-next-village-chief FL

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왕자님은 양파 따위에 울지 않는다
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New theliongirl rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: c20 part1

"Then in the future, I will say that it was delicious."

"What? There's no need for you to lie."

But an unexpected story flowed out of Bertram's lips.

"l am unable to taste as well. Accordingly, I have been answering honestly, but it seems that has made you sad. My indifference is no reason to wound other people. As late as this is, I apologize."

After bowing his head, Bertram took up the broom once more. And Anna was truly at a loss for words this time.

A man who could not taste, and seemed not to have emotions. Couldn't read the room, to boot.

Anna had dealt with all sorts of people in her life, but a man who presented this kind of irritation was a first for her.

However, it was also the first she'd seen someone who apologized and tried to fix his actions so quickly.


Six years ago, the sixteen year old Prince Bertram cursed his heart, sealing away his emotions in order to lead his people into war well.

Now the war is lost, and a fearsome stranger arrives in a small countryside town, determined to pay back the last of the debts on his list.


The Prince Doesn't Cry From Mere Onions is unique take on the historical fantasy trend that's taken over K-novels in the past few years, and although I do enjoy those (often rather formulaic) stories, this is a breath of fresh air that I'm greatly enjoying.

I'm not a historian or a sociologist, but the author portrays what feels like a realistic war-torn country and small-town attitude. The characterization and world building really bring the setting to life for me.

Humor and quietly heartbreaking moments are woven throughout the text, keeping it interesting, and the translation is good, which is another plus.

Bertram, the male lead, is intelligent and considerate, though understandably oblivious and emotionally dead, his actions are good and he isn't a flat character. You can kind of see the shell of the person he used to be, and it's the type that you'd pick up and take home if you saw it on a beach.

Anna, the female lead, is headstrong and reliable, but there's a little bit of whimsy in her to. She's kind, but also tough and prideful. For a girl who grew up in a place so remote that going to the next town was an adventure, and who thinks that she'll end up living her life according to the villager's expectations, I think spending time with Bertram will really challenge her worldview.

I already really like this, and I'm very excited to see where this goes.
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skillet rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c9 part2
I think if there's anyone out there who's tired of reincarnated villainesses/time slip shenanigans in their romance fantasies, I would recommend this to them: in the sea of cliches, for once this one is just a straight up countryside fantasy setting.

So far, the ML is not your typical typecast-able character, has a nuanced personality that cannot be described under one single cliche, and FL is a thinking (!!), feeling, 3-dimensional character who's neither op nor a romantic fool. And their relationship so far is what I like best: no iffy... more>> power dynamic overbearing anything!!!!! Yes please and thank you!!!!!

+ I also like the way the story is told: it has its humorous moments interspersed with more serious, thoughtful beats, which imo makes the story feel more authentic, too. :D

It's only been 10 or so chapters so I can't say for sure whether it'll stay relatively cliche-free until the end, but this is for the great beginning: I highly recommend! :) <<less
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