The Prince Can Always Hear The Secret Servant Chanting The Qingxin Mantra Before Going To Bed


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Qi Ci was persecuted, sold into a brothel, humiliated and beaten. To put it even worse, he was poisoned with a Gu worm, and if he didn’t had s*x, he would be dead by the next morning.

His fate was so miserable!

However, under such a miserable circumstance, he met Bian Zhonghua.

Once they became acquaintances with each other, and Bian Zhonghua helped Qi Ci with the Gu worm, Bian Zhonghua accidentally found out that the young man he met by chance, was in fact, a Prince who was exiled years ago!

So, Bian Zhonghua helped Qi Ci become the Prince, and naturally, he became his Secret Servant. However, it’s hard to just be his Secret Servant, ah.

On the first night, Bian Zhonghua recited the Qingxin mantra a thousand times. On the second night, he copied the Pranja Sutra a thousand times. On the third night, Bian Zhonghua…. Bian Zhonghua was losing his mind!

Damn it! There’s nothing else he can use to eradicate this desire?!

On the other hand, Qi Ci felt like he was losing his mind as well!

God damn it! F*cking restrain yourself!!!

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New periperi rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
5 stars

So the summary didn't happen but I don't think I even thought about it until I finished the book.

It was a pretty fun story with many funny moments and some serious moments. And while the story is definitely very much focused on the main CP, the few side characters were enjoyable as well ... more>>

even the tragic Bei An county princess who fortunately exit the story in 1 piece. And even the empress who left such a deep impression in the story.


This is also the kind of story with an enjoyable side CP

that's not really elaborated on but had a story as endearing as the main CP and the extras are dedicated to them.


My only question is the ending

of them going to the ghost realm?! I mean, it's a happy ending for sure but also a bit of a ? Almost a slight cliffhanger because what's going to happen to them there? I would rather they just went to retire somewhere.


Overall, a very enjoyable read with interesting story elements. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: Completed
The general plot is good.

The title is misleading, I thought this is a hilarious scenes of push and pull between mc/ml. But, It mainly focuses in MC and ML current/past life. It has some conspiracies and some xianxia elements. Don't expect too much and u'll enjoy this.

The good chapters are the first few ones (1-13) and the last few (121+). The 130ch is the spring scenes bet mc/ml, and only a few words are retained (explicit words are removed) . ... more>>

I am somewhat annoyed because the author keeps hanging the readers, and the past is only completely told near the end. For several chapters, the author really prolongs and keeps cutting the memory of MC, even until the climax.

Story from the first few chapters: The prince, brought up outside the palace and he has no knowledge of his identity. His mother, the palace maid hid in a remote village (forgot the place) to save his son (MC) from conspiracies and evil curse. Eventually, after his mom died, he was sold to brothel and was whipped and fed with gu by the brothel owner since he didn't want to sell his body... Until he met the ML.

NO r*pe involved since he suddenly met the ML on his 4th day in brothel

he wasn't sold by his friend to the brothel. It is not fully explained how he was abducted to brothel.


There's also a mystery about ML. He shouldn't feel emotion like love since he has an incomplete soul yet he fell in love with the MC. Eventually dreams of MC being chained by him keep appearing (his past is fully explained in the latter ch's, 121+) <<less
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remiss rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c22
I really like this so far! The novel summary is quite misleading as it doesn't actually have the typical gu worm trope as seen in the first chapter. (The trope is only there to spark an interaction with MC and ML.)

... more>>

Nothing happens between MC and ML with the gu worm. (Except maybe a kiss haha)


MC is actually a very spunky and frank character. He's bold and a bit naive but not s*upid. He resisted after being sold to the brothel and doesn't have a damsel/white lotus personality.

ML is actually a demon slaying "secret servant." ML kills a mouse/rat demon in the beginning. He seems to be a gentleman type that likes to tease.

The story has a comedic undertone and there's quite a bit of demons/yaoguai type characters. Overall it's really good so far and can't wait to keep reading. :) <<less
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Rafta rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: Completed
A great story

Kinda annoyed that the scene in the synopsis actually never happened in the main story

Like someone change that title and synopsis. They are just utter lies and tell you nothing about the actual story and characters.
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bluedrop rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: Completed

Read this. Honestly. Trust the ratings. I'm still at chapter 24 but it's showing such promise and I am just incredibly astounded at how unattractive the summary made this sound like.

The summary made it sound like the MC and ML were gonna have some randomass dub-con s*x from the get go because of the Gu but that doesn't happen. Instead we get an interesting supernatural story with great relationship development that's more of showing and... more>> not just telling.

I love the MC and ML. The way the setting is played out is also really good.

You can play it in your head like anime lol. Also this has nothing remotely close storywise to Peacemaker Kurogane but it's giving me the same vibes. Like something fun and entertaining scenes layered over a dark underbelly.

I might be overselling this but I am just so annoyed at how I almost missed this just because of a bad summary. I might come back to edit this in the future but so far, it's going so well and I am so happy and here for it.

Edit after completing:
The author should have titled this Candied Plums, or literally anything but that horrid misleading title.

Be prepared for heartache-y feels. There's lots of foreshadowing as the story progresses. And hints pointing toward the hidden twists. The story early on plays around with themes about love, unconditional love, death, memories and reincarnation, shown in smaller instances that continue building up to the big reveal.

It plays out so well in my mind's eye while I read this. Very fleshed out to the point like it played like an anime in my head.


Some might think their love story isn't that exciting. I disagree.

The novel covers the part of their super long ass painful journey near it's resolution and sweet end. I am happy we didn't get chapters upon chapters of pain and separation and we were shown it through glimpses and recovered memories instead.

This novel starts where they unknowingly reunite with the person they don't even remember they've been waiting for because fate forcibly took it away. This story is more about finally reaching the end of the line and receiving their reward. For thing their love overcome trials, pain, time, and even separation through death.

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damnmei rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: Completed
This story really surprised me with its depth. The summary is wildly misleading, and relevant for maybe one chapter in this novel haha! But regardless, this was an amazing novel- the plot buildup was really satisfying and I was entertained the whole time with the MC and ML interactions. I really enjoyed reading this novel without spoilers, so honestly would suggest going into it mostly blind, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

MC is a naive and sincere young man, and his character seems quite simple at first, just a downtrodden... more>> boy with a sad past, turned to a prince. But as the story unfolds, details get revealed that show he’s a lot more than he might seem, even past the identity reveal. He’s very innocent, and his love for the ML develops very naturally.

ML on the other hand is very much his opposite, seemingly very lackadaisical about life. He seems to care about nothing, and lives like he doesn’t care where he might end up. His character is very whimsical and carefree almost, but he’s hiding a past that he can’t even remember, and the hidden depths to his character were very well developed.

The banter between the main characters, including the two side character demon slayers (who I loved so much together too), was so entertaining, and I really just could not put this novel down. The mutual pining of the two leads was actually so funny to read, with the way they kept showing affection to each other while also trying to not show too much affection less their feelings be known. God tier levels of pining haha

Highly recommend this one! It’s definitely above all else a beautiful love story. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c43
I really like how this story started and the development makes me very curious

It’s just that I don’t like MC’s personality. 40+ chapters in and I couldn’t count the number of times I unconsciously rolled my eyes lol

I wouldn’t say that MC is s*upid, but he has a certain naivety to him that makes me dislike him. He gives me white lotus vibes lol

One moment that made me dislike his naivety
  • When he was planning his escape to the brothel, he tells somebody how to escape as well plus he helps this person escape. The ending? This person stab him in the back which caused him to get beaten and not escape. Yes, helping another person is a good deed but faced with a life and death situation like that? Its giving me white lotus vibes! Lol okay maybe im just a bad person for not wanting to help the other man
I like the ML, I like how he treats the MC

This story is just not my cup of tea but you should definitely try it first!
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Lazy_Queen rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: Completed
This summary has almost nothing to do with the story, and if I hadn’t read the reviews I would have missed out on such a good novel.

If you like loyal friends, love that transcends time, Chinese folklore, and happy endings, this one is for you!
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flying bulldog
flying bulldog rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Loved the many references to Chinese poetry and folktales and the focus on the relationships between the main couples and the other characters.

In spite of the heroic and magically powerful actions in response to the many dangerous events that occur, what really moves the plot is the empathy and sense of responsibility of all of the main characters. While the MC in particular is portrayed as almost foolishly trusting and innocent, his openness to others is a form of bravery and selflessness. The ML, a sort of xianxia superhero, is... more>> more aware of the threats posed by others, but also acts due to his personal ethics and a sense of responsibility (and sometimes to satisfy his curiosity and indulge in playfulness).

There are supernatural/mythical villians and monsters who rampage, taunt and gloat, but the human characters - and even most of the magical characters - seem to have a core of goodness. Even the most dominant human villian of the story has a great friendship and love in her past, that could have saved her if it had not been taken away.

I agree with some of the other reviewers that some of the plot elements could have been explained more fully (and the title and summary are not accurate at all), but I've also read enough novels with bloated narratives to appreciate the comparatively succinct storytelling of this one. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Fantastic story!

It had me really engrossed; a very unique blend of angst / drama / and tons of comedy.

Despite the fantasy/historical-like setting, the characters act a lot more modern, with exaggerated mannerisms and less etiquette. There are tons of banter, humor and casualness (like "bro!"). However, instead of that being a negative, the modernisms made the story all the more charming in the end by not being "the usual" fair.

Great translation and great story. There was a great balance of ancient sensibilities and poetics, but delivered often with snappy lines.... more>> There was just enough description to paint a very vivid picture of the different settings in the story, but overall, the writing was very direct and easy to digest.

The main mystery in the story are the main characters' backgrounds. Both of them have some form of amnesia or hidden backstory that acts as the main point of tension carrying the plot forwards.

My biggest disappointment was in the ending reveal


I really wish the author had perhaps spent a bit more time developing the significance of things like the Ghost Realm. Such a big thing supposedly equivalent to a world-ending apocalypse (if the demons in the ghost realm weren't destroyed) had no foreshadowing. It didn't make the characters' sacrifices feel very significant when it was just mentioned and resolved in a few lines.

I also wish the MC's siblings would have gotten a bit more resolution. It lacked some very common sense elements like - why did the Ghost Realm even exist? Why was it the dragon sibling's responsibility? Who told them or tricked them into the Ghost Realm? What happened to their parents? Are there other dragons left in the world? What makes dragons special?

Yep, even the significance of a "dragon's bone" being exchanged or infused with demonic energy made no sense because the setting wasn't clearly explained by the author. It's not the same as if the MC had exchanged his heart (as human beings, we know that the heart is a Very Important Organ). But what's the point of the dragon bone? Author doesn't really explain it well.

There are a lot of small things like that that made the author's writing lose a lot of impact. A few other things like the Great Demon Emperor ML (and the other mythical creatures that appear as supporting cast), why was he significant, why did he have that destiny, and why was his family the one targeted, etc. Weren't explained well by the author either. The language used by the translator could have also been slightly confusing as the ML is lauded for being the savior of the world (but he is a "demon emperor") and yet the MC has to go kill "demons" who are also portrayed negatively in the story. What does that term truly mean or is it just a case of bad editing? (yao vs. mo comes to mind here)


Overall however, it was a really enjoyable read, particularly the first and middle chunk in the novel. I would just say the ending was wrapped up a bit too quickly, and the later 1/3 with the metaphysical magical fights were a bit too handwavy and lacked the amount of impact it could have had. <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
July 19, 2023
Status: Completed
As they others have said. Ignore the summary. It has nothing to do with the story. This is about two souls finding each other again despite the odds.

It's also a story done with a lot of sweetness and humor despite the dark parts.

There are some parts that are a little weak because they aren't delved into very much in order to keep the focus on the main couple and to keep the story on the shorter side.

I didn't mind that much because I thought the characters were well drawn, each... more>> with their own personalities. Some characters you thought would be bad were not and some who could have gone bad didn't, which was a nice twist on conventions. <<less
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Missah rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: Completed
The translation was great and the premise was exciting however I sort of felt ‘meh’ whilst reading it. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. I thought the MC wasn’t very bright, but it may be because every time an event/plot line happened... instead of choosing the optimal action, the MC fell back instead. I realise it’s to introduce the next scenes/future plot lines but it just made me disappointed every time instead, especially since it kept happening.
The romance is not slow burn but it’s not very exciting either.
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moonbeam00 rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: Completed
The review is so misleading. This is a good novel. I know that its a bit fast pace. So, there's bound to be loopholes. And the ending is too rush. But, anyway its worth to read. I wish the author would elaborate more about the characters background stories. Maybe we can get something like Heaven Official Blessing or The Founder of Diabolism kinda story. But, the author clearly didn't want to write more.

MC and ML are likable. They love each other. ML is one of the most considerate ML I've... more>> read so far. What's trully catch my attention was the side characters. Particularly the Empress Dowager. I want to quote this phrase from that special character : "I'm not a good mother. Although, I'm not a good mother..I am, after all, a mother". A simple phrase yet held tremendous force behind it.

I wish there's more story about the Nine Dragon sons. How was their destiny have to be like that. But, alas... back to the author. It seems she/he didn't want or too lazy to make intricate story. <<less
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sbob rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Would have read it anyway because I liked some of the author’s other novels but went in knowing it would differ from the summary cause of a glimpse at some reviews.

I enjoyed the first half (maybe even 3/4) very much, it was unexpected revelations with good subplots stacking up as we learn more and get to know our two leads. Solid 5/5. Was even sure it would go into my favourites list. I liked how there was some angst but not prolonged, and a lot of teasing interactions between the... more>> two.

The part where it dropped to a 4/5 for me is when the past is revealed. A lot of new things are introduced/revealed all of a sudden and it felt like it could have been better described/foreshadowed in the earlier parts. The sudden takedown of villains could have been more interesting too.


ML being OP and just kicking the bad guys ass was quite meh. I really liked the backstory of the truth behind the dragons going into the ghost realm, but not really how it ended with them just killing all the evil spirits just like that. Felt anticlimactic. The palace intrigue was just chucked aside too, lol.


Would have been fantastic as a longer novel. Also, insufficient fluff! I couldn’t properly enjoy it with all the foreboding undertones of some sh*t gonna go down. Wish there were more extras of the main couple.

Side couple was cute though. State master Li was funny too, poor dude.

Almost favourite! <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Pros :

Such a lovable MC with ML that's not ur typical ice cold ML. ML actually got personality and fun. They tease each other.

Good side characters that have personality and their own story. It's rare to find a book like this.

... more>> The translation is superb. It conveys the dreamy magical vibe of the book. It's been an enjoyable ride.


The ending is tame compared to the usual novel where it's like big explosion with the main charas back. It ends just like a usual day at work. Even MC still has a hard time accepting everything.

Not sure why MC revives amd who is the mastermind behind it. It's like we only know a glimpse of why some things happen but for the rest?? We're clueless but I love that. Definitely plays into the story well

All in all, a much loved story. It got nice characters for both main characters and side characters. The love is to die for <<less
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