The Prey of Zhai Wang


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First book of (Daughter and The Evil Bully) 千金與惡霸 series. There are five series related.

Tch, though he saved her from the bandits, make her very touched.

But he doesn’t have to “eat” her mouth all the time, right?

If he is hungry, she can buy him something to eat!

But he is a really good guy.

Not only is he willing to bring her home, still say that he wants to make her “happy”……

Er, his “house” is very strange.

And everyone calls him “Boss” --

Thick, as it turns out he is actually the head of the mountain stronghold.

Moreover, what he said about “happy” is different from what she thought.

Make her feel so shy, it hurts very much, very painful……

Sigh, to like a person is not going to “hurt”?

Otherwise, why when she heard that he already has a fiancee

Her heart will feel so sore, so painful……

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05/18/19 willkissonyou c2 part1
05/17/19 willkissonyou c1 part2
05/15/19 willkissonyou c1 part1
05/14/19 willkissonyou prologue
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