The Powerful Minister’s Fugitive White Moonlight


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In her past life, Wen Ning was imprisoned by Pei You, becoming his captive, under his control. Each day was spent either planning to flee or attempting to do so, only to have her wings clipped and perish in despair.

In this new life, Wen Ning resolved to conceal her identity and mask her true nature. She acted sharp and cynical, feigned superficiality, and pretended ignorance—all the while harboring deep and unchanging love for him. In short, she mirrored his disdain towards her in every conceivable manner.
As anticipated, Pei You abhorred her to the extreme in this life, avoiding her at all cost and retreating ninety li at the sight of her, as if he could scarcely bear to look at her. Wen Ning felt a sense of relief, finally able to select a husband without reservation.
News of Wen Ning’s betrothal spread throughout the city, and on that fateful day, she coincidentally crossed paths with Pei You. Determined to play out the final scene, she clung to his leg, tears welling in her eyes. “Sir, this maiden does not wish to wed. My love for you is unwavering, as clear as day and as evident as the moon and stars. I will marry no one but you in this lifetime!”
In Wen Ning’s script, Pei You should have callously walked away without a second glance. Yet, to her astonishment, he remained motionless. Slowly bending down, his warm fingertips brushed away the tears that had yet to fall from her eyes. His gaze and tone shifted from his usual cold and distant demeanor to a beguiling warmth. “If that’s the case, then marry me. What do you say?”

Wen Ning: “…???”

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