The Phoenix Once Roamed


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In my youth, to save the crown prince, I became a demented princess, only knowing to follow him every day.

I once lost control of my bladder in public, causing him great shame.

The crown prince never showed disdain for me in public, but in private, he gripped my wrist, full of anger.

One day at a palace banquet, the emperor wanted to bestow a marriage upon me and asked which young man I fancied.

The crown prince’s jaw tightened.

Everyone thought I would ask to marry him.

Who knew I would bypass the crown prince, pointing to the Lord of Changguang in purple clothes, “I want to marry him.”

Ah-Man, though demented, has but one heartfelt desire.

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New HiddenHermit rated it
June 22, 2024
Status: Completed
Liked this so much. It is a slightly bittersweet story. In summary MC, Princess Ah-Man, was able to find her happy ending... her chosen husband is the perfect fit in accepting her special condition and cherishing her uniqueness.

100% recommended. ❤️

... more>>

MC was a companion for the crown prince (CP) since childhood. However, her brain was injured after saving CP and became like a child... not being able to remember the passage of time after her injury.

CP tried to take care of her but mistakes kept happening and CP was starting to get overwhelmed. At a banquet the emperor asked MC who she wanted to marry and she point to ML, the Lord of Changguang. MC and ML had been betrothed to each other since their childhood.

ML had visited MC over the years but MC would forget ML each time. ML didn't get upset about being forgotten. He viewed MC's nature as being unique and pure. This is the sweet part of the story.

The bitter part of the story is CP. He truly cares for MC but is in a somewhat powerless situation. Although MC has become childlike, MC is CP's most cherished person and he has to let her go for the sake of her happiness.

I think there are hints of MC's condition improving since she can sometimes think logically. So I'll believe it to be so. ☺️

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Nom de Plume
New Nom de Plume rated it
June 2, 2024
Status: Completed
This made me cry almost as hard as 50 First Dates.

Edit: Rather than dementia it is brain damage. She likely damaged her hypothalamus while she was hypoxic. Such damage would impair her ability to form new long term memories (similar to anterograde amnesia). Neural damage heals slower than any other injury and she is likely to never recover, but you can cope with the illness as seen by her use of a book (just like the female lead in 50 First Dates). A much darker view of that type... more>> of illness can be seen in another movie as well: Memento. The Wikipedia page for this form of barely understood amnesia is quite good and contains many of the stuff I learned in cog sci class, such as the notable real life cases. One of the characters who could only remember a few minutes at a time in 50 First Dates was clearly inspired by H.M. And Clive Wearing. This novel is not exactly like either movie, but there are many parallels between her illness and coping mechanisms as the first movie. I really recommend this story if you enjoyed 50 First Dates, or trying the movie if you liked this story. <<less
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sleepydee22 rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Beautiful short story and great translation too.

Between AhMan, the crown prince and Yin Che, can not blame anyone. Especially the crown prince, he tried his best but AhMan unsuited to be next to him, thankfully Yin Che always be there to her.
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bluesonnet rated it
May 23, 2024
Status: Completed
This was so good and bittersweet. I feel like stories like this should have more chapters for me to enjoy them for longer, but also think that a longer story may not be able to convey the feelings as well as this did.
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bxng rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Loved the story. Short is good, and it does not take away from the depth of the story. Many times, what is left unsaid is more poignant. And in life, there is no banquet that goes on forever.

Ah-Man was once a pearl with endless potential, but is now damaged.

The Crown Prince meant well, but is constrained by his circumstances.

Yin Che knew her dementia, and is sincerely fine with it. I am glad that Ah-Man has a happy place to go to, with someone who cherishes her, dementia and all.
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Kilauea rated it
May 24, 2024
Status: Completed
An amazing short story. I read in like 20 minutes but the story gave me months worth of emotions. I felt so sad but happy that the FL is now free. I agree with bluesonnet's review. It was bittersweet and I would also like a longer versioj but afraid that it won't be the same.
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
May 24, 2024
Status: Completed
This story is complex (but in good way) that you want to futher dig on characters' minds and stretch the topic of mental disorder in historical setting... but sadly, it's short.

The FL here was Princess Ah Man (daughter of noble) who used to be the Pearl of society and perfect Crown Princess candidate. However, to save the Crown Prince, she took bait for enemy and hanged in tree for hours that resulted to mental disorder (seemed to be dementia). Her memories kept resetting and stuck year of incident... but she's... more>> aware that she's turning as burden to the Crown Prince.

Honestly, I like the depth of Crown Prince. Can't blame him, he did what he can do and he might have feelings to FL but he had responsibility... meanwhile, Yin Che was so good and complemented FL so well. <<less
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