The Phantom King


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Eun Sung-min is your handsome and energetic high school boy who lives in a village with Maid, his only family, after experiencing the advent of evil beings 11 years ago. The World was aware from that time that there are evil creatures that kill humans.

Eun Sung-nim starts getting some old and noisy memories about another past, another lands, and the “Phantom”, the human given the title of King and the one who save the world 11 years before just before going missing up until now.

With a new classmate and the strange things going on around him, he will know about the special force dealing with those phantoms, and through live and death experiences he will have to make elections about pursuing those old memories, or just keep living on with Maid.


As first part “finishes” Eun Sung-nim story, somehow, second part was never completed by a lot of issues.
This section is about Shin Ji-ho, the kid that Phantom King saved by the end of vol.4 and inherits some of his powers to deal with the evil beings.

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Yoo Ryung Wang
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Syokool rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: v5
I did want to work on this as a translation project, but the story was never finished, and will never be once you get to know how it got in that state.

So far is a sad reading. Like Im Dal's works, it has a lot of fanservice and light hearted moments, but it takes just 3 volumes to go darker than black. It's a story about suffering, about how humans are worst than those monsters that appeared 11 years ago. It's about choosing a very sad reality or a sweet... more>> dream.

I thing the author probably wanted to make the second part about the new dude that happens to be a little bit*h everytime, so the difference with Eun Sung-nim is quite a lot. For those reading UxU 3, then you will get to know how Shin Ji-ho was going to be if the series was not dropped. <<less
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