The Pet’s Temptation


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“The groom ran away right now, right? Oh my god.”

The man she had promised to marry, no, the man who had even entered the wedding hall with her, ran away with another woman.

And that day, Ha-Jin suddenly appeared in front of Hae-Soo, who was drinking alone at a local food stall instead of getting on a plane to leave for her honeymoon.

Ha-Jin, the younger brother of her best friend.

She called him ‘puppy’ and loved him since childhood, and he brought up unexpected words to her:

“Sleep with me.”

Ha-Jin, who she only thought of as her brother, shook her up.

“Forget everything for a week and stay with me. Just, don’t think about anything.”

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펫의 유혹
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New Yujian rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c13
FoA, thanks tranlators in Foxaholic for this project.😀

This novel has a fast - paced development of plot unlike other smutty K-novel I already read here in NU. The story is somewhat akin to SitR and MFB, both are noona-dongsaeng / jiejie-didi love. The story is about a couple whom they know each other for a long time because the ML's sister is a good friend of the FL. The ML is like a younger brother to the FL while ML has this deep crush to FL since he knows what... more>> crush is all about but he never tell it to FL. This is not new story but I like how the story telling is done by the POV of both leads. I also like that the conversation between them is hilarious. I like how the ML is leading and dominating the FL and how the way the innocence of the ML is portrayed but still keeping that holding power over the young ML. The smut part is spicy enough for me but not very vicious. I rated this 5 because I enjoyed reading, 13 chapters are only completed though. <<less
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