The Pet’s Temptation


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“The groom ran away right now, right? Oh my god.”

The man she had promised to marry, no, the man who had even entered the wedding hall with her, ran away with another woman.

And that day, Ha-Jin suddenly appeared in front of Hae-Soo, who was drinking alone at a local food stall instead of getting on a plane to leave for her honeymoon.

Ha-Jin, the younger brother of her best friend.

She called him ‘puppy’ and loved him since childhood, and he brought up unexpected words to her:

“Sleep with me.”

Ha-Jin, who she only thought of as her brother, shook her up.

“Forget everything for a week and stay with me. Just, don’t think about anything.”

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펫의 유혹
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akaneria rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: c24
It's fine. That's it. Just fine.

My biggest concern with the story is the continuous dubious consent. It's not TERRIBLE, like I'm not shuddering or clutching my pearls or anything like that, but would it kill the author to have the FL excitedly consent to s*x even once? Consent is not the absence of no, but the presence of an enthusiastic YES and at no point has the FL done that.

It's always a case of the ML kind of forcing himself forward and then the FL just gets swept away by... more>> his rhythm. She's not actively fighting him, which is why this kind of teeters the line between consent and non-con, but at the same time, she's not actively agreeing with what's happening because of her conflicting feelings about having a physical relationship with her friend's brother. She just gets swept away and then once it's over, she has a moment of clarity where she's like "Oh my god, why did I do that?"

That might be a kink for some people, so if you like MLs who really take the lead, then this might be your shtick. I really like the trope where you have the childhood friend ML who pined over the FL his whole life and then takes the chance when he sees it, so I understand the appeal of the once "puppy-friend" ML turning absolutely feral in bed once he's finally got the chance to be with someone he's dreamt of for so long.

But at the same time, I'd like it if the FL excitedly consented. I understand that her feelings are super conflicted because sleeping with your best friend's younger brother makes things awkward, but emotional turmoil can be different from s*xual attraction. If she's gonna get swept away by the smut of it all, even if the ML takes the lead, she can still be swept away by her own budding s*xual attraction to him and her desire to do the deed rather than just him doing things to her and then her coming to clarity after the fact.


There is a part in the novel where the two of them go on vacation together because the FL couldn't cancel her honeymoon after her failed wedding, and after one of those dubious smut scenes, we got a TLDR of the rest of their vacation where it said they spent most of the week in bed together, so maybe the FL is more consenting than I feel she is. But hey, we didn't get to see those and the graphic smut that we DO get to see doesn't have the FL as excited and willing as I'd like her to be during their snu-snu.


With that being said, it's not SUPER bothersome, but just something that I've noticed. The smut is fine but if you're looking for two active partners, then you will not enjoy this. The ML takes control 100% of the time and the FL is just kind of there. <<less
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Yujian rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c13
FoA, thanks tranlators in Sleepy Translations for this project.😀

This novel has a fast - paced development of plot unlike other smutty K-novel I already read here in NU. The story is somewhat akin to SitR and MFB, both are noona-dongsaeng / jiejie-didi love. The story is about a couple whom they know each other for a long time because the ML's sister is a good friend of the FL. The ML is like a younger brother to the FL while ML has this deep crush to FL since he knows... more>> what crush is all about but he never tells it to FL. This is not new story but I like how the story telling is done by the POV of both leads. I also like that the conversation between them is hilarious. I like how the ML is leading and dominating the FL and how the way the innocence of the ML is portrayed but still keeping that holding power over the young ML. The smut part is spicy enough for me but not very vicious. I rated this 5 because I enjoyed reading, 13 chapters are only completed though. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: Completed

I initially doubted this bc review about "consent" and thought ML was "forceful" but plain wrong, ML (Kang Ha Jin) might initiated bc FL (Min Hae Soo) was just shy/conservative at first, but fully she consented on what happened to them. ML might be eager bc he finally got chance... but FL still one who decided about relationship based on her feelings.

The Yandere tag should be removed, bc ML liked FL but he didn't show signs of yandereness (other than knowing FL's every move and FL thinking he got CCTV,... more>> which not confirmed)... but he actually respect FL and care for her. Even peacefully at side as childhood friend, when FL decided to marry her ex (but luck was on his side having a chance again).

I lower the rating bc the ending was rushed esp the huge jump from chp52 to chp53 (sudden time skip/wedding). This could have huge potential tackling "misogyny" and "unfairness of society to woman being jilted victim"... but no mentioned on FL's decision on her career path/company issue and issues on ML's mother suddenly resolved. I know this is just a short novel but could have added FL's chosen path. <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
This should really be named The PUPPY'S Temptation, since apparently in the original Korean the ML's nickname from the FL is a homonym to "puppy", but translation is hard and should I really be criticizing when I speak only English and Bad English? The plot is not bad and I like that Hae-Soo is dignified and gracious throughout, especially when she stands up to Seo Dong-Myeong and his family (the groom who ran away from his own wedding). Seo Dong-Myeong and his mother are tr*sh - expecting Hae-Soo to apologize... more>> to his family because HE ran away from his wedding, and his non-apology and blaming everything on Hae-soo is just AMAZING. I ADORE how supportive Ha-Jin is to Hae-Soo - he's been in love with her his entire life, and is basically fine with whatever she wants and whatever affection he can get from her. He's not desperate, and Ha-Jin actually communicates and respects Hae-Soo. He stand up for her and supports her - even when his own mother and sister are complete and utter as*hats to Hae-Soo. Maybe it's cultural, but WHY is everything Hae-Soo's fault? IT's her fault that she's older than Ha-Jin, it's her fault he's in love with her, it's her fault that he never fell in love with anyone else, it's her fault her ex ditched her for another woman..... screw ALL of them. The bog villain in the story is internal misogyny, and honestly a part of me hopes that Hae-Soo and Ha-Jin will just move to another country and never see Ha-Jin;s family ever again. <<less
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chande rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was actually quite good so I don't know why the rating was so low. ML was a passionate and devoted lover while MC seemed meek but she's actually quite strong and decisive. The sm*t wasn't that many but it's quite hot. And there's a plot although it wasn't that intriguing.

... more>>

I mean, the drama in the novel could be avoided if ML wasn't too hasty to get into a relationship with MC just a week after she was abandoned in the altar. Because of that, there were so many nasty rumours about them although logically there's nothing wrong with their relationship since they're both single. But I guess that ML just couldn't wait anymore because he was o obsessed with her and didn't want any other man to snatch her again. And without him, MC might take a long time to heal her wound.

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