The Person I Loved Asked Me to Die in My Younger Sister’s Place


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The noble lady Wisteria was in love with Bright, the beautiful and kind son of a duke.

She was determined to become engaged to him and made every effort to do so, despite her bad reputation.

However, it was her adoptive younger sister who Bright opened his heart to.

One day, her sister was chosen to be a sacrifice.

As Wisteria devoted herself to helping her avoid her fate, she discovered Bright’s feelings.

Eventually, Wisteria was told the decisive words, and she was sacrificed in place of her sister.

She should have lost her life there, but…

This is the story of a wounded and lonely former noble lady and a young man who was blessed with everything and had no attachments.

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Koishita Hito wa, Imouto no Kawari ni Shindekure to Itta. ~Imouto to Kekkonshita Kataomoi Aite ga Naze Imasara Watashi no Moto ni? To Omottara~
The Person I Loved Asked Me to Die Instead of My Younger Sister
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Liune rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c168
Just a really long frustrated rant with heavy spoilers.

... more>>

A real drag of a story, at least as the free webnovel version, dunno about the paid version.

Long rant since I'm still freshly frustrated with the time lost and no real progress on reading 168 chapters. My opinion is clouded and I was stubborn on reading till reaching the recent chapter, countless regrets.

The protagonist is a pushover sadly, as she indeed sacrifices herself for her unrequired love and sister, who do 'love' her but, well you know they all love the younger sister more so... let's go adopted daughter with slight resistance to miasma! (Which was discovered by accident of course long before the story started, how would she survive otherwise in that miasma world)

She isn't good with swords despite having one which protected her for like 20 years cause she uses miasma magic as primary weapon? Welp shows how lazy people can be when they have better option instead of going physical, with that I mean teleportation and barriers, while shoting monster from afar.

She truly is a 'hero' who sacrifices and holds back her own self for the sake of others, seems nice till you realise she is still loving the same guy for 20 years, who basically told her to go die instead of her sister because she is more important to him than her. f*ck the entire reason she is able to substitute her sister is ridiculous, since they are family she can do it to, wait not blood related? No problemo she is kinda resistant to miasma anyways.

She was in there alone for like 20 years, with only a talking sword that our ML wants, for his princess of course! Maybe she is already crazy.

Yes, our ML Lloyd, a prodigy knight magic user, son of her unrequired love and younger sister, not related by blood, went into the miasma world because his princess wanted him to bring back that sword for her hand in marriage, which made him discover that witch other people are talking about isn't that bad at all and she made him her student!

Gosh I don't have anything against the great world building of trees and miasma monsters, but with the seemingly long training arc we are still in, yes our ML is still a student under Wisteria even after 160 chapters he still hasn't gotten the sword, still confused about his feeling for his aunt/teacher, missed appointments for his way back home, who back home they now believe he is dead so they can make the princess fall out of love and make his parents hate miasma and magic even more, as it now took 2 family member away.

Our female lead had hots for his body, still seems to try to separate her nephew from his father who look identical, but at least he can use magic unlike his father, is luckily a smart researcher who still documented stuff happening for reasons with I dunno where she gets her supplies from (for 20 years?!), while their home country is stagnating because of her, she made bad rep for magic as a witch.

After reading over 160 chapters I can say stay away from the webnovel and go read the manga, it has 3 untranslated chapters out to buy, as it just drags the story so long with the miasma training arc, it's still ongoing, no they still didn't realize what feeling they should have for each other besides wannabe teacher student/aunt nephew, as our FL insist him to be together with his princess that he doesn't seem to be interested in besides her fancy title and his chivalry.

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Adashow rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: c168
The rating is too harsh. It's not a bad story. The first arc seems pretty bad as the FL is probably too generous and kind to a fault for many people and the ML challenging her with ill intention at first, but the arc gets better later on.

... more>>

FL loved Bright but Bright love her sister. The FL sacrificed herself for her sister's sake going into the deadly miasma land and managed to survived thanks to a holy sword's help and her unique constitution. Our ML, Llyod, Bright's son goes to miasma land to acquire the holy sword, challenged FL, and asked her to teach him magic so he can claimed to holy sword later on. Guess what, FL agreed to teach him magic, despite knowing his intention.


As they interact further, ML's ill intention slowly faded and changed into something like affection and admiration.

I heard about the story just drags, and well it kinda is but it's not like there's no progress. The reason why it feels like dragging because the author went extra length describing the character emotional exchange as detailed as possible and there are multiple POVs too.

The progress in this novel isn't much about ML learning magic, but about the emotional change and interaction between character, especially between ML and FL. ML slowly change his view towards FL and try to discover her past while FL is battling her inner battle because ML is very similar to the person she once loved. I feel the writing is very well done in that part. <<less
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Amaranthely rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c37~
This is sad that the author delete this story on syosetu, tho.

I can't bring myself to hated the charas in this story.

They just too human.

Even Bright (well, I dont like him more than anyone, but just dont like, not the point of hate)

The author do a really good job to select his/her audience, tho

I just hope the conclusion of this story is answer all of my demand, if I can selfish myself.
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Seirin rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c37
I need more drama and a redemption for the ML. He feels like a douche bag. He doesn't know love but since society requires him to be married he tries with the s*upid girls that confess to him. At the end of it he only wanted to stop his life from being *boring* 🙃
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