The Overlord of Blood and Iron


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The Overlord, Kang Chul-In. The man who was so strong that he had to be defeated. Having lost, he must now go back in time to take up the challenge of becoming The Emperor in the Continent of Pangaea. Will Kang Chul-In be able to overcome the 9 other Overlords in order to grasp the Continent of Pangaea within his hands?

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철혈의 오버로드
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LeeEzekiel rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: v1c1
Forewarning: This is a very Korean novel. In other words, it has the usual traits of 1. Seething hatred of all rich people (gotta appeal to the angry overworked worker demographic), 2. "Moral" characters who are really scheming and despicable deep down (to lazily justify the MC's own jerkass actions), and 3. Random racism against the Japanese (not a throwaway line, it goes on for multiple chapters).

Anyway, let's move on to the story itself.

It reminds me a lot of Sovereign of Judgement, except there are no sadistic death games and... more>> it places a higher emphasis on "territory" and kingdom building. I love the idea of each sovereign having their own unique lands and troops. Great setting and has the potential for really epic battles later on. World building is a bit weaker than SoJ, though, but it's still early so that gets a pass.

But good god, the author loves fawning over his MC. The simplest of actions gets overwhelming praise from his cheerleaders/subordinates. It's hilarious how he's portrayed as a "military genius" in the first battle for... knowing how to set up a formation with his troops. Literally just putting shields in front and having riflemen fire from behind them. That's it. Second battle is a bit smarter at least, and has some semblance of strategy.

But you get the idea. For an action novel, the action is pretty damn terrible. It doesn't help that every single character is a one-dimensional stereotype.

On an unrelated note: I'm laughing at how Salexe is frothing at the mouth, angry at the MC for showing mercy, and rated this story 2 stars solely because of it. To clarify, the "enemy" was a dumb high school student. Who inflicted literally zero damage on him. That guy lost everything, but Salexe thinks that's not enough, KILL HIM! Really, man? Get off the power trip for a second and re-learn how to think like a normal person. <<less
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pomoli rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: --
First chapter : wow this has potential, seems interesting and MC has an actual trump card.

After some chapters : ok he got back, and first thing he does is punching some goons in his company. Said company that is controlled by thugs, who are violent and dumb?

This is cliché, but well, I'll continue...

I stopped after :

"Look at my car, it's a MUSTANG, but it's not as good as the BUGATTI VEYRON I had before!"

Really MC...

Very childish and immature MC, very bling mentality, not my thing.
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hawlol rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c50
In one word: Cringy.

Premise: Random earthlings are selected to develop lands in another world. They battle against each other to conquer more land and become Grand Sovereigns. MC lost but had a 'go back to past' card and used it. Now we watch his do-over. Except I lied, the story is actually about how amazing and cool the MC is, everything else is background noise.

The author is constantly stroking the MC's ego, telling us he's a perfect hero, but his actions are of a power hungry egomaniac and a hypocrite... more>> who uses forces to subdue ppl under his rule but cries fault when the same is done unto him. It's impossible to have any empathy towards this edgy and tyrant Gary Stu.

The 'NPC's lick the ground that the MC steps on. Any simple line or action that deserved no praise gets instead glorified as if he was slaying a dragon. It's cheesy, annoying and cringy. If the MC was so great why did he have to come back to the past in the first place? He should've won without cheats!

The writing is made to be like his every action is a poetic and heroic tale. I was embarrased for the Author while reading it, who is also xenophobic as hell. "Korea great, other countries bad, their citizens s*upid. China and Japan? The worst!"

This has all the signs of an amateur power trip fan-fiction where the MC is how the Author sees himself, and as I said, both come out as unlikeable and cringy. My advice is against reading. <<less
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8Psycho rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c46
New world, summoned adventurers, reincarnated MC, monsters, magic, usual staff.

Pretty good story so far, about dude with Sovereign class, with emphasis on dignity of the ruler.

Compared to other stories, this one allows for travel between earth and new world, Pangea, basically without limits. You can take things from Pangea to earth, but not the other way around.

I just didn't like how from the get go, lucky ones who got sovereign class, received so much more bonuses, than others. In other words, inherent, unreasonable unfairness of the system. There was also... more>> no mention so far about ingenious populase aside from ones in Sovereign Manors. In other words world too much game-like, as if it big map from RTS specially made for gamer to play.

Also MC refrains few times from helping friend, thinking of not wanting to create variables, despite huge amount of changes already made by him. I didn't like that either.

Ps. Translator seemed to mix up some numbers... like in chapter 8, total amount of adventurers is 300k, not 30k. <<less
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Xuanyu rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: --
This had a lot of potential. The story is a pretty common setup and I already see plot holes and such.

I like the use of strategy and the protagonist s*upidity ruined it. I like how he can be tough, but he is s*upidly naive. People reading to this point and really get upset that the MC doesn't slaughter the guy who attacked him are justified in their opinion.

... more>>

Some enemies the MC spared including the gangsters from when he just gotten back, before the Grand Calling and a high school kid who got powers. Although some say it is because. "Those enemies did no real/little to no damage, weren't any real threat, and he could make use of them. The attacker because in his view it was just a foolish kid who suddenly got powers, who did no real harm. He just spent years at war with enemy nations, with massive bloody gut wrenching battles, this was nothing but a kid clowning around to him. If the kid had killed people, the MC admitted he would have killed him, but the kid didn't."

The kid started attacking people the moment he got his power, and gangsters are just gangsters they are a collection of people who kill, r*pe and plunder and commit all kind of crimes. Power does not corrupt, absolute power gives absolute freedom. The fact these people commited evil acts with the power they have means they are truly evil people.


The thing bothering me the most are characters who do not act the way their characters are built up for. Like how most japanese characters are h**ny little virg*n teenagers even if their character backstory set them up as a veteran fleet comander and an aged hero (over 50 years old). A bad character is like an bad actor, it ruins the story. Take this image for example an old heroic general leading his men to war! Skipping on stage singing lalalalala. It simply does not feel right. <<less
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Bushido rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c1
it was good novel at first... I cant stand the racism...

it seem like the author has yet to know how to use his brain... let me enlighten...

for example there are some people with 100% korean citizen and korean blood, had been judged, proofed, verdicted as a killers and rapist... is it okay for us foreigner to call all of koreans people killers and rapist....?dont you think..?

if you have resentment of the past war, dont publish it in public literature, dont discredit some people race because some limited knowledge that you... more>> had, its make you looks s*upid.... <<less
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TheJudge rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c129
1/5 - I've been following this novel for a year now; before it got dropped and picked back up and had high hopes for this. While it wasn't one of my top novels to read back then, it was enough to catch my interest to keep on reading, but the past dozen or so chapters were just so reckless and childish that I've lost all interest in this novel. At times the MC is calculating and even a bit smart, but most of the time he's just a greedy childish... more>> bastard that throws a fit when he doesn't get what he wants.

Reckless, arrogant, selfish, foolish, childish and c*cky are just a few of the words I would describe the MC. The MC has knowledge about the the future and his enemies but rarely uses them to their full benefit due to his pride and c*cky behavior. He believes that because he knows whats going to happen he's unstoppable. At first, they were just minor mistakes which can be overlooked, but as you read further in it gets worse. He treats all his so called "allies" like garbage and would kill them without a second thought if they get in his way the slightest or once they lose their value.


He throws his kaiforce sword into a random furnace, a sword that is dub as unbreakable or indestructible because he was annoyed by the sword, and by doing so, the sword took control of one of his soldiers and escaped causing massive casualties. Any sane person would know a normal furnace would do nothing but anger 1 of the 2 best weapons in all of pangea.

Next, because he knows the future he thinks he unstoppable, so he wouldn't need any allies (note I said allies, not his s*aves, because that's pretty much what his current allies are) he ignores the plead of other lords for help because they don't benefit him enough; even though it requires little effort.

Finally, when one of the lords proposed a political marriage to protect herself from not being thrown away or killed after giving all her property/land to the MC he acts like a beta male like you see in those jp novels where they run away when they encounter a female and runs away and goes on a rampage to vent his beta syndrome. He could of acted like a rational person for once and compromise but no, he throws a tantrum and runs off.


MC needs to grow up, his bipolar personally and selfish behavior made this hard to read. I thought that this would be a unique novel to read at the start but turns out its another typical self fulfillment story where mistakes have no consequences or ends up benefiting the MC. In other words if you turn off your brain and read this you'll probably enjoy this novel. <<less
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Elheim rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: c74
I saw some reviews complaining about how they hate the novel for not conforming to their idea of revenge or the MC sparing some individual that they didn't like. I figured that I'd chip in with my own thoughts.

The MC in this novel is, imho, the very definition of what a world-class, anti-hero returner is.

Despite being returned to zero he retained his pride as a ruler and doesn't take sh*t from anyone. He still solves his problems with violence but has enough sense to administer just the right amount to... more>> get the result he wants. He doesn't go overboard nor does he lose sight of the big picture.

What I like about him is that he is aware of his own hypocrisy and, above all, is truly trying not to commit the same mistakes he did in the past. The change is not simply getting a better castle or developing his ecomony earlier, (or in other novels getting the cheat item/skill that is yet to be discovered in the new timeline) but his attitude itself.

One of the main reasons for his initial defeat was his inflexibility and his tendency to kill (or at least try to) all opposition which led to

the gradual falling out with one of the very few friends that he had.


So why did he not kill that kid mentioned in the other reviews? It's because he doesn't have to. What he disliked about the kid is his short-sightedness. If you think about it, didn't the MC and his troops die for the same reason in the prologue?

Lastly, this is not a revenge novel. Yes, there is betrayal and there is a motive for revenge but those are just side stories and stepping stones to the ultimate goal. The author has done a great job (so far) of staying true to this goal. Almost all of the MC's actions point to one direction and that is to win the war and conquer the continent. Simply put, this is a story of a conqueror. <<less
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Deathwing rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c45
T for Terrible.

Really bad, the racism is so over-the-top that I honestly cannot believe it. If the character is not Korean, there is a 100% chance that the author uses a derogatory term for that character or just makes them so that they are ultimate ret*rds even if they are good people. (The MC has a good Scottish sidekick that he likes but the author keeps explaining how ret*rded he is even though he is good)

Don't read. Translation quality is also subpar, terms are constantly changing, some parts are... more>> straight out translated so weird that it does not make sense whatsoever. <<less
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Skyhighxx rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c276
I almost didn’t read this story because of all the bad reviews but this story is really good. I see a lot of people saying he kills people for no reason and abuses his friends/allies which isn’t true. I feel like those people didn’t even bother reading past the first two chapters or something.
Me personally I like the fact that he actually choose to reflect on himself when he came back to life and learned from his mistakes. Yes he does want revenge... more>> but it isn’t like he’s not coming up with plans and etc to make himself better and stronger. And he doesn’t discriminate, he treats all genders the same. I’m not really good at writing reviews just know I’m somebody who doesn’t really like harems or all that whatever the parents say goes or the MC’s just surrounded by women and can’t do anything for himself just know this isn’t that. If you like second coming gluten or whatever than you would definitely like this more because the MC isn’t dumb, just relying on luck, or women to get to where he is <<less
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Erlevien rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: v1c7
Well, though I have just started reading the novel.. I can say that I have high expectations for this!

It could be because that I'm a big fan of MC's gaining subordinates and all but.. The starting for this novel is pretty good, and the translations are nicely done as well :)

I just hope that the novel won't go to the very generic, common route and be one of those tasteless novels.. Haha xD

Overall, do give it a try! The MC is pretty cool too! X) (Unless he chases... more>> after women or something later in the chapter pfft)

Plus, I hope that the novel won't focus or just have zero romance at all, I'm not a big fan of it since there have been many novels which have been ruined due to that, ugh. Bromance is much appreciated though lol <<less
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MonkeDanana rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c64
Hawlol's one star review is right. It's very cringy. I can feel the cringe in every chapter. I usually don't mind when the MC is getting praised all the time but this one is different. The conversation are so cringy. Every single characters is an idiot.

MC isn't smart, I will say he is below average. It makes me cringe when the characters praised the MC because it's just that every characters in this novel are unbelievably dumb. On top of that MC's character is also unlikable. He's arrogant, easily gets... more>> raged, and dumb.

Honestly, this has potential and I have hope for this but after reading 64 chapters, I knew that it's basically poorly written.

My advice is if you feel even a slight annoyance when reading this, stop reading it immediately because your annoyance will worsen over time. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c22
This has a lot of potential. I like the idea and the story, and I don't really see any plot holes or such.

I like the use of strategy and the MC's cleverness. I like how he can be tough, but he isn't s*upidly ruthless/heartless.

People reading to this point and really upset that the MC doesn't slaughter the guy who attacked him should pay attention to the story. The MC has already demonstrated that he will spare some enemies (like the gangsters from when he just gotten back, before the Grand... more>> Calling). He's willing because those enemies did no real/little to no damage, weren't any real threat, and he could make use of them. He also spared the attacker because in his view it was just a foolish kid who suddenly got powers, who did no real harm. You have to remember he just spent years at war with enemy nations, with massive bloody gut wrenching battles, this was nothing but a kid clowning around to him. If the kid had killed people, the MC admitted he would have killed him, but the kid didn't. I think he'll probably put the kid to work, as a subordinate or such.

If the MC taking subordinates from enemies he overpowers really upsets you, this might not be the story for you. <<less
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Musou998 rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: c149
The novels was an okay way to waste time but I ultimately dropped it because I was annoyed by the mc's racism, tyranny, narcisim, and hypocrisy. He says racist things about every character that's not Korean.

The MC hates gangsters but acts exactly like a gangster himself.

Although every character acts like the MC is such a genius, he solves everything through brute strength and a cheap skill which boosts his strength by 60% All the mc's enemies act incompetently and just plain s*upid. So far, there has been any tactics or... more>> strategies emplyed besides brute force. The MC comes up with ideas anyone can come up with and other novels have characters come up with better stategies. All the characters have below average intelligence and act like the MC is a genius. This is what happens when an author, who isn't smart, tries to write a smart protagonist.

The MC acts like a badass, but he's a beta that doesn't know how to interact around women. He hesitates too much around women and he's a virg*n yet all the women in his harem say he's amazing at having s*x.

All the girls in his harem fall in love with him at first sight for no reason.

He has a high charisma Stat even though he isn't charasmatic to the reader at all.

The author is bad at writing characters. All the characters are flat, tropes, and stereotypes. All the rich characters he wrote are evil and vain.

The plot has an interesting concept but it's done better in other novels. <<less
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promet rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
A 3.5/5 novel, more or less. Well, I'd give it 3/5 if it was a proper paperback novel, but it's a webnovel, so gotta lower my standards just a bit. The writers are amateurs, after all. There's no editing staff.

First of all, f*ck all of you reviewers who spouted a lot of bullsh*t about this novel. A lot of your points are bullshit, and I'm going to address many in the second part of this review. You made me pass up on this somewhat decent novel twice. If I hadn't... more>> had nothing to read, I wouldn't have read it. b*tches. You only read superficially or full of prejudice, and then you "pass judgment" from your high horses without putting much effort into investigating if you're right while focusing on the parts that "support" your claims. Not to mention dicks who only read 1 or several chapters and then do the same, which is especially hurtful for this novel. Like seriously, second half of this novel is where it shines.

For now, pros and cons.


  • good MC (for a Korean one) that is strong and cool, has character growth (though late, slow, and not easy to notice, since the author doesn't spell it out for you lazy piggies), and isn't without weakness despite being OP
  • a comedic undertone (like underlings praising MC, I'm speechless with ret*rded reviewers who took this seriously) from time to time, nothing special but makes reading a more pleasant experience
  • the setting and plot are somewhat cliche, but well executed enough that there's no need to mind it, plus there's a small twist behind it
  • the ending was anticlimactic somewhat, but epilogue simply hits the spot: it's written well, nicely wraps the story, and shows some nice additional character development
  • other characters have at least some character development
  • there's a varied cast of side characters, and while many of them could be more developed and have more depth, they suffice given the pace and the plot; moreover, while it's a harem, there's plenty of important male characters (though this sort of "male absence" is more of a Japanese/Chinese thing anyway)
  • plenty of action, fights are decent enough
  • I wouldn't say there were any particularly boring arcs, the author didn't forcefully stretch out the story like some others
  • MC is a villain (yes, it's a good point coz it's more interesting than a Goody Two-shoes, especially since he basically becomes lawful evil and then lawful neutral compared to the past chaotic evil, which makes for a wholesome character development... if wholesome can be applied to a villain lol)
  • MC kills someone interesting at the end haha
  • middle and second half are better than the beginning, which is rare (usually it's the other way around)

  • harem and love interests are rather superficial and shallow, but it's not much of a problem given that focus of the story isn't on them
  • I would like harem and love interests to have more "screen time" (yes, this is a subjective bad point, not objective), but I'm pleased to say that there were no forced disappearances, no forced absences, and no forgetting any of them (I'm looking at you, Chinese shitnovels)
  • various small inconsistencies (I caught 3-4, for example first they say you can't bring stuff and people from earth, and later people do it anyway), but fortunately they all can be ignored, having no real influence on the story (maybe except my example xd)
  • again, characters could have more depth and more character development, but given the pace and number of characters, it isn't much of a drawback
  • the beginning was slightly boring, so you have to be a bit patient with this one (maybe less or maybe a bit more than 100 chapters)
  • two or so characters faded out of the story eventually (I only can think of two), fortunately no one important
  • strategy and tactics in the story (no matter who uses them) could be better, but let's face it, not every author is a genius military authority, it's okay as long as he can come up with some mildly impressive stuff; however, it's true that author thinks that merely decent tactics are superb, and I don't mean the ones where subordinates praise MC (that's just author messing around), just the narrator in the 2nd half of the story
Now, contrary to what various dumbf*cks (I'll be merciful and not name anyone) leaving reviews said:

  • No real racism against Japanese, you dimwits, MC was simply taunting a Japanese guy, of course he'd say whatever would anger the latter the most; besides, later it turns out the Jap was a poor bullied kid only, why so much hate on him? Because he went against mc? lol so much for objective reviews
  • there's no racism against China, either, there's literally what, one enemy of MC from China? And he doesn't appear anytime soon (there's one more who's treated like a Korean, so I don't count him, besides he's not "discriminated" against in any way related to race or nation)
  • for those who are tired of racism, shut up, the Japanese guy doesn't get killed, he becomes mc's underling, and MC doesn't treat him badly later, nor is there any Japanese to hate on afterward (sorry for the spoiler, but other people already spoiled half of this in their reviews, and I'm just emphasizing they don't give you the whole picture)
  • hatred of rich people isn't that bad. It is there, but, honestly, it's the rich who have greater ability to do both good and evil, and it's very subtle, so it doesn't get in your face. It's only if you read between the lines at most
  • I don't remember "good" characters being scheming to show MC as better, remember that MC is a damn villain lol, and two-faced people are common irl too
  • characters praising MC are just for lols, even MC thinks their praises are over the top (not to say s*upid), the reviewers who took it seriously can't chill, I feel for them, must be hard to live with their asses clenched so hard all the time
  • guys who complain about return-to-the-past and such only complain because they haven't read the story, and don't know the whole plot/setting, I honestly think it's interesting that

MC is actually a reincarnation of a dude from another world inserted on Earth


  • MC isn't beta, the thing he runs away from is marriage only (and if you read the novel, you'll know he had plenty of one-night stands in previous life, and if you read about his first love and noticed his ambition, you'll know why he didn't want to be in an official relationship... unless you can't read between the lines and need the author to spoon-feed you and spell it out letter by letter)
  • people who diss MC for being a d*ck etc forget that he was a true-blue villain, and they gave up on the story before he grew out of it (I think it was like the last 1/3 of the story where MC was more mature)
  • is a British/Scottish character a racist construct just because he's somewhat dimwitted and a comic relief character? Seriously, people, did you read so much Chinese webnovels that you see racism everywhere now? Once bitten, twice shy, you snowflakes?
  • MC literally killed left and right... yes, he spared a few people, but why gripe over several people in comparison to thousands, if not more, that he slashed, ripped apart with his bare hands, or otherwise annihilated personally? lmao guys, read the damn book before you review it
  • literally nobody follows MC just coz of his charisma stat... it's more of an icing on the cake. Those who are already loyal to him or hesitating are affected. The only over-the-top case was where one whole region pledged loyalty to him due to OP charisma stat later in the story.
Alright, maggots, I won't waste more time on correcting yall. I glanced through 1 page's worth of reviews to bash you, and that's enough. Seriously, how ret*rded can you all get? f*ck you. I hope you won't find any book you like for a month or two.

Sorry to others who didn't leave misleading negative reviews. I snapped (mainly because this is the second time I was unjustly discouraged from reading a novel here, and because I now realized there might be plenty of such books I was scared away from by neg. reviews on this site). I had to vent, and now I'm refreshed. Hehe.

Overall, this is not a great story, but it's above average, especially for a Korean webnovel. I can recommend it unless you are squeamish (since there IS a shitload of violence, after all). <<less
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Eriht rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: c48
It was readable novel 3-4/5 for me, until our protagonist started doing illogical stuff. That include his democratic-emancipation actions in feudal world.

I lost it completely on c48. Let's cite it:

... more>>

"Even just for her image, they needed to dodge the nuance of bringing another army here." - Yes sneaking into thousand strong army, on verge of rebellion, with 30 people is BEST way existing.

"'If I had come here with the army of my territory, they would have disrespected her even more. Wow, it really was a good idea bringing these group of adventurers here instead, ' he thought." - Ah, as I said idealistic democracy in FEUDAL world. The easiest way to solve this whole situation was just vassalize her. Instead few chapters ago he boosted her ego and self value to extreme. And only asked for 30% of mine shares, where he could easily get EVERYTHING instead...

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Salexe rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c22
This would have had so much potential. Seriously it has some good points, not unique but still rather interesting. But why? Ohh WHY? Does he go an become merciful! He knows that he cannot leace c*ckroaches alive. But he still spares an enemies life. WHY?!? Makes 0 damn sense. It is so weird and character breaking that you know it is just a setpiece. But it could have been done so much better.

Went from very good potential. To being almost dropped in 1 little action. I say almost because I... more>> might check it out latter with more chapters but I have no expectations for this anymore.

The MC got build up and had certain events happen to him. Making him swear never to make the same mistakes again. But now we see him make the exact same mistake again FOR no reason. Seriously there is no point in being merciful at that point NONE!!! Damn it makes me sad when good potential is wasted for no reason. <<less
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Allesandra rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c355
After reading this my thoughts are.....

  1. Spoiler
    • The story is average at best and somewhat rushed, meaning if the author decided add another hundred chapters or so to flesh out most aspects of the story it probably would've been better. also the whole story line in the last 50 haters about the 2 emperors and the alien invasion was from 1000 years ago was just terrible and frankly made me feel that the more I read the less chapter I wish the whole series had so I could just hurry and finish it already, it was than bad.
    • Characters were mostly shallow, especially the harem and since I mainly read this cause of the harem/polygamy tags that's pretty annoying. the harem member that was in the most chapters were in less than 70 chapters and at least half of them were in less than 40 chapters. What makes it even worse is the character dorian was in more chapters than most of the harem combined and he's mainly used for comic relief which usually isn't even funny.
    • in conclusion if you want to read a good fleshed out story or you're a person who likes reading good harem novels then just don't read this.
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tonio rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The only good thing is the idea behind the new world.

Issues : the story feel really rushed and characters are just stereotype

Still it's not that bad
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August 31, 2021
Status: --
I probably could have moved on from all other things that made this story a mediocre read, but I can't ignore the racism. It may have just been the author's way of characterizing the MC as a head-strong self righteous jerk. However, it's such a turn off. I mostly enjoy novels that have me looking forward to the main character's development and have them ultimately triumph at the end. I don't think I'm the only one who reads these types of novels for that reason. To be honest the more... more>> I read the more I wanted the MC to lose. It's probably not a good thing when the reader wants the main character to fail.

If you are okay with over looking the racism (and it isn't just a one time occurrence) then maybe you can soldier through. The novel itself isn't actually written that bad, and the translation is also okay. I just found the characters themselves to be wanting. <<less
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