The Otherworld Reincarnation of the Stinky Monk: The Necromancer Can’t Lead a Slow Life


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The 30-year-old Kujo Soma, who suddenly reincarnated into another world, becomes a burden to a small village but decides to become an adventurer for the sake of his livelihood. Deceived by the guild, he is given the lowest-rank copper plate.

Despite facing setbacks, Kujo continues to handle daily chores, experiencing the unfamiliar life of another world. Providing gentle solace in his life are Mia (10), the guild’s staff, and Kagari (fluffy), a fox he rescued in the forest.

However, this peaceful daily life doesn’t last long. A turning point occurs when Kujo obtains a magic book in the dungeon. New encounters with a thief gang attacking the village, and a reassessment of Kujo’s abilities. Attaining the highest rank, Platinum, in the adventurer’s guild seemed like a step forward toward his goal of a slow life.

Yet, reality proves to be harsh. Now, individuals seeking to exploit Kujo’s abilities approach him, transforming his ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

“I want to live leisurely in the countryside, surrounded by fluffiness and with Mia!”

Dealing with troubles efficiently using magical creatures and necromancy, the lazy and smelly monk rises as a necromancer. Unfortunately, he cannot lead a slow life. This is the story of a man eventually known as the Demon King and a brave girl.

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02/10/24 Story Seedling c67
02/09/24 Story Seedling c66
02/08/24 Story Seedling c65
02/07/24 Story Seedling c64
02/06/24 Story Seedling c63
02/05/24 Story Seedling c62
02/04/24 Story Seedling c61
02/03/24 Story Seedling c60
02/02/24 Story Seedling c59
02/01/24 Story Seedling c58
01/31/24 Story Seedling c57
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01/27/24 Story Seedling c53
01/26/24 Story Seedling c52
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