The Otherworld Antique Bookstore is a Life-Risk


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Takamori Yuzuki, who after changing jobs now works at a chain of secondhand bookstores, was promoted to area manager in charge of managing multiple stores thanks to his efforts, but an unfortunate accident during work resulted in him getting a ticket to reincarnation in another world.

He had hoped to live a safe life in a “world where books can be read”, but he was caught up in a family summoning spell performed in the hall at the bottom of a dungeon called the Labyrinth of the Abyss, and was reincarnated as an executive of a group of madmen led by Dungeon Master LaViola…

While working as a manager of a secondhand bookstore, he also leads a double life as Yuki, the weakest family member.

Yuki’s adventure begins with his cheerful and scary minions.

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i sekai koshoten wa inochigakedesu
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07/18/24 SyosetsuMTL c19
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