The Other Side of the Last Boss


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The short life of a 16-year old boy, who had a love of observation, ended after an accident, after which God appeared. The boy was a perfect candidate for a certain reincarnation, so he was asked if he wouldn’t mind doing so. The boy gave his consent, then reincarnated into another world. He reincarnated into the Evil God Ashtal. Just like in a game, once someone defeated the Last Boss, the Demon King, they would then be met with a bonus adversary, the overwhelmingly powerful Hidden Boss.

He spent 1,000 years observing the world through his magic.

Hey! Why hasn’t anyone made it here yet?! I’m supposed to be the Hidden Boss!

Finally, Ashtal became bored out of his mind; and after a certain incident, he decided to attend school. Sometimes he has to beat down a demon that gets carried away with itself, and sometimes he has to become a bank president to counterattack a great nation that got carried away with itself. This is that kind of Evil God story.

Associated Names
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Evil God
Last Boss no Mukougawa ~ Saikyou no Ura Boss = Jashin ni Tensei Shitakedo, 1000-Nen Daremo Konai kara Gakuen ni Kayou Koto ni Shita ~
The Other Side of the Last Boss~The Strongest Hidden Boss=He Reincarnates into an Evil God, But Since No One has Come After 1,000 Years, He Decides to Go to School~
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CaptainToast rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c1
This novel is terrible.

It had some promise, but the author shat the bed. The MC is the most annoing pansy ass piece of sh*t I've ever seen.

He can't speak to girls at all. Literally nothing. All for some dumb reason about being trapped for 1000 years.

... more>> If that wasn't bad enough, it then randomly cuts to him in class... somehow getting into a prestigious academy with no explanation.

Other then the usual school cliche bullshit, it immediately goes into him randomly creating a legendary ring that increases stats as well as increases sexual desire towards him.

... For some reason.

Its unbearable to actually read this novel. I felt my brain cells dying. <<less
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inaderantaro rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c4
The premises are contradicting.

The MC is supposed to be one who like observing other people but in 4 chapters there is only one small scene about that. The rest are his monologue and some boring fights.

He said he is an evil god who do not have sexual desire, totally fine with talking with subordinates. But he cant say even a proper word to girl due to V card.

An evil god is not allowed to go outside by the Gods. And then suddenly he went to human school to get girls.
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DaydreamGe rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c102
Basically it is a nice relaxing to enjoy stories.

The plot is about an awkward "evil" hero that try to solve his weakness.

Well what disappointing is how many s*upid reader that give low rate just by reading 1 - 5 chapter.

It is very not recommended if you are a reader that judge a book by reading the prologue, it is recommended that you want to enjoy a good comedy with a little ecchi in it.
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Shuchou rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c78
Every person that rated 1 stopped reading at chapter 4 or 5 but that's reasonable. The first 3 chapter are promising but when you read chp 4 you will be disappointed.

The MC is such a pu**y! Hes a reincarnated person that became something known as Evil God but because no one know the existence known as evil god, no one visited him in the past 1000 yrs which make him and his minions just a watcher of the world.

... more>>

when the hero defeated the maou, they proceeded to his castle but because its been 1000years and the hero party are all girls. He become a sissy guy that can't even say a proper word against the party and because the party are girls, they defeated him easily. The Mc's minion are the same with him that's why they just hid


But after that chapter, the MC's personality will improve. From the sissy lad to somewhat ok lad. If you're looking for a badass MC then this is not for you after all he can't even speak to girls and defeat them. But if you're looking for some comedic MC then this is one for you.

Also, the MC are pretty much a badass but against male enemy its just that, if woman then theres a no good for him. But sooner or later he will get rid of that so dont worry about that.

A lot of you will be disappointed at chapter 4 but dont worry because his character wil improve. And that is, if you can still manage to read upto the latest. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c90
Honestly, it's a 3. I gave it a 5 because I felt some of the reviews were unjust. Like in chapter 3, he apparently forgot he has a trauma on women, making him speak gibberish and his combat abilities fall to nill.

People do hate an MC without a back bone, but I decided to give this guy a chance and read on. And I'm glad I did.

MC isn't a Pansy. He has traumatic experience with women in his past life and that's the gimmick of the whole story.

Is he dense?... more>> Well, yes. But he has had s*x with one of the minor characters.

Is he impotent? No, he just has no sexual desire. Of course, it's already been set up that if he falls in love, he can probably get urges.

Is he doing echi, perverted things to the hero party on purpose? No. Most of them are just by accident like always. Heck, you could count the
chapters with those scenes on one hand.

This story has a plot and its comedically moving towards it.

Translation is a bit iffy. Like something a word is missing or has been replaced by something that doesn't fit it at all, but it's still readable.

Overall, the story is okay. Certainly not 5, but not a 1 which half the people rate. It's entertaining and a good read to pass the time. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: c15
I read some of the other reviews and thought maybe I was being to harsh on this, finding it really dumb after the first 3 chapters, and thought I'd read a little further, but no, this author is an idiot.

We have here a protagonist who is so OP normal people literally piss themselves and adventurers whip up into a panic when he even uses the bare minimum of his power. This protagonist also has an extreme phobia of women. Okay, not my cup of tea watching a 1000 year old... more>> all-powerful being get stomped because he's reduced to a quivering pool when looked at by young teen girls, but I can at least follow the premise and figured it'd make for some decent comedy. Then we find out his aura drives human insane with lust (for some reason this is random because some people cower in fear at his aura while others go into heat... nice consistent writing there. So this god-like entity then reveals he has no sexual urges... okay, that kind of makes his fear of women s*upid, but maybe it's not sexual, maybe it's a traumatic event. It's getting more dumb, but it's not at "I give up" levels of dumb yet. Then we get to the adventurer's guild, where he shows a tiny bit of his power and it turns the receptionist so horny she demands he take responsibility for humiliating her... and he teleports them to his bed and brings her to orgasm... What kind of s*upid bullsh*t is that? We have a protagonist that literally cannot speak when around a girl out of fear, but he can rub one off and then curse her to keep his power a secret, without any hint of difficulty in doing so? Severe gynophobia but he just turns that sh*t off when it's convenient for the plot? There is absolutely no justification that makes that make sense. The protagonist is so all over the place I'm wondering if the author has ever met another human, let alone a woman.

The fact that there are people giving this 5-stars and defending this schlock is absurd. <<less
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March 15, 2016
Status: --
(Up to date with raws, currently ch. 71)

An interesting story so far. The main character has power, but he doesn't have much of a chance to use it publicly. Plus, he suffers from an inability to properly speak to women--his words turn into a "mystery language" because he gets flustered. Some of the more recent aspects are "meh, " but it's still keeping my interest for the time being.
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Smooth Che
Smooth Che rated it
March 9, 2016
Status: --
Read the first chapter, seems interesting so far.
Reminds me of Death March, OP MC who is capable of destroying the planet if he wanted to.
But like Satou, our MC seeks peace/enjoyment.. Will edit after more chapters are out
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eldersign rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: v1c5
This novel was so bad I had to write a review on it... unless your into reading pretty much a story line that consist of basically gibberish. Not to discourage the translator, but I do not understand why he is translating this novel at all.

I second another reviewer about losing brain cells from reading this, don't get me wrong I have nothing against slice of life Japanese self gratification novels. This novel however has some of the most toxic unbelievable inconsistent elements I have yet to read.

You have a character... more>> that brags about being magnitudes stronger then the "last boss" of the story, and he somehow takes damage yet doesn't? to a hero party filled with female troupe teenagers... The premise was that he was so scared that somehow his defense weakened to the point where he was able take damage, yet the author plays this off with an idea that his regeneration was so high that he took none. This makes no sense, since moments before the fight they brag about his AUTO defense that triggers automatically?! He would have needed to manually stop his passive defense skills for this to have happened... yet he was apparently too shy of females to lift a finger, yet he was able to stop his passives which was stated to require major effort on his part.

From what could be inferred the hero party were like ants, thus how in the world did they even manage to scratch him? From how the conversation was going during this scene, it seemed liked the hero party had the ability to kill the main character. Yet this makes no sense, as their weapon shouldn't even have been able to touch him let alone harm him if he just stood there. Then we go with this crazy idea that everyone one of his commanders/minions are ret*rded when it comes to teenage females after living more then 1000 years, and the old man that was sent by the being that reincarnated him is just as ret*rded.

Unless this being created an evil god army just for the sake of seeing an extremely old / adolescent extra boss squirm at the sight of a teenage girl, which seems to be the premise to the whole story. He is perfectly fine at looking at them for 1000+ years but when he interacts with them, he is apparently able to drop his 999+ stats to what seems to be 0? The contradictions in the first 5 chapters made any hopes of trying to piece to together the author's reasoning impossible, since nothing about the main character seems to persist over 1-2 paragraphs.

Then all of this seemingly cease to matter and we get to what seems to be a cringing school arc.

In conclusion the story elements are used terribly and the author contradicts himself seemingly every single paragraph. <<less
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AwronZizao rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c17
Completely ruined the story. An overpowered godly character who can't do a thing, because "he's bad with girls." Yep, then as soon as he gets the chance to show some strength against a dude, he just ignores it like a pathetic coward. Not dominant, not confident. Literally the most tr*sh I've ever seen. The representative of cuck MC. To think the plot had so much promise and they had to ruin the story with something so ridiculous.
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remyc0 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c92
This novel is good, not excellent, not bad (at least for me), just good. MC is not perfect as I thought. I've been tricked, honestly, by the synopsis. The synopsis says that MC is basically a badass god. Well, its true. He IS a badass with all his power, "until he get in a certain incident". And this is where most people don't get the story well, that lead them to rate this novel poorly. So if you're new reader, treat this novel as a comedy (this is a comedy;... more>> look at the tag) <<less
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BaramII rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: --
Finally, Ashtal became bored out of his mind; and after a certain incident, he decided to attend school. Sometimes he has to beat down a demon that gets carried away with itself, and sometimes he has to become a bank president to counterattack a great nation that got carried away with itself. This is that kind of Evil God story.

That summary is great, so great.
But the story is destroyed by the MC...

... more>>

The MC lived 1, 000 years, 1, 000 years and he still act like a damn 13 year old with all kind of mental disorder regarding social aspect to the opposite s*x.
A man, that watched the world for 1, 000 years, claims to have no s*x drive, but every paragraph mentions something about the other s*x. and the MC mentions it himself! "MC: I don't have s*x drive, but she got nice boobs" something like that

A man that lived 1, 000 years, does not have a full grasp of his abilities, apparently, his aura, causes others to be sexually attracted to him, or lose composure, peeing whatever. Like this bit*h mentions he has no s*x drive, but in the first few chapter, his abilities seem to be focused on sexual aspect.

A man that lived 1, 000 year and created subordinates, can't talk to a woman, oh that issue applies to his subordinates since they were created by him.

Not being able to talk to new people? I understand, he could've been using telepathy to speak with his subordinates, but NOOOOO, he can speak to other men just fine, and he seems to only have issue talking to beautiful women, (I didn't read far enough to know if he can talk to ugly or old women).


And the incident mentioned in the summery? Well, get ready to torture yourself with cringe.

Anyways, I expected to read story about a Demon God, whose bored enough that he went to school to raise promising Hero and spread the Demon God name so people would actually visit and fight him. But with the rise of young heroes, Other nations would try to get them or kill them, so he protects the countries.

But nope, it's your typical japanese novel that focuses on a teenagers ti*s and ass, MC acting like a socially inept idiot. I gave up after a few chapter.

I do NOT recommend it, honestly,
But, go ahead and try anyways. But I'll warn you.

What you'll read in the first few chapter, how f*cking cringey the MC is, it'll be the same even after around chapter 70. (I didn't really read that far, I just read a chapter around 70ish to see if the MC changes from socially inept pu*sy to someone that actually observed and lived for 1, 000 years, but nope, apparently, 70-80 chapter and the only growth the MC gained is that he can at least talk normally, still panics, and he can somehow flatter women now, woop 70-80 chapter for that big improvement) <<less
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MondoX rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c11
The story is not bad, but the consistency of the main characters is bad. The main character lived as a human for 16 years, but has been living as a Demon God for 1, 000 years, but he acts more human than God. He has male reproductive organs, but it is inferred he more like a gender neutral, especially that he is able to reproduce demons eggs. The MC is overpowered, but is highly vulnerable to females, so much that he is unable to speak properly in their presence and... more>> his body sometimes is unable to move. It is set a comedic relief, but it is not done well. Somehow, he is fine when girls cling to him sexually, going as far as taking the initiative to take a women to his room and able to erotically touch her with no problems (implied sex, as well). So, how is the MC uncomfortable speaking to women but not touching them erotically (he is unable to move only while being struck by them, though). The MC was finally able to leave his temple and try to improve his weakness towards women by joining an academy, but his changes progress and regress too much and too sudden. <<less
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Rimakagi rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: c118
It's not THAT bad you know? MC being a coward in front of women? There's an explanation to that.


him being bullied by dem sl*ts and him not having any friends in his past life is part of that. Let's also add of how he didn't talk to anyone but his subordinates in the past 1000 years


And you can't say he's a pus*y either


He beat the sh*t out of Vincent's underlings and he does not have any mercy on those who attack his subordinates and servants


I'll also add of how cunning and clever this guy is.
You can't say that there is no development at all, because there is (lol).
Despite being Evil God, the job given to him is to

make the people fear him, not to massacre the hell out of them (somebody already said this but yeah, I'll add it here).

There's also those set of rules that he can't break.


It gradually gets better so for those who's interested in reading this, give it a try at least.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Titan LLS
Titan LLS
June 21, 2017
Status: c4
This novel is incredible, enter chpt 1-2 we have a withdrawn MC he surveys the world like a somewhat proper god. has powerful abilities & subordinates. who mainly venerate his prowess. also somewhat weird inclination but this much is pardonable. he gives off saitama vibes. powerful enough to barely give a f*ck. so at this point I'm thinking this guy is going to be the kind of MC who works from the shadows, protecting the female lead and insuring she has an easier path to tread. like satou but... more>> less overall I'm really looking forward to more of this.

chpt.3 eh, no wait... what happened someone anyone can someone please tell me wtf! just happened, I went from reading something with much prospect to seeing something so cringe-worthy idk how to respond. the MC might be having a dream or be in an illusion let's wait till the next chpt to judge.

chpt.4 holy sh*t it's real... whelp it's been real went from promising to sh*t far too fast I'm honestly scared and a bit grateful as I do not have to follow it for years to watch it go bad... sad <<less
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Promethean rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c30
Last Update:

It's just full of dirty s*x jokes. Most of the interactions between the MC and the female party are s*x related.

If you like a series where the MC implicitly fingers all the girls, then its probably for you.

It would have been great if it went the Demon God raises the hero's because hes f**king bored route. But it doesn't. It's just... full of ecchi, dirty jokes, and bland characters and fights.

Great Premise. Absolutely terrible execution.

Updated rating: 1/5.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aliac Hui
Aliac Hui rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: c118
This is a good novel. I'm not really in depth of how to rate novels, but I'm entertained at least. Just waiting for chapters to update and thought giving a rating would help with that.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Reign Bloodark
Reign Bloodark rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c101
Look at these people that read 1 chapter and give out strong opinions, such a hasty and dumb action and then there is going around liking reviews that is clearly flawed just to ascertain their narrow opinion.

Read at least 20 chapter or something dont listen to these idiots that say big words without reading any substantial amount of the novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crimsonzayer rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: --
I'm loving the story so far... people who gave this story low rating probably only read around ch 4 - 5... story starts with a generic comedy pattern but still good in its own way... But as the story goes on, you will see that the author develop a kind of serious element in the story as for the readers to not lose interest in it. The MC's growth as the story goes is kind of refreshing, the MC is by no means a p***y. he also act befitting his... more>> poaition as evil god from time to time.. <<less
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paradigmfriday rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c94
This is a darn good story, I don't know why it's not rated higher..... Sure at the beginning there's the feeling that the story might be less than stellar, but if you hold past those first five chapters, things start even out and increase in quality and flow. For me at least... this wasn't one of those stories that you get tired of.

Its a solid story about a being, that more or less serves as the referee of sorts between the humans and the demons,

The only meh parts are... more>> the fanservice-y bits but even those are pretty decent compared to the usual standard and they're kept pretty light. There are some cringey bits, as especially when it comes to his interactions with the minions, but there rest of the OP action and world factions stuff is good enough, I don't mind it too much... All in all its a 5 out of 5... okay maybe a 4.5 out of 5 experience...., well worth checking out if you're looking for something to read. <<less
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