The Oppressed Princess Was a Reincarnated Legendary Magician


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The six-year-old princess Claudia remembered everything that day.

She was a legendary magician in her previous life, accompanied by many magicians, but in this world she was kicked out by her stepmother, treated coldly and exploited…

“I only do what I want.If you’re in the way, you have to “clean up.”

Claudia has begun to live a life of ease with her magical powers that once shook the world.
Together with Noah, a handsome boy but blunt black-haired servant, he changes the living environment with a high degree of magic.

“I apologize, so come back to the royal capital? Do you want me to give you the right to succeed to the throne? I’m not interested in it at all because I can have as much luxury as I want with my magic.”Fluffy, mumbling…
“Hey, why do you go out of your way to sleep on my lap every time?”

Claudia, sleepy by the magic reaction, was hugged by a reluctant servant and breathed in her sleep again today.

Associated Names
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Oppressed Exiled Princess Was A Legendary Magician Who Was Reborn. I Don't Want To Be Picked Up.Please Don't Interrupt My Nap With My Servant
Shiitagerareta Tsuihou Oujo wa, Tensei Shita Densetsu no Majo deshita ~ Mukae ni Koraretemo Komarimasu. Juuboku to no Ohirune wo Jama Shinaide Kudasai ~
虐げられた追放王女は、転生した伝説の魔女でした ~迎えに来られても困ります。従僕とのお昼寝を邪魔しないでください~
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