The Obsessive Male Lead Found Out I’m Alive


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I possessed a wicked woman, the daughter of the enemy who killed the mother of the male protagonist and a woman who was a woman of time.

Having managed to usurp the throne, he married me, the daughter of the enemy.

With a wicked woman who will die soon due to ill health.

“This is what happened.”

A cold voice.

Fortunately, I’m going to die a month later.

I’m sure it should be the case.

I didn’t die. And an unwanted pregnancy.

So I left.

How can you be married to your enemy’s daughter?

I pretended to be dead and ran away.

That’s what happened.

“How can you pretend to be dead?”

He had changed completely when I met him again.

“It’s not your child.”

How he found me, he said with tears in his eyes.

“I don’t care who the father of the child is. He’ll be my child anyways.”

He was crying and laughing with a crumbling look.

“Didn’t I tell you? Every single strand of my hair is yours.”

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집착 남주에게 살아있다는 걸 들켰다
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7 Reviews

Oct 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This one makes for a good, simple read, but can easily become frustrating if you focus too much on certain aspects.

It's overall a fairly basic set up that we see in a lot of novels.

... more>>

The general plot of the novel is that the FL, Evelina, is the daughter of a man who was responsible for the death of the ML, Kaiden's mother. Well, actually she's his adoptive daughter. She was adopted due to her striking resemblance to the Marquis' late daughter, but eventually he and his wife start to love Evelina as herself rather than just a replacement for their daughter. When Kaiden inevitably brings about the fall of her family, Evelina naturally assumes her death is coming too, but against all odds, Kaiden brings her in as a mistress/concubine/lover/whatever.


The novel then goes on to describe the circumstances of Evelina's new life. While Kaiden shows her love and affection, as well as patience and kindness, the Empress Dowager (the ML's grandmother) and his younger sister treat her like garbage. They do not respect her, constantly look down on her, and are the main catalyst for the misunderstanding that leads to Evelina running away, which was seen in the prologue.

As the Empress Dowager chides Evelina for her manners and the sister taunts her by saying Kaiden has another woman on the side, Evelina's already indecisive and wishy-washy nature works in full force to create some of the most convoluted misunderstandings I have ever seen in my life.


For example, Kaiden makes it very clear that he intends to make Evelina his Empress some day and that whatever child she gives birth to will become the future Emperor. He has even stated if she were to give birth to girl, then their daughter would become the sole reigning Empress with total claim to the throne. He made that explicitly clear on several occasions.

However, after his sister gets it in Evelina's head that there's 'another woman', she starts to bring those claims into question. So whenever he says 'whatever child the Empress gives birth to will take the throne in the future', Evelina starts to think 'Oh, I guess his other woman is pregnant.' It is utterly infuriating to watch this interaction happen at least three times.

The novel prefaces all of this by saying Evelina's trust in Kaiden is muted because she has reason to believe he would hate her on account of how her father was involved in his mother's death. And so she takes all of his kindness as being some kind of trick to bring her up to heaven only to throw her back down to hell as a form of ultimate revenge. However, in terms of his actual behavior towards her, Kaiden has shown her nothing but love, kindness, and support. At least up until the whole running away thing.

She claims she cannot trust him because he may harbor ill intentions towards her, but then she's so quick to trust the words of his harpy sister who clearly hates her?


So then, in Evelina's attempts to get out ahead of Kaiden (whom she believes is showing her love because he wants to take revenge against her), she starts acting like she's genuinely in love with him too in order to take the heat off of her. She figures this is fine because she's 'dying' (which, by the way, is such a pointless plot point), but naturally this leads to another misunderstanding on Kaiden's part later on down the line when she doesn't actually end up dying.

When Evelina inevitably runs away with the baby and is found by Kaiden in record time, as was seen in the prologue, she claims that the baby isn't his. Which is exciting in the prologue because it's got all the fun works-- yandere ML, baby, obsessive love, yay! But wait, actually Kaiden was super pissed at her for total fair reasons.


From his perspective, he was completely in love with this woman, showered her with affection, making plenty of wonderful promises he intended to keep, and painting a rosy future with her, and when he thought she reciprocated his feelings, now he's finding out that she toyed with his heart and was pregnant with someone else's baby? I'd be angry, too!

Evelina kept telling herself she couldn't trust Kaiden because of this belief that he must hate her because of her father, but then so easily allowed the words of his sister and the Empress Dowager to cloud her judgment. Evelina not trusting Kaiden would make sense given the circumstances, but why was she quick to believe in the words of people who openly treat her like garbage and base her entire choice around them?

Rather than fake being in love with Kaiden, would it not have been better to just talk? Instead she utterly trampled on this man's heart when he personally gave her no reason to think he hated her. She just assumed he did based on information that was being fed to her by people who openly hated her.


I've read multiple novels written by this author by now, and I'm discovering all of them suffer from the exact same issues.


+ Poor pacing

+ Poor character motives

+ Drawn out misunderstandings that are incredibly convoluted

+ Cyclical character development (they all end the exact same way they started, despite experiencing things that should change them)

+ Flat characters


Still, this novel was fine enough to pass the time. 2/5 stars feels fair for what this novel is, but I'm feeling generous and because this novel is fine on a surface level, I'll give it 3 stars. <<less
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Nov 15, 2022
Status: --

It's called doubt. Even if the person who says that is a person who hurt you, you still would feel doubt about what if, what they said was the truth.

Don't tell me that you'll never doubted anyone now do you?

That's why it's actually believable. You can only say that the misunderstanding became more because she thought too much, but do know that the person she was marrying was the sole reason based on what you said happened to their family. Now if that person started to treat you better, would... more>> you really not doubt them? Would you not?

The answer is yes, yes you will.

You can only say that kind of words, because you seen their side of the story, but she doesn't.

So really? Who are you to say that?

To marry a husband, who you you think is marrying you out of revenge. To have a mother in law and sister in law who constantly bullied you.

There's just no way you won't over think. If you can, wow. You must be a saint.

Like you said, his in love with her, now the question is. Do you think that a person who hates your family will love you?

As much as I hate to say it.

Doubt is way more powerful than most would think.

Once planted, it will grow.. Bigger and bigger.

That's all.

If you only look at one side of the story, what's the difference between you and her? <<less
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover S
Jan 18, 2023
Status: c88
If someone ask me what's my overall reaction of this novel. I would just say a single line, and it's "Kaiden. Deserves. Better!"

... more>>

Honestly, I hate delusional tr*sh female leads. She has lots of problems and all things happen because she imagines that ML would do this to her. When he clearly made himself clear from the beginning that he likes her. Otherwise, why will he forgive her parents who killed his mother, made his life hell, and tried to kill as well as inhumanely torture him since he was a baby.

I feel like the female lead is hypocrite. Her feigned family made his whole life hell, still just because he loves her, he forgave their crime. But here she's chanting every time to ML to let her family go. And using his feelings while pretending to love him so that he'll give her bit*h family power and they can go abroad. She's such a snide. I think this seems barbed to ML who lost everything for her family.

He expresses his love to her all time, but she doesn't believe him who always respected her but believes in half-sister's words who is humiliating and abusing her from the beginning. Like how much delusional can you be?

I understand how far her doubt goes, but this make me feel like it's a crime patrol scene where a person kills another just because he had a doubt. Only by talking it could be solved but she just has to run away and make the reason behind so many people's mu*ders.

Our Male lead Kayden deserves much better! I really want a new FL for our poor Ml. He's so sweet. He isn't worth to someone tr*sh like Evelina who only use him and his love for her selfish goals.

I only rated 2 for Kayden and the hard work of translator. Otherwise, this novel doesn't deserve any rating!


My opinion:

Not that great! ML is nice but FL is hypocrite. These reasons triggered me, so I can't enjoy it at all! If you ignore these, you can give it a try. For me, I didn't like it at all as I pitied poor ML for facing these! <<less
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Mar 17, 2023
Status: --
I'm not against angsty plots, this one is just ridiculously annoying.
I can't possibly love this novel, especially with a treacherous FL who lefts her husband after she claims to love him. Pacing is a problem. Her love for her adoptive family is a problem... The whole premise is THE PROBLEM.
She hurts ML so bad at the end that I... I just. Cant. She makes me feral and not in a good way. And we expect them to return to how they used to be? ML still in love with FL and such??? If the character is not written as a plain white wall, it's impossible.

The male lead definitely deserved better. I can't stand FL's decisions.
A single star is even too much for this novel.
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May 26, 2023
Status: c47
I had to drop due to the reasons that all the other reviews mentioned, which is that the convoluted reasons the FL is afraid of the ML is frustratingly s*upid, including allowing the words of her bullies to influence her behaviors. She even recognizes that her bullies are bullies but she still trusts everything they say.

Brain dead FL. Boring so I dropped
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Mar 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I had a hard time deciding between 3 and 4 stars. The good stuff in this novel is really good and the bad... well, bad. I decided to round up because the translation is quite strong and I was excited to read through the end. I binged it in a week.

You'll know whether Kaiden, the ML, is your type based on the title and summary. He's kind to Evelina (FL) but ruthless to basically everyone else including ... more>>

his own children with FL.


He's super messed up but hot, and his efforts to alleviate FL's fear of him are heart-warming. He's a terrible person but you can't help but love him since you're seeing him through FL's eyes.


Despite everything FL does, I found the way he treated her when she returned uncomfortable to read. He acts deliberately cruelly to get back at her, including killing innocent people and violently forcing her in bed (implied as dubcon but certainly feels like noncon). Rather, it proved she had good reason to be scared of him all along. I really don't get why FL wouldn't double down her efforts to run away at that point. She briefly considers that he might actually kill her, but then goes back to being in love. Because it was "her fault she made him that way". Like, it kind of was, but he's obviously still a madman who would easily snap a second time.


FL is definitely frustrating. She often reads as a Mary-Sue. It's constantly mentioned how she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Even when she's



the only person who doesn't find her beautiful is herself. She's smart with politics and socializing. She was apparently the most well-connected and desired woman in high society before marriage despite spending all her time staying at home. But she's so s*upid about Kaiden that it contradicts her supposed people skills. I get that she doubts him, and has good reason to. But even though she can read everyone else, she keeps convincing herself that ML's love is "acting" even as it makes less and less sense.


She wakes up from a seizure to ML sobbing over her body and thinks "wow he must be really sad thinking I died on my own before he could finish his revenge" like seriously girl???



The stuff about birds flocking around FL and the magic blood was what really made me roll my eyes at how "special" she is. Why do birds love her, to the extent that they choose to live with her cage-free and even hawks are affectionate with her? Who knows. Why does her blood purify water? Does it do anything else, like curing wounds? When was it first discovered? Did the Marquis know she had magic blood before he adopted her? Again, WHO KNOWS. This is by far the biggest dropped plot thread. The blood could be interesting but it just ends up being another reason for everyone to want her.


Slight spoilery summary: I criticized a lot here but I did enjoy most of the novel. There are a lot of romantic scenes that gave me butterflies and the erot*c tension builds well. There is 18+ content but it's a slooow burn to go all the way, which I honestly prefer. Most of the plot is resolved well, though I agree with astralmech on the cyclical character development. It felt like no one learned anything, which makes for undynamic and half-assed character arcs. Basically, the emotional stuff is super effective but there's a lot of frustrating, inconsistent, baffling decisions too. That's why it worked well as a binge read- the criticisms only became prominent in hindsight for me. <<less
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Jan 07, 2024
Status: c57
Dropped this at 57. Salute for those who managed to actually finished the whole story.

I'm giving stars to thank the translator for the hard work, but no star for the author.

Seriously, for a story with female protagonist, the FL should've steal reader's sympathy and grow stronger along with the story plot. But she was not. For a person who hold high place in society, she had a mob mentality. Pitiful characterization.

And 'slowburn' was an understatement if we talk about the plot. I'd rather allocate the big amount of my time... more>> for stories with better pace. <<less
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