The Mysterious Domain’s Heartthrob


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In a bizarre card-drawing game, Mo Qi drew a card with a 100-point affinity, turning him into an irresistible charmer.

Everything around him changed.

The cafeteria lady gave him extra scoops of meat; the supermarket owner threw in an extra bottle of cola; the school belle extended a flirtatious invitation; even the figures in paintings would turn to face him when he passed by.

All things seemed to express their fondness for him, as if he were the most precious treasure in the world.

However, when a close senior took advantage of his sleep to tightly grip his neck, whispering, “I love you so much, come away with me,” Mo Qi snapped, “Get the hell away from me!”

Card Drawing Game Friendly Reminder: Esteemed player, congratulations on drawing an SSR Basic Attribute Card, with initial attributes at the highest level, triggering the ‘Irresistible Charmer’ effect. However, the negative aspects of these attributes are also at the highest level, with a chance of triggering the “Love You to Death” event. Please protect your life well, dear player~

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