The Mournful Female Supporting Role Became Popular in the Haunted House Variety Show


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Human fear and screams have always been an important source of energy to maintain the operation of the underworld. The haunted house full of terrifying legends is an infrastructure project that the underworld is proud of, until they met Gu Xiaoxiao.

“I have scared others for many years. This is the first time I have encountered someone who is not afraid of death. My career has suffered an unprecedented blow.”

“When others see ghosts, they scream and feel full of fear, but she is better off. She just makes our colleagues autistic, which is outrageous!”

“Brothers have been demoralized by her. If this continues, the end of the underworld is not far away.”

The Ghost King had dark circles under his eyes and gave up resistance: “Lie down, don’t struggle anymore, my heart is tired.”

The gold medal screenwriter lay down on the ground: “I’m going bald thinking about the script. If I can’t scare her, forget it. The connotation and the plot are cliche. What’s the point of my efforts? Just destroy it. Love whoever you want.”

The mournful female protagonist who just wants to lie down & the arrogant male protagonist who speaks out about his physical integrity.

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