The Millennium After Dying Young


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I originally thought that I had, like others, travelled back in time.

In the end, I discovered that it was only a simple job change.

A job that appears to be rather simple and comfortable on the surface, but in actuality is a job that forces one to have excessive leisure time on hand.

The Messengers; they wander through each and every era in order to prevent wild and solitary spirits from causing trouble in the human realm.

Although it sounds like a great and respectable job, the reason why I was selected amongst the hundreds and thousands of spirits is because of three words – when I was alive, I “knew my place”.

Working continuously for 10 years without a job change is an advantage in today’s day and age, someone told me in all seriousness.

Because being a Messenger has become the job with the highest quitting rate in the Underworld…

Associated Names
One entry per line
Death of a Thousand Years
Ghost Messenger
Quỷ Sai
The Messenger
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03/24/17 Orange Translations c1
02/08/16 Sparklingdawnlights c1 part1
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