The Mighty Female Immortal


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Coming from the modern era, she was sent to a strange world. The body she possessed previously belonged to a young woman whose family was thrown away by their clan. However with the “Dan Fu Zong”, the inheritance from her old world, she steps on the path of cultivation, hoping to one day become an immortal.

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cyndor rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c10
This is obviously a very early review, and so you can take it however you want.

So far this looks like the other generic xianxia being churned out every day. Her cheat isn't some sort of 10000 year old spirit or a magical cultivation nose ring, instead she is able to make pills and talisman's as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. ... more>>

All signs are pointing to this being a very bland and tedious story. The very first thing she decided when leaving her village and going to the capital was to not be exposed to her clan. The next few chapters some arrogant (surprised?) and stupid girl picks a fight with her and she gets exposed. You can imagine what happens next. No, really, just think a little and you're probably right.

A lot of times I skipped cultivation explanations and descriptions since they felt very tedious and made me sleepy.

At this point of the story she's channeling her inner Anne Frank, and taking a very roundabout way in order to not get killed by her ninth uncle (?).


The story might be an okay read to waste time, but I wouldn't expect great things out of this from what I've seen so far. I'll try and read a bit ahead in the raws, but I'm not sure I can last until her love interest is revealed and she inevitably becomes a meek kitten in his hand. <<less
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