The Merit of the Villain


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Adopted by a villain family, she possessed the heroine who was only harassed and exploited.

The life of an orphan again, in reality.

‘It’s just me. I am the only one who protects me.’

She planned to persistently survive the den of villains and run away when she became an adult.


“Freddia, if you want anything, your father will get it for you.”

“It’s not really what I want, but you can call me ‘unnie’ too. It’s annoying to call for you to call my father ‘father’ while you call me a princess.”

“How can you be so good at everything, baby?”

A father who bursts into laughter whenever she speaks, an older sister who takes care of Freddia’s craftsmanship, she wants to be cold-hearted, and a mother who is attacked by Fredia’s dexterity.

‘Do I have to run away?’

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악역의 메리트
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nomo1 rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: c8
It’s cute so far and the MC’s inner thoughts make me laugh. I don’t know if this has been dropped, but I hope it continues so we can see how to family changes towards our MC.
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