The Master of Strength


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What is true satisfaction?

Overwhelming strength that transcends everything!

Nothing can block the path of The Master of Strength, Myeong Hu!

A fantasy game novel which will pierce through everyone’s pent up feelings is coming your way!

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Power strength
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March 13, 2018
Status: c8
I thought this novel was Skill Maker when I started reading. I got the wrong link or something. I only found out it wasnt at chapter 7. I dont think its fair for me to rate this right now. Ive only seen 8 chapters and it can still get better. I would only give this novel 2 stars if I rated it. It is a extremely boring novel. The MC has spent the first 8 chapters hunting gall bladders. He spent 6 chapters hunting rabbit and fox gall bladders. Now... more>> he is hunting bear gall bladders. Im afraid the end of the story will be about him getting dragon gall bladders. I can already see him taking a quest to kill a king and needing his gall bladder as proof. <<less
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pravinpkt rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c500
Ok... was a good one..

But The story has many issues that make it irritating... below are the reasons...

... more>>
  • The strength is great initially but they spoil it by introducing potions that allow him to increase it exponentially...
  • Later he gets x5 multiplier for all stats... man that's a little too much..
  • There is a pairing... its good... but some times there are related events that die down without any follow up... eg in a noble party one prince get interested in here... girl feels bad MC feels bad and its the end...
  • Shear growth of MC is so great that he one-shots things like Dragon and Gods... Common I have seen op MC in gaming novels but this is too much... are you trying to create sintama from one punch man
  • Kingdom Building... this one was the most disappointing... the only thing abt it is some paragraphs and chapter for quest to update... there is no detail... no effort shown..
  • That is the main point for my low... any obstacle the MC faces the passes it without any issue... no struggle no grinding no effort... MC is more like a watered down shintama... just without comedy.

These are just the points I remember...

Would have finished the novel but after reading 500+ only there first episode was done and novel finishes before crossing 700 chapters... so I didn't think it was worth the effort to finish reading...

Dint want to get more disappointed in it... <<less
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December 11, 2018
Status: --
Fun its a sily novel with a simple mind MC in a game that someone put a gamebreaking skill X10 strength.

Best part is the 9 tails fox boss monster MC keep getting kill by a naked big breasted fox and doesn't even feel angry and to be honest I would also let her kill me a few times.
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Draghnof rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c25
I put 4/5 but it's perhaps even 3/5.

-The writing style is good if not very good.

-The release of chapter is very good too with two chapters a day.

... more>> -The MC is OP (at least for other player since there are still high level monster who could kill MC quite easy)

-The MC is a solo player (he is a little forced since there are no other player in his starting village and the only other player he encounter so far were sh*theads)

That's all for the good points (at least what I can remember right now)

Now it's the bad points.

-The MC is tasked find materials from a same monster by 3 NPC and thus have 3 quests, strangely the difficulty is not the same for all the quests.

-The MC doesn't seem to have the ability to see monster name, level and the name of the map he is in but other players can.

-The MC is f*ucking poor (his family have a huge debt) but use his money to buy the game and is playing all day.

-But the MC have a plan to have a good play in the game and sell good items... Not for long since he changes his plan just before starting the game, which make all his previous research useless (the location is different and the class he takes is different) His reason? He just feels like it and he could reset his character if he loose too much.

-The MC gathered a lot of items and decided to sell them in a bidding to solve the debt. Just a part though in the MC head (I don't know the result of the sales) and despite thinking he could not solve all the debt even if he sells all his item the MC did it, even the useful ones!!!!! (he has a lot of unused items but still decided to sell his used ones!!! This with others illogical actions of the MC lead in me dropping the novel)

-The other players level up too quickly. After 1 day there were already quite a lot of level 30 players and in the middle of the 2nd day the MC encountered 3 players who were fighting level 60-70 monsters so they were at least level 60 themselves (it's impossible for players without cheats like MC and a few others lucky players)

If dumb MC and illogical things don't bother you then it's really good but I don't like when it's too much (like in this novel) so I drop :' ( <<less
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ninthlite rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c7
The story is interesting. The main character is a warrior who only increases his strength stat. The premise is unique because the MC is in a super isolated village where he is the only playing character. However I would give it 20 chapters before a solid judgement can be made. Not a lot has gone on so far plot wise or characterization wise because MMO novels involve a lot of stat writing where the author likes to describe his grinding and every purchase.
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jlkc rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c41
The start is quite interesting, but after chapter 20 or so, it becomes clear that the MC is following a routine.

The worst part is how s*upid the MC is. There is almost 0 forethought put into any of his actions. The MC is like some kind of Caveman mu*der Hobo.

I was extremely disappointed by this novel.
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November 29, 2018
Status: --
Maybe good for now, but I think things will go awry soon, the MC seems particularly s*upid, and fearful.
Both dumb and fearful, why?
Because for some reason he thinks that the only important stat in the world is strength, so basically every point he gets, 100% of his stats are strength.
Endurance? No need. Agility? No need. Intelligence? No need. Wisdom? No need.

It's not like these stats are useless, he is a warrior and he needs mana to execute skills for example, and mana levels are increased by intelligence.
Agility improves speed etc.. Endurance is well.... endurance.
So the MC thinks that being slow as f*ck, being unable to... more>> use more than a few skills, having sh*t defensive abilities is the norm.

This event didn't happen but it's an example of what the author is implying from last fights.

He doesn't even reflect on his past experience after a fight: "Oh this enemy is quite fast! I can't land a single punch, this is so dangerous I'm afraid let's run! Oh crap it is faster than me.............."

Then he barely survives, lands a lucky punch and kills the mob : "Wowser that was pretty dangerous, I got a few levels now let's get more strength ! ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

Oh last things, most equipment has stat requirements, like X strength + Y Endurance + Z Agility.
Still he doesn't give a f*ck and just adds more strength.

His future is :

  • Either I become One Punch Man but from VRMMO point of view
  • Either I go around naked to exchange pointers with savage beasts and finally get killed once I find an opponent to whom I can't cope in terms of speed and reaction time or just any caster mob that will just pummel him from long range till death.
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Redmi rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c42
This novel features an MC that is a complete newbie in MMORPGs, which then helps explains pretty much all of the awful decision making capabilities the MC has. But what breaks this novel is not the cheat that the MC has obtained, but the bizarre game set-up where raising the STR stat also raise health points. This means that the MC can one-punch his way through all troubles and crises, not unlike his counterpart in Soul of Searing Steel.

At least, this novel has not become boring yet. What helps this... more>> novel greatly is MC's ignorance + lack of ambition and direction, very minimal real-world interactions and influence, and of course lack of harem and romance. Of course, I will make my rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ if he romances that Nine-tail Fox instead of one-punching her to EXP and loot. <<less
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IsekaiJake rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c56
As of now, it looks promising. 5/5 but who knows in the future.

It has a lot of potential, the MC gets drawn to the furthest village of a kingdom for some reason (we don't know yet, might as well never know), and for the same reason he is the only playing character at that place, so quests are "user" specific for him.

... more>>

He wanted to be a Wizard, but the only available job in that village is Warrior, so he has no choice but to become one. For some unknown reason he think that a warrior is all about strength (kinda muscle-brain thinking) so he spends all his bonus points at strength


Worth a read, but I would wait for a few more chapters to be released to continue reading.
This is the veredict up until now, will update this as the story goes on.

Edit as of chapter 56:

The story went downhill a bit, I would change my review from 5 stars to 4 at the moment. The elements of the game are good but our dear MC instead of attacking monsters, he's falling for them, this makes it -1 star.

I deducted another star becasue of his money-licking issue, I don't know why Koreans like the "Family debt - Money-crazy MC" type of plot, but it's seriously boring and out of context for the story. Many chapters were literally sent to garbage thanks to this plot.

As for the events on chapter 55 and 56, those increase my judgment by 1 star as they seem to follow the story and give us very high expectations about our MC. <<less
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HelluvaReader rated it
July 19, 2019
Status: c26
So far the MC is just acting really s*upidly. He just gets a overpowered buff in the early chapters which matches his s*upid personality. MC never really uses any tactics to fight any monsters and the OP buff has just made the job easier.
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Rensarian rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c24
I don't know at this point whether there will be any depth to this story... But it's pretty unique right now. The main character plays a vrmmo where he gains a cheat-level of strength and has so far been pretty much invincible. It's fun to watch him go around being ridiculously strong for now, though I'm not sure how the author will make it interesting later on... Anyway, it's a pretty fun read!
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August 13, 2016
Status: c8 part2
I'm actually enjoying reading this. It"s really quite funny, with the awkward moments and the reflections of the MC. Shame no more chapters have been released as it seems like it's just going to get funnier.
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