The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain


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“Li Anping, you are a devil from birth. Hidden under the feint of your pursuit of justice lies humanity’s deepest malice. To you, killing people is as easy as breathing, destroying lives is as simple as eating a meal.”

“Li Anping, this is the enclosure that you created for humanity? Then let me see if it is you who is crazy or the entire human race.”

From a pedantic youngster filled with justice, transforming into a cold-blooded devil and finally to the ruler of all creation.

Li Anping, the man that stands on top of the food chain, will finally turn the world into his slaughterhouse……

Alternative Synopsis:

Mutation, Bloodline, Ancient, Parasite, Domain, Externality.

These six series of supernatural powers range from Level 0 to 4, with traces of their existence found throughout the development of mankind and society.

On to modern society, with the changes to the environment on Earth, when the first Level 5 Ability User appeared and caused a calamity to the world, Ability Users have become a form of decisive military power.

Teenage Justice Li Anping, after getting the strongest and most evil ability throughout history, will walk the path of justice and eventually his fall towards evil, and finally reach the peak of the food chain.

The entire mankind’s nightmare is about to descend, the earth will become a giant slaughterhouse, and none shall escape the terror.

The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain average rating 4.2/5 - 49 user ratings
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keklel rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: v2c5
Volume 1 is a well polished and better thought-out version of the classic "man accused of crime he didn't commit" type of story. If you haven't read anything like this before then I would highly recommend reading it.

... more>>

MC saves a girl from being raped, rapist runs away and comes back and runs over the MC with a car. MC is paralyzed from the neck down and his family cannot pay the costs. Turns out the rapist is the son of the city mayor, so naturally he has connections to gangsters and has sh*t tons of money and connections so he can win any lawsuit. The rapist manages to get the woman to change her testimony to accuse MC of being the rapist and uses gangsters to kill the MC's grandma. The MC is now f**ked because his grandma is dead, nobody is going to pay for him to stay in hospital anymore, and he's now convicted of rape and sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. Then the rapist hires gangsters to kill the MC in hospital, and that's where the story begins.


In this story, the MC begins as non-violent hero-type and then turns to violence after finding that he cannot rely on the corrupt justice system. As the plot typically goes, the MC's grandma gets killed by an arrogant powerful rich kid and then gains a power so he can take revenge etc.

I think it's pretty interesting that this novel manages to take the typical xianxia novel opening and turn it into a modern day version whilst keeping things realistic. The appearance of people with special powers however marked a clear deviation from reality. I suppose one may consider the rest of the story as merely the MC's hallucinations after entering a coma.

I will update this review as I read more chapters but I have high expectations for this novel.

UPDATE: From chapter 5 the MC gets his sh*t together and accepts that violence is necessary to protect the innocent and to uphold justice.


When Li Anping stopped, there was only Chang Zheng still standing.

He pointed his gun at Li Anping, his hands trembling uncontrollably: "Kill me if you have the guts."

Li Anping coldly looked him in the eye: "Originally I wanted to talk to you a little first."

"I... " Chang Zheng howled at Li Anping.

Ignoring him, Li Anping rushed forward before Chang Zheng was able to fire and twisted his neck.

Observing the surroundings, Li Anping waved his hand and Chang Zheng's corpse flew out, smashing onto a wooden box and landed in a mountain of trash.

"Then I realized, I have nothing to say to scum like you."


The violent retribution is tastefully done, reminds me of early Berserk and God of Slaughter. 11/10 at this point. <<less
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Legion_Harbinger_of_Souls rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: v2c5
Although I have a lot to say Keklel has pretty much summed it up so basically its about this guy whos name is Li Anping now Li came across someone being raped and of course defended the chick and kicked the guy off the girl the guy comes back and runs him over incapacitating him putting him in the hospital which is where Li's Life takes a downward spiral into hell which is pretty much whee the story really begins now

Li is a really kind person shown when he bought... more>> all of an old mans stuff to get him off the street who knowing Li's kindness gives him a bead bracelet blessed by a monk Li is also one of the people todays society who firmly believes in pure justice shown when

the rapist's fathers' henchman comes in and even offers him 1 Mil However he threw the card at the guys feet and refused

of course he starts to question this overtime such as Was it right to do this or wrong to do this and soon starts having nightmares

to which a voice starts speaking to him who offers him power


of course this sounds cliche especially the fact that it came from the beads


he then attacks the cop killing him of course during this time two hired killers come in

and this is where our novel Truly Starts

Now I will Add-on that so far the novel has been pretty kickass although he questions his beliefs a little too quickly but considering his situation I cant blame him and so far he actually makes GOD DAMN SENSE I mean first off

when he killed someone and


Ate them, well two people


he showed disgust and vomited repeatedly which considering his morals was logical

another thing is the fact that he shows PATIENCE

when he was captured by the guy who framed (Forgot his name didnt really care) instead of going jackie chan on everyones asses immediately he waits hes even abused a little but he waits till he meets the boss aka guy who framed him he then asks him some questions, his answers his questions which of course soldifies his on and off resolver of killing people he then proceeds to slaughter everyone and instead of being all boo hoo I killed them and being like I hate the world he states to "Black" that hes not a devil and will use his powers for justice even stating that if people arent gonna act human he wont treat them as human


now to wrap things up this novel so far has been great and I most likely dont plan on dropping it anytime soon as I have high Aspirations for this novel and it truly makes me wonder how hes going to go about with this power of his I plan on further editing this when more is released

P.s. Sorry for the mispellings and grammar too lazy to re-edit this I also have a serious Disease called I DON'T GIVE A F*CK <<less
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hanuman rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: --
i had completed the book and now this is what I want to say about this book. if you scare that will ruin your interested of this book, you can just ignore the spoiler I write, I only just want to say what I thought about this novel though.

... more>>

in this universe, there are 12 demon god that rule all universes. They are the being in 10th dimension and their power have no limit, just one thought and the universe will change how they like. You can say that they are Suzumiya Haruhi but more powerful and and only one can stop them is themself. They have no name, in fact they describe each other by the color (black, blue, green, yellow, red,...). Yes, the evil in the thing when he bought in the first chapter is the Black demon god



there're 3 way to become demon god

1. one is all and all is one: you must become one with universe, so that you will have power and knowledge in the universe, just like Lucy in movie Lucy

2. quantum universe: you will connect with another "you" in parallel world. You become like a "domain server" in the internet name "you". Every times you connect success, the power, knowledge, wisdom of "you" in another parallel world will share to to all of you. The more you connect the more powerful you are

3. ultimate being: you become the 10th demension's being

First, Li Anping uses the second way and after some "help" of demon god White (the most powerful in demon gods), Li Anping become the 13th demon god Silver



Li Anping just like the Emperor in the Warhammer 40k and demon gods are Chaos God. He want to create an utopia that no evil or crime exist, protect human both from outside and inside. People on earth call him is Li Anping Emperor because how powerful he is and his unchanged goal for leading humanity to the good side

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Amss rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: v2c24
Not only is this story a cliche of the MC getting a epic item that will make him stronger, the premise of acquiring the item is extremely stupid. The MC unknowingly get an evil item and just when he had gotten the item, his entire world just suddenly collapsed giving him no choice but to use said evil item despite his morals. What a f**king convenience. This unrealistic premise goes on to make his moral degeneration feel like a joke and a childish attempt to create an anti hero, not... more>> to mention Black's annoying interjection about evil in the world despite proving to not be all knowing.

Overall the story of this novel feels extremely forced, the characters don't have any depth at all as the author does not give time for the characters to develop, and the villains are the standard strong family bullies. <<less
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