The Male Wife


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Pei Cheng died without hearing “Dad” from the child he gave birth to, let alone seeing his nominal husband for once before his death.

After his rebirth, he was still the male wife of Jing second master, the chess piece of Pei family, and the ‘Dad’ of his child.

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10 Reviews

Nov 16, 2020
Status: c224
The first revenge arc is justified so it's alright. The second is just, why are people in this city so needlessly rude? When they go to second city, the story starts to feel repetitive, pointless and unprogressive. It's my common complaint with long novels, it starts doing same thing over and over again. The theme for this novel is 'revenge'. Anything can be revenged, even offensive string of words.

During second arc, MC and ML becomes trigger happy. You might as well kill the entire city so that these two can... more>> live happily. Even a wet nurse/maid asking if MC's baby is hungry is DEFINITELY because she has ulterior motives. (and author says maid does have inappropriate thoughts, which.... imagine working for people like this?

- Madam, is the baby hungry?

>>> What? You want to show your breast, sway your waist? you want to come close to my husbando? What a vixen! Drag her out!

- No madam I just don't know babies problem because I've never had a babyyyyyyyyyy)

anyway MC sword eyes, maid fired, or killed.



People always shamelessly want to put boys and girls into ML's harem (what is he, the emperor?) and ML is constantly angery about it and will take this as offence that warrants that opponent's fall or bankcruptcy. Sure... he's powerful. but even mountains can collapse with hundred strikes. You said you want to protect your family, why are you killing left and right? Later, MC worries they are too much and has many harmful karma, ML begins to do charity, but the revenges doesn't stop. It's so brainless. No one has restraint or logic or morals. The more ML's power is explained, the more I don't believe it. Why would ex-soldiers be intimidated by him? or respect him? It's not like he's a general.

Don't get me started on the claim that before rebirth ML loves MC soooooo much. That ML, who hid everything from MC, never went to see MC, never talked to him face to face, doesn't take care of MC's food or wellbeing when pregnant, lets him go through dangerous childbirth alone/with maids who doesn't care about his life or death, doesn't expel maids who bully him and his kids in a dillipidated house, LOVES MC.

And he loves MC simply because they got married and did the do.

That ML who loves MC very very much, makes MC pregnant again without consulting MC, just cause he wants to see the baby grow under his watch, since you know.... he didn't get to do that with first kid. And why didn't he get to see his first baby grow up from embryo to birth to little lad? hm??

Then MC is like, I didn't know you loved me that much..... I didn't know you gave me sleeping incense and air conditioning, I only knew I never see you when I need you and I can count our meeting with one hand in all those 10 years. I only knew I almost died when giving birth and was expelled with no one to turn to... feeling hopeless in a yard outside with maids who don't respect me or my child and abuses my child behind my back... I didn't know you were 'letting' me leak business to my family, I only knew your family finally kills me for giving those shops to my family when they are in fact working with each other just to exploit me.....I'm so sorry, I didn't know just how much you love me! *cries and hugs*

..... make better excuses, or just admit this guy doesn't care about him before rebirth. Emotional neglect is abuse. It's not like he's mafia or undercover agent, he doesn't need to never see MC at all. He can show he cares for MC or protects MC even as a weakling.


Word smashing. Sometimes ML talks with ML, their second child changes surname, love rival 1 name is there when it was actually love rival 2. Positive statement becomes negative, and 'he when he was not killed by them who haven't killed him yet'. Not a big issue if you're reading translation. So sometimes I don't know what's the author trying to say, did it happen or not? and I assume it was a 'not' because of context.


What made me stop reading is combination of this all and how author sets up the plots and characters simply to make MC and ML justified to kill people. ML (and MC) takes recipes made from other people that would've brought them fame and wealth. But since MC (and ML) makes the cakes first, THEIR shop now gets monopoly. MC does it in slightly moderate way (takes recipes from 5 years later, obscure makers and limits cakes made everyday), ML takes a recipe from a big pastry family and within 2 years of its popularisation.... but still it's theft, they came up with it first and now the original makers can't even credit themselves for their research and work.

I feel iffy about morals lesson from a thief. Some daoists remarked that if MC takes what should rightly belong to someone else, heaven might expel him from this timeline, that's fair. After ML robs a recipe and got found by the original makers, the pastry makers confront MC. Seeing this, the daoists decide MC can't stay in this timeline because he'll ruin the balance of universe sooner or later. That's fair. They did let him go before because he was pregnant which is sign heaven accepts him in this timeline, but acted later because of the confrontation with the pastry maker. But while they had mercy on the pregnant MC, ML wanted to hunt them down and make them pay for a while before MC stops him.

First revenge was justified. Second arc, they just go overboard. They do anything they like, no one can tell them they're wrong. Even the original makers can't prove that they're in the right and they don't get to prove, because MC has an accident because of them and ML is now justified to kill their whole family. So what started as their wrongdoing is used as a plot just to make it okay to revenge the daoists (who are just doing their jobs) and the pastry makers (who makes cakes from generations to generations and comes up with a new cake with their family's secret skills) !


After this I just skimmed to read if they get more kids then dropped it. Relationship between MC and first kid is quite heartwaring at first, later I start to question if all ancients mature early or if this is considered too smart for a 4-6 years old. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: --
The story is really annoying. All the characters are either s*upid or eccentric. They are all talking in round about way that even after a lot of chapters passed, nothing is solved since their communication only results to more misunderstandings.
    • MC is a reborn yet still s*upid. He's pretty selfish and tbh not a really good parent to his son.
    • ML is really eccentric. He keeps quiet all day, maintaining his cold and aloof persona yet always thinking that everyone can understand what he means by just looking at his gaze or aura. Did he think everyone is a mind reader.
    • MC and ML's first born child, ugh pretty clingy and always stuttering. I understand why he's so timid but he is also not likeable either.
    • All villians are 2D. Pretty brainless tbh.
Child abuse is prominent. Bullying here, bullying there, bullying everywhere. You can leave your morals outside while reading this since evrything really doesn't make sense and only makes you annoyed. Character settings are really not likable.
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Jan 16, 2021
Status: c94
The male lead is disgusting. There is nothing to recommend this pushy, abusive psycho. There is no relationship, no respect, and no romance, just emotional and physical abuse.
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Apr 11, 2020
Status: c2
Pretty good so far. While the translator mentioned that English is not their first language, s/he did a great job, and I look forward to more chapters. 4 stars for the translation, and if the story/plot continues on its trajectory of being excellent, I'll up my rating.
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Feb 17, 2023
Status: --
This is such a s*upid ass novel. MC transmigrates back in time but to me it's in vain. He's just nolonger mean to his son and nolonger blind to people that hate him. That's it!!!

He's not smarter, doesn't love his son more, he just nolonger neglects him.

And don't get me started on the ML. The idiot that ignored his family till they died in the previous life. Yes the MC wasn't exactly the easiest to love, but his son too?! Honestly if I was a character in this novel I'd... more>> be on the villains' side too. Our main characters are just not likeable.

So now we're just supposed to be on their side just like that. No face slapping, just them exchanging words with their haters and leaving them "stunned coz of their sharp tongues"

I'ma watch out for this author so that I avoid more of these s*upid works <<less
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: Completed
4.4 stars.

The story was very nice, in the first few chapters MC and ML's relationship was not actually very good (ML love MC but not telling him) but still it was very interesting for me how MC is getting his revenge and how main leads are opening up to each other.

... more>>

MC was pregnant from c 173 till c 260 with his second child.

ML is also reincarnated after getting news of monks stealing his pregnant wifey (husband), he remembered everything in the other world where his wife and child got killed by his stepmother and Mc's father


If you are searching for a longer story with reborn (time travel), revenge, Mpreg, Childcare, historical, drama and romance then this story is good for reading. <<less
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happine
Apr 21, 2020
Status: c34
Just when I thought MC would pamper the little bun, he still have a touch of coldness. Where I'm at, if the bun doesn't seek MC out, MC doesn't really care much. Hell the only reason he remembers and pampered the bun was because he protected MC. He literally said that if the bun didn't protect him, he wouldn't have known he had a son. I am not happy with MC. At times, MC seems caring to the bun but I've stamp MC as a bit cold. I hope he... more>> changes but for now...

I'm giving a 3 because of the bun. <<less
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: --
I just read the first chapter of this novel. The translation is good, I have no complaints about it at all. It’s hard to form a good opinion about a story that I’ve barely started to read, but it seems like it’ll be a fluffy child pampering novel. Just the thing for my stressed out self.

Face slapping, fluff, cute antics from a white round bun bun (cute child), and pampering (I’m sure) from a handsome ML, is my prediction for this story. So, if you like that sort of thing,... more>> drop in and try it! <<less
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Nov 26, 2020
Status: c57
the translations are great, especially since English isn't the translator's first language. Very easy to read!

on the other hand, 50+ chapters in, I'm very confused by ML 😂

MC travelled back in time after his death and grew a stiffer backbone towards those who were cruel to him and his son. He vowed to take better care of his child, but he's still quite cold and has no experience dealing with children (poor bub). Due to his changes, ML—who wasn't present in his previous life—is now very present. This makes me... more>> wonder a lot of things especially due to this paragraph in the novel

In January of the fifth year of Hao, Pei Cheng, the male wife of Jiang Second Master, and Jiang Yanzhi, the eldest son of Jiang Second Master, both died of natural disaster and their bodies were nowhere to be found.

what happened to their bodies omg wasn't MC just sick??? Idek maybe mtl didn't convey it right in the later chapters

I might need 2 more braincells but I wonder what happened then? Could ML perhaps also time travelled? However, his character is very vague (we don't get his POV much) and sometimes weirdly explosive??? My man, what are you doing.

so far, it's satisfying to read about MC and ML making the Jiang family speechless, but the relationship between MC, ML and child is constantly in a weird limbo 囧 I read that this is mostly a wife-raising novel, not child-raising and I can definitely see that ML is trying?? In his way???

the plot doesn't seem promising from the review I read but I'll update once I'm done (if I do finish it) , there's over 300 chapters to go anyway lol <<less
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Aug 20, 2020
Status: c11
the lil' bun is cute and pitifuly timid

the wife is interesting as a rebirthed character but still lacking as a mother

the ML is interesting in a mysterious way

but it's been weeks since the last update and I am diying
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