The Male Protagonist’s Daughter


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As luck would have it, Luo Shuyan unintentionally found out that she’s a character from a male protagonist novel, and she happened to be the only child of the male protagonist.

The male protagonist had intimate encounters with countless women. He rose from being one of the poorest to one of the richest in the entire kingdom. He was a man that was above all others.

Well known to all, his only weakness was his dear daughter, who had sadly passed away early on in life. Even the female protagonist, who was placed at the pinnacle of his heart, didn’t dare to mention the name of his daughter.

Luo Shuyan, who was destined to die early, was perplexed with the setting of the story.

Additionally, she found out an even more intriguing fact — The mother and son duo who lived next door to her was the heroine and son from the novel,  “Child Prodigy: Story of a Delicate Mama Fleeing with Her Child”.

#A story where the male protagonist is my father. Plus, an unbelievably cliche side-story of my childhood best friend’s mother who ran away from home#

#A melting pot of stereotypical plot points between male-centered and female-centered novels#

#Sigh, what on earth is happening?#

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Daughter of the Male Protagonist
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CaliforniaMaki rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I think this CN's a hit or miss. For me though, the CN felt like a gentle breeze GEM.

The author took 2 cliche plotlines and made it more realistic. The novel follows multiple POV's from the children to the parents. It's a bit like Reply 1988 but their generation is younger so the problems they faced weren't the same with the drama. It starts with the toddlers age, so there is the childcare and cute children 'genre' parts. And with Reply 1988, the MC relationships were very slow going.

The MCs here are children, watyaexpect?


I say it's a gentle breeze because there's basically not much drama. But the author throws in life realisations that will make you ponder. I feel this novel is more mature and tends to lean towards the Josei genre.

For the FL dad:


I don't think he's scum/player. Although I don't like it that he has a lot of lovers. But he wasn't a two-timer and he went into relationships with a 'no-marriage' condition which I think sets the tone of the relationship. And hey not everyone wants to be married, so you can't really sue him. He's not husband material but he sure is a great dad. 🤔 He also raised the FL and didn't avoid dealing with her. He goes home most of the time. He just doesn't cook and he leaves her when he goes to work and that's where the ML's mom comes in (cook/nanny). How can a single dad raise a child by himself? I mean they're rich so he could afford the nanny/cook. Towards the end of novel, you see how the FL leans on him for his support and advise.


For the ml's parents:


Well, we didn't really dive into the ML's mom past. As I said, the author took a cliche start of the story and tried to deal with it as humanly as possible. I liked that the parents did not end up together and being in a successful co-parenting relationship is a win. And doesn't this sitch remind you of most couples nowadays.


I admit there are a couple of scenes that the author wrote to push the plot but it neither detracts my rating.
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Lokilaki rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: extra 1
It was so interesting I mtled until end. And I rarely mtl fool books. It was that good at capturing my attention until the end.

Basically you can say that two books emerged into one and this led to second chance - where heroes from different books relied on each other for help.

... more>>

Adults romance almost non-existent, they form strange "love triangle" where only one person is actually have feelings, but understand that he has no right for them, another too much of playboy so he never try anything with someone he really care and treat as his family and third party is... well sick and tired of love? Basically adults theme is let's concentrate on our children. Only one with s*x life is our playboy, other two monks.

And best dad here is Luo Tianyuan, our playboy, both children wholeheartedly agree, papa Lu can go cry in corner. Tianyuan is daughter s*ave but he still reliable father who always here for his daughter for fun and serious talk. Father service to some point include Shen Yan so you will see that for boy he is too example father. While reading I had that heartwarming feeling that children dote on him and trust him very much. Mama Shen start as example mother - heartwarming and sweet, she here for children to meet, feed, care and talk. Than under Tianyuan influence she slowly transform into cool business woman who ready to face her past and fight if necessary. Although I'm a little unhappy that author made her too much of workaholic and she almost disappeared at the end of book. I missed her a lot. Dads not enough! We need mother too! More scenes for mama Shen!

Luo Shuyan and Shen Yan start as neighborhood besties, than slowly while growing up they realise their feelings. Thanks to papa Luo everything went without much drama, although papa Lu unknowingly almost messed up everything. Mama Shen can only sight and thank heavens for meeting papa Luo. Papa Lu can go cry in corner.


Pacing of novel is very well done, everything was just right - drama, slice of life, humour and romance was mixed well. There was right amount of scenes for adults, children and interaction between them. Although I'm a little bit unhappy that there was too little scenes for mama Shen at the end, overall it was made very good. I wasn't bored and happily read until the end.

I have soft heart for grandpa so I have little hope for extras where grandson officially interact with his grandparen. I didn't find last 10 extras so don't know if my little hope did it.

I will wait for translation, as novel deserve to be re-read in higher quality. And naturally I will wait for those extras, hope they don't disappoint me, and they would be as good as main novel. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

MC is a goofy girl who magically is one day able to discover she is the soon to die daughter of her father who is secretly a rich man, and that her ML childhood sweetheart is the son of a running with the ball mother.

A lot of nonsense slow story ensues, with a few fodder. Mc’s father is mostly scum avoiding dealing with his daughter who is mostly raised by the ML’s mother. Mc’s father also lies to her about not being rich (supposedly to protect... more>> her) despite constantly buying her stuff, which makes his efforts pointless.

There are tons of unrealistic garbage in the novel with varying terrible events ranging from:

Mc’s father being a huge love scumbag and constantly playing with women. Also the fodder women hating on MC and Mc’s father calmly watching it happen because he’s “polite.” Man is scum.

Random person commits suicide and dies in front of MC and ML while they are small children.

MC and her father having endless nightmares of MC dying due to her father’s negligence and Chinese creepy psycho man.

MC is supposed to die to a Chinese creepy psycho man but instead the guy kidnaps the ML who magically can just fight his way out and escape by hiding under the kidnapper’s car.

Random Chinese schoolboy perverts using ??? Telescopes to peep at girls showering in the girls dorms.

And the most awkward “you two can’t be together” final arc that wastes a lot of time for MC and ML being together.

Overall, there’s exceptionally little value in reading the novel especially with the lack of any payoff to MC seeing the two novels. There’s a bunch of mean-spirited flogging of ML’s biological dad because the author wants to be preachy and also never takes the time to really describe ML’s mom’s hardships. It also takes the entire novel for MC and ML to be together in the most rushed way with people (even Mc’s dad) literally telling the ML “hey MC likes you.” A mediocre novel in every way with no real sweet moments -900Quintillion/10. <<less
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[email protected] rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: Completed
If I am giving any review, it's only for the extras. Really heartwarming. I am crying reading the story of parallel world where MC is already dead and a ghost which is only visible to the ml. Mc's father is the real highlight in last few extras whish is better than the whole novel in my opinion.
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