The Male Leads Were Stolen by the Extra


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The female lead who lost the male leads to an extra who didn’t even appear in the original story… That’s me.

Sellonia, who fell into a coma on the way back from defeating the Demon King.
I wandered around the deathbed for months and was revived, but what?

“I want you to break off our engagement. I want to hurry up marrying Grace, you know.”
“I’d like you to pretend as if the Knight’s Oath I gave to you never happened.”
“Give back my heart. I’m going to give it to Grace.”

My fiance, who was the male lead, the Holy Knight, and the dragon who were the second male leads, all of the guys who were my colleagues turned away.
You bastards who even have no principles!

There were many curse words in my lower stomach, but what could I do to stop it?
I was trying to start a new life in a cool way.

“You, do you know me?”

Just how is the dead Demon King alive?

“I-I don’t know you, though…”
“No, you seem to know me. Tell me. Who am I?”

To make matters worse, the Demon King, who has no memory, sticks perfectly to my side and won’t leave.
I had no choice but made an effort to prevent the return of the Demon King,

“What should I do to hold your hand all the time?”

Somehow it’s not enough to say those wicked words,

“Should I kill all those bastards who left you? Just tell me.”

What’s even worse, it looks like he’ll kill the male leads for me!

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엑스트라에게 남주들을 빼앗겼다
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koco2018 rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c95
Oooh this is good.

The demon king is soooo adorable.

The misunderstandings are not dragged out past one chapter.

Selonia lives life strongly, the betrayal hurt but she quickly found a strange connecting point in the 3 men's stories and started an investigation. Her interactions with the demon king are funny and adorable. The demon king has amnesia after the fight and when he ends up under Selonia's care he asks so many questions about life that the word "why?" makes her neurotic lmao.

Why did they betray?

... more>>

It wasn't a choice they made.

After being charmed with black magic, memories with Selonia were blocked and they could only think of Grace.

However they weren't completely puppets, their actions were based on their personalities.

For Ian, his spoiled self-centered attention-seeking short-tempered greedy side was bared for Selonia to see for the first time. His ugly side was amplified and shown to Selonia whom he felt contempt.

For Reeves, his protective tunnel-vision sacrificial narrow-minded side was amplified and shown to Selonia as he took back his oath to her.

For the Dragon (his name translates from Meg to McLion), he's just a holy prideful idiot. He has the highest tolerance towards black magic but still loses his mind to it.

All 3 of these jerks only remember Selonia as an old friend that fought the demon king with them, they itch to fight her whenever Selonia talks with Grace.

They may have been charmed by Grace, but their actions hurt Selonia too much for too long to go back to the friendship they once had.


I came for the Demon King, and stayed for the Demon King and Selonia. <<less
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misto713 rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: c8
summary: "men are cheating? everything is a woman's fault!"

fake white lotus extra character 'steals' the original MC's harem. so of course everything is the lotus' fault and she's (probably) using magic to manipulate the poor men too! what an evil woman... /sarcasm

dropped at ch 8 when it became clear that the author is blaming the new character, 'grace', instead of the three cheating bastards. also, implied that grace used some mind control or magic to turn them from the 'true heroine'. no idea why authors need to pull this BS.... more>> is it to sell merchandise for the cheaters? to make the harem boys 'likeable' even though they cheated on MC, so the author can create simps for the men? what's the goal here?

in any case, no matter what the author indended, it makes for crappy reading. if you write a cheater, commit to the bit! and stop making dumb excuses! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Syncletica rated it
July 24, 2023
Status: Completed
If I were to be honest, at a glance this story might seem to be interesting and not your typical transmigrated story. But gradually, you would fine cliché tropes mixed with one another. Like body-swap, brainwashed male leads, sudden fortune of the extra character, male chauvinism and so on. I wouldn't say this was an enjoyable read, as it strayed from my prediction of the plotline. But it wasn't too much of a rollercoaster either.

I honestly admired the male lead, no one could let go of their past so easily,... more>> especially when it came to revenge and grudge. As for the protagonist, well —should I say that she was what you expected from a transmigrated character? Still, I acknowledged the fact that she ignored the chauvinistic original male leads and find her love in the male lead.

But what I found most absurd was the fact that a certain character wished to have a fortunate and happy ending, yet she even didn't want to strive for it, sacrificing countless people in result while justifying her "supposed-to-be" fate. Was the author implying that we should strive hard to achieve our own happy endings?🤭

All in all, although there are clichés here and there, the story was not too relaxing but not too hard either. Recommended for some breath of fresh air after seeing many generic otome game-based or extra counterattacking stories. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
straystar rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: c80
Rating: 3.5

You know those novels where somebody possesses a extra and steals the love interests of the og FL, and the og FL (who was actually a modern person who possessed the og FL's body and self-centeredly believed she was the main character) becomes the villain?

This novel is kinda like that, except from the perspective of the og FL, who got her love interests stolen away.

The MC is a bit self-centered if you look at it from a certain way, but she's definitely not in the wrong here.
She's very realistic, she tried to keep the flow of the story, but when realizing that things were changing, she didn't go out of her away to keep things like the og novel.

I like her.

Also to @misto713, I can totally see your point in this--but if you read a little further, you can see that Grace is not the only one blamed in this situation.


In the cafe scene, where MC is talking with a few young ladies and they were blaming Grace, MC adds that Grace and the three other men were equally at blame, indirectly telling the young ladies to not only talk sh*t about Grace, but also the three other men for betraying her.

And, even after reading 70-something chapters, I can confidently say that MC shows no signs of forgiving the three men. Especially the ex-fiancé (ew).


7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
R34der rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c9
I haven't read far so this will be short.

The FL doesn't hesitate to insult the extra and Ex MLs, we haven't seen the ML for long but by his first appearance, he seems cool. It does give hints that something happened to the Ex MLs but we only get a small hint.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
spygen0707 rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: --
Currently reading the manhwa. Honestly FL irked me. It's ok for my two friends to love me one-sidedly but It's! Not! Ok! For them to love someone else!

It's fine if she felt betrayed as friends, but I think she was angry bc she lost fans. So annoying, yet I'm still reading 😂
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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