The Male Lead’s Fake Sister


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“Say hello, Ravia. He’s going to be your brother.”

A silver-haired man, whom my father brought in one day and called the son of a distant relative.
He was the man who would take everything from me.

My position, my family, and even my life. I am an extra, but I am desperate to regain what was taken from me, and I was destined to die for him.

‘In fact, he’s not a distant relative or anything.’

It didn’t matter.
As long as he’s the male lead, there’s nothing he can’t do as he pleases.
All I could do was play as a sweet sister for me to survive.

“I want to get along with you, Tidwell.”

I was going to run away as soon as the male lead started suspecting me. But, something’s wrong.

“Sister. Are you going to throw me away, too?”

I thought he was just suspicious of me, but what is this obsession?

“You shouldn’t have taken me into your arms if you were going to leave like this.”

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남주의 가짜 누님
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New Linglingcutie rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c11
The FL is the first reincarnator to have such elegance of a noble, which is totally my type uwu The plotline is yet to have any fatal flaws, in fact, it was much more interesting than any other reincarnation genre novel I've read. Looking forward to seeing more of this great novel.
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ladyartemis rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c8
I don't know why there's already a one star votes when there's only 8 chapters for now, but hey, it's my cup of tea! Totally suited to my tastes! I mean, the FL is being realistic here in giving up the position - she has no backing at all since her father does not love her and that the ML is such an OP character that it's like her resistance is only akin to a pebble next to a mountain - that kind of trope. Well the first eight chapters... more>> satisfied me to keep me wanting for more. I look forward to the next steps she will take. Will she be successful in freeing herself or?

Thank you author and translator! <<less
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