The Male Lead’s Fake Sister


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“Say hello, Ravia. He’s going to be your brother.”

A silver-haired man, whom my father brought in one day and called the son of a distant relative.
He was the man who would take everything from me.

My position, my family, and even my life. I am an extra, but I am desperate to regain what was taken from me, and I was destined to die for him.

‘In fact, he’s not a distant relative or anything.’

It didn’t matter.
As long as he’s the male lead, there’s nothing he can’t do as he pleases.
All I could do was play as a sweet sister for me to survive.

“I want to get along with you, Tidwell.”

I was going to run away as soon as the male lead started suspecting me. But, something’s wrong.

“Sister. Are you going to throw me away, too?”

I thought he was just suspicious of me, but what is this obsession?

“You shouldn’t have taken me into your arms if you were going to leave like this.”

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남주의 가짜 누님
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Dreamyryme rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c19

ML is not even a relative. He is not related to the duchy. Simply put, he is just a robber. And MC is the OG since the beginning. She is the real successor and she had lived her life once fighting hard for the position head to head with ML, but lose miserably in the end because ML use drug to manipulate others and he is powerful underworld boss. So in this life, she only focus on escaping.

MC is very sensible given her circumstances and her knowledge about the plot. Despite saying that she give up the position in her family, she is not coward or a pushover to let people play her around.
For ML part, he got some buff as a Male lead meaning he is powerful from the beginning (given convenience) and always always at the right time and at the right place. Making reader feel super duper frustrating. There is no balance, MC is being super oppressed and ML is on the high horse getting everything easily. He is the real bad guy, a criminal and a robber of people hard work, (moral degradation type where you found in r rate story), so his thought and action on why he manipulating others and stealing are justified in itself.


MC is quiet badass and sensible. After she loss everything she worked hard for, you just want to root for her to success her goal, getting away, which contradicting to other dark fantasy novel where I close my brain and don't really think much about ML has his own way. It will be frustrating ride if she at least could not get out from the house.

I read some spoiler that ML is not relative. He is just a guys in underworld who happen to want a noble status and he used drugs to brainwash MC father into believing that he is a relative. As a reader, it is frustrating to know about this because ML has not only stolen MC right and position, but also her identity and chance where she could possible be an awesome family leader and prove herself in the world. It is sad actually because MC is capable to all those and crave to do so, but lose it all because some guy just use drug and is more powerful. Her position in the house is an only chance for her to find her worth in the world or feel accepted by others.

I read in the thread that the author wants to write ML as a real real villain, so we should not expect ML to have further development or turn to the high moral one nor we should expect the author to justify why ML doing all of these. By that, there is no reason for author to justify why ML stealing MC ancestor's family hard work is alright. He is just that, the real bad guy. (Imaging one day some random guy comes into your home claiming everything in your home his and he has not contributed or actually entitle to those at all). I view that an abusive childhood contributes to his character and circumstances, but it is not justify for stealing other's identity. However, since he is a real villain per author's intention, stealing behavior and morally degraded action are then just as expected for dark fantasy novel. We know it is r rate read and we need to throw part of reality and moral norm away and accept that this will be a story of such main characters. But by all mean, despite how popular the story is, it is not real life. No one should be treated like object. Again being controlled is not romantic even lots of novel tends to make it so.
well, we all know that MC and ML will end up together. She will mingle with this real bad guy who stole her hard work and identity.

In the end, I hope her status in the story will not end by Ravia being just one of ML's obsessive possession and his triumph trophy. That will be sad and almost become a Stockholm syndrome story.
other than swallow hard about a part above. The storyline is intrigue and you just root of MC to success. Translation is smooth too. Thank you translators for picking this up. Have a good anticipation on how the story will unfold.
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36nugget rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: Completed

... more>>
  • Compelling cast and each character is decently fleshed out (or at least their motivations are explained at some point)
  • Interesting worldbuilding
  • Nicely paced
  • Lots of metaphors aka beautiful storytelling
  • Lots of references to Shakespeare’s tragedies (Othello, King Lear, MacBeth, etc.)
  • FL has a huge brain fr


  • I feel like this series sorely needs a tragedy tag.....
  • Plot twists every 2 seconds. Seriously you can never let your guard down. Lots of irony! It is a Shakespearian tragedy after
  • There is no one genuinely happy in this series
  • I personally felt super conflicted after this ending



There are 4 people with powers based on seasons. FL awakens Winter powers after extreme despair, losing her emotions but gaining the power to turn back time. Her friend has Summer powers; foresight but she turns younger every time she uses it. Every generation of Summer is imprisoned and used or brainwashed.

The characters get recurring flashbacks of a previous timeline, which affect their actions and haunt them. Summer has been pursuing Winter the whole book to turn back time to before the first regression, so she wouldn’t be haunted by flashbacks anymore. They thought ML was Winter, but it was actually FL.

At the end, ML and FL have hurt each other so much ML tells Summer to run away with FL. At this point, FL is so apathetic she can’t turn back time because she doesn’t desire for anything. FL turns down Summer because she realizes she can’t leave ML behind.

As she goes to ML she monologues, reminiscing about how she loves him. Yet, she can’t love him completely due to everything they’ve been through; the resentment that he killed her father, the guilt that her father killed his.

ML is shocked and in tears she came back and she proclaims her love while embracing him. She sincerely wishes to turn back the clock and as time freezes, she comes to a realization. They’ve repeated their lives endlessly before, only that she remembered her last life this time.

The book ends with her hoping that through endless repetitions, they’ll eventually reach a life where they'll be able to love happily without hurting each other.

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Dango rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: c41
This novel makes my blood boil.

MC literally has no one on her side

... more>>

Herod sells her out to ML on the get go.

And ML wants to bed her like??

And don't get me started on her s*upid f*cking father URGH




This piece of sh*t should just go die like seriously. Imagine actively destroying someone's whole life, then trying to chain them down and bed them.

If this novel is going to give any semblance of justice to the MC, a gun will magically appear and she'd shoot the f*cker in the face.




She hasn't had a big part to play yet, but for now she seems like a very sweet person. Literally the only tolerable character, that doesn't have it out for the MC.


s*upid f*cking father


THIS DUDE URGH. His whole s*upid ass hates the MC cause her birth caused her mom's indirect death and they were so in love.

And MC has like blonde hair and not silver or something, so it's like is she an affair baby.


But THIS DUDE, can't just ignore MC, no. He has to actively find the worst f*cking suitors for her. Ther were like 3, one was either a womaniser or abuser, the other's d*ck was not working, and the last one is a squanderer.


AND HEADS UP, in one paragraph he acknowledges that she wasn't an affair baby to the butler. But then was like, how do I stop hating the child.


And it's not due to any fault of the MC, she works smart and plays her cards well. But ML is so freaking insufferable, knowing whatever she does.

At this point, this story is increasing my blood pressure. It doesn't feel good. I want to strangle the ML, screw his sob story.

This review may be super biased or charged, but it is wholeheartedly based on emotions right after reading, which is saying something.

I understand not every MC has to girl boss her way out of her situation. But her story is just so UNFAIR to her. She wasn't even like a villain. Her father's active hatred for her made her go insane, and in the OGnovel, she actually marries one of the s*upid suitors. She just exists, and the plot was like "I hate YOU in particular." I honestly admire her will, at this point I would just jump off a building. And because of the shitty piece of ML, she isn't ever going to get the justice she deserves, or her freedom or ANYTHING.

s*upid tumor of a ML is just going to torture her and keep her by his side literally not matter the cost. I wouldn't even be surprised if he crippled her legs permanantly, that's how insane I think he is.

Translations are great though. <<less
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ladyartemis rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c8
I don't know why there's already a one star votes when there's only 8 chapters for now, but hey, it's my cup of tea! Totally suited to my tastes! I mean, the FL is being realistic here in giving up the position - she has no backing at all since her father does not love her and that the ML is such an OP character that it's like her resistance is only akin to a pebble next to a mountain - that kind of trope. Well the first eight chapters... more>> satisfied me to keep me wanting for more. I look forward to the next steps she will take. Will she be successful in freeing herself or?

Thank you author and translator! <<less
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Linglingcutie rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c11
The FL is the first reincarnator to have such elegance of a noble, which is totally my type uwu The plotline is yet to have any fatal flaws, in fact, it was much more interesting than any other reincarnation genre novel I've read. Looking forward to seeing more of this great novel.
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tinkerbel99xmn rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c17
It's a verrrryyy slow on the updates but aaaaahhh I love the story so much. Good read.

Story is 5/5

Updates is 2/5
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Queen-O-Blood rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c1
To put it in a blunt manner the story streches on too far. By the time the romance begins to happen... You no longer want the romance to happen. I get that this is what the author wanted but in all honesty It's pretty much idiotic.

Think of it like this...

The main character is worstes bad guy around (aka) he's an abuser

The female lead struggles to escape (aka) she gets nowhere

The father despised his daughter because she could have been someone elses child due to her hair (aka) ... more>>

he literally admits he knows she is his real daughter


None of these characters grow. None of these characters will grow. All that grows is a disgusting unattractive obsession. It's not even love. <<less
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keikomushi rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c16
With each successive chapter of the MS translation of this series, the story builds upon itself in a meaningful way. Our resident transmigrated character is working towards getting out of the household in order to survive. However, she has the odd problem of having her fake brother (the cause of the OriVillianess' first death) becoming increasingly obsessed with her. In the midst of the Victorian romance aesthetic, there is ample time for character development, foreshadowing, and timely delivery of relevant world-building information without the story feeling bloated. Well worth the... more>> read for anyone looking for a dark fantasy romance in the same vein as Wuthering Heights. I'll try to update with any other feedback if my opinion of this series changes. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lilangle69 rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c33
This is one of my favorite stories that I've read so far. I like the mc's character and I find her honesty attractive. The author wrote the mc's character well, but the male lead feels like a mary sue. I dislike how the male lead is always a step ahead of mc's plans. There is never a moment where he slips up. I get frustrated at the male lead somehow finding a way to counterattack the MC, even when it doesn't make sense. However, I still enjoyed it nevertheless and... more>> I highly recommend others to read it as well. This one is a must to read if you enjoy romance reincarnation stories. <<less
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KnightML rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c23
The plot is very interesting and pretty well set up, the characters are decently consistent, though of course the reason why the ML is fascinated by the FL is very sketchy - she's somehow more noble than everyone else and every small thing she does somehow is appealing to him, like making him wait an hour to have tea and having a complicated excuse. Ok, sure, whatever.

But after reading 23 chapters where the plot just gets more complicated, even though either of the male characters could easily set things straight,... more>> I read spoilers (they're in other reviews if you're interested), and this isn't for me. I think it should have a tragedy tag, and that's why I'm rating it as 3 stars only. For the tags that are listed it's not more than 3 stars, though it might be a great tragedy story. <<less
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Eueu rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: c59
Quite interesting. If you're looking for a male lead who is dangerous but not scum, this might for you. FL is also not a pushover. Btw, this is also a genuine enemies to lovers (i haven't been to the lovers part yet).
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yerisegg rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c15
This was such a good read, even though as for now it only has 15 translated chapters. The FL is the epitome of elegance, it was fascinating to see this kind of FL and how she acts. Go give it a shot, it may or may not be your cup of tea but at least for me it is very much worth the time
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Cornflower_ rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c14
Absolutely like the story, I love the MC and her character. Love it so much😍
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