The Male Lead’s Boyfriend is Obsessed With Me


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I fell into the ultimate noir* BL novel.

I was also the obsessive maniac and villainess who fell in love with the boss of The Hundred Thousand and brutally died during the main characters’ first meeting!

I thought I’d change the love between the two, which originally ended with the death of my bias due to schemes, into a happy ending,

“Join me. To hell.”

What? I’ve been kidnapped by my favorite character.

‘You’re my bias.’

‘But this is too much.’

To survive a life-turning event that is similar to the novel, I tried to seduce my bias a little. Just to the point where he would be sad to kill me.

“Why do you like me so much?”

Yet something wasn’t right.

“Try running away Princess, if you can.”

“I’m blind about you right now, and I’m going crazy.”

The male lead’s boyfriend began to cling to me.

“Please, Yeonbyeol…”

“Don’t leave me alone…”

Too dangerous and dizzying, there’s no way to escape.

*Noir is, according to Google, “A genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.”

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남자주인공의 남자친구가 나에게 집착한다
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Villainess No.121
Omg, I like it so much. FL is reckless and intelligent but not very. It just feel like an ordinary girl, so its okay as long as she doesn't act dumb.

ML just appeard. But I like possessive, yandere characters.

I love the setting, its so new to me, its not medieval, like europian style but just modern.

JUST MODERN. Thanks god.😍😇

Btw, I love tl. 😘 Although 1st ch was confusing, they tried their best, and are doing it very better, so thank you, pls update more I'm looking forward to it.❤❤❤
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Rose_Elianna rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c5
Just like the title of this novel, the story is so interesting, the FL is quite funny too, I'm still wondering who is the ML

maybe the White hair guy is actually the ML??since the FL brother is actually the ML

. I'm looking forward to it. Since I like this novel!!!
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
angel23 rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: c6
OMG!!! only 6 chapters and I'm hooked.

Still not sure who the ML is but either way it doesn't matter

I think ML might be the white haired guy since he's the one who will kidnap FL..... so maybe?


Definitely recommended!!
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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