The Male Lead Is Obsessed With Proposing to Me


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One day, Senelia realized that the world she lived in was a novel.

As a result, she fell into the trap of the tyrant emperor Cliff and had to make Benelucia, the male lead in the novel, love her.

So Senelia wandered around him for a year without saying a word, followed him for another year, and dated him for six years.

Even if he met the original female lead, Senelia would appear in his mind.

Senelia devoted eight years of her time to Benelucia for that purpose.

Without that much effort, she wouldn’t be able to steal the male lead from the original female lead.

“You should marry me, Sally.”

Eight years passed by.

Finally, the male lead started obsessing over her.

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남주가 청혼에 집착한다
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September 27, 2023
Status: c48
Ok, first thing you need to know going into this is that the Emperor is insane. I mean that literally. He is a monster working on completely different logic than the rest of us. I find it helps to think of him as a fae or a dragon, not a human person, because if you try to apply normal human thoughts and emotions to him, your brain will break.

He loves his brother, he wants to kill his brother; he wants his brother to be happy, he wants complete, consuming control... more>> of his brother and to crush him; he wants his brother to marry the MC, but only under his exact say so and specifications, or he will burn that marriage to the ground. He wants to torture the MC; he wants to marry the MC. He is an extremely violent person who will not hesitate to slaughter anyone and laugh about it, and is so changeable, you will go dizzy from the whiplash.

So, keep in mind that the MC is subject to the whims of a complete madman, and has been for nearly a decade.

Which is actually the second thing you need to know: Constant, crushing, psychological stress has caused the MC to go a little insane herself. The pressure has warped her into a twisted, amputated, anxious mess of a creature inside her painted shell. This has been her normal for so long, she doesn't know what good or healthy is any more. Her nerves are burnt, her emotions fried, her brain a husk. She is in no condition to think clearly or rationally, like a person who has been forced to stay awake for 72 hours straight.

As a result, she thinks she's being rational, when she's actually being reactive, and thinks she's being calculative, when she's really trying to protect herself. At this point, she is largely trying to hurt others as much as emotionally possible because she is a screaming ball of rage under the panic-inducing strain, and then she retroactively tries to justify it afterwards as part of some grand plan. It's not. It's her only way of rebelling. Her true self is (was) a hopeful, sweet cinnamon roll darling who has been forced to fit into a mold which does not suit her at all, and the cracks from that are showing. What this story does well: This is one of the best portrayals I've read of the complexities of human emotions and relationships. People rarely feel just one thing, and never for any long amount of time. It's always layers of emotions, constantly reacting to surroundings. The author has really captured how someone can love a person AND want nothing to do with them AND be thinking about something ordinary, like shoes or something, all at the same time.

None of the characters are truly "good" or truly "evil", and the shades of grey really make them pop in the most 3 dimensional and realistic fashion. The tension and feelings involved are very compelling, and will keep you wanting to read more, even when you want to scream at everyone. There is a very poignant in-story observation that perhaps the characters could have loved each other deeply, but they're trapped in such inescapable circumstances, there's no choice but for that hidden love to have started rotting. What the story falls flat on: Actual plot outside of the relationships. When it's just two people in a room, talking, it's amazing. Try and bring the world outside of that in, and things get wonky.

I'm still not sure what the OG story is supposed to be, or why they may or may not want to follow it.

The author also seems to have zero idea how to handle the second FL, and that's disappointing, because it could be super interesting. Our MC is a reincarnator, who remembers her past life and having read a book with the plot she's currently in the midst of, but otherwise grew up normally in this world. However, the second FL is a regressor from 5 years into the future. The author seems to keep forgetting that fact, and when it's remembered, they keep forgetting that this would be 5 years into the current future, based on all of the decisions and changes the MC has been making all along, not the one from the OG story. The second FL remembers being married to the ML, so something must have caused that, and there haven't been any cataclysmic changes to derail that (yet).

Because of this, it does tend to go tunnel-vision on the character's feelings, and keep circling over and over on those feelings like buzzards in a death spiral around a carcass, and use some fairly contrived circumstances to keep the focus there instead of moving on.

It's still worth reading, it will still rip you to pieces, but it's not going to be a flawless masterpiece. <<less
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nutsobananas rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: c6
If you like rational, calculating FLs and want an easy read, try this! So far ML doesn't have much presence besides his usefulness to FL, so I look forward to how he and the story develop.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ragingmisandrist rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: --
The writing of the female lead & her intense emotions are very eloquent. Unfortunately the male lead is so repulsive I couldn't enjoy the story at all.

From beginning to end the male lead is an arrogant prick with no real sense of empathy, shame, or even love. The female lead spends 90% of the novel groveling to survive but this douchebag can only think about his lower half.

He uses women as he pleases without a single hint of remorse but is quick to play the victim. There is simply... more>> nothing interesting or good about him.

Despite his cruelty and supposed care all the female leads pain and suffering truly meant nothing to him. The author seems to try to make it just a misunderstanding on his part but it truly makes no sense and felt very forced. He constantly makes sure to put her in her "place" even in her most painful moments.

Yet he has the audacity to be disappointed she has no expectations of him or their sordid relationship? I really want to know what the hell is wrong with the author's brain.


especially atp when the male lead proposes to her before her dad is even buried despite being the cause of his death. Then throws a fit when shes says no. Like wth? She is planning her fathers funeral. The one you killed! Who tf finds attractive?

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
How far are you willing to go to live? What are you prepared to sacrifice to survive?

This novel had me seriously wondering about these questions. And the answer I came up with is that I could never go as far the FL in this novel. At a certain point existing alone simply isn't worth it because somethings, like family, are more important. But that's just me. The FL on the other hand is willing to give up everything just to keep breathing and at some point I found it unbearable... more>> to watch. I see a lot of people bashing the ML in reviews and comments and while he is tr*sh, I find myself also disliking the FL. I found her very hard to empathise with and so I lost interest in the novel.

Would I recommend this to other readers? Yes I would. It's interesting in it's own way, just not my cup of tea. <<less
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March 10, 2023
Status: --
I can not stand the main characters especially the male lead... he's an absolute narcissistic prick. The female MC is an idiot, she has no reason to love this guy who thinks with his dick, but unfortunately we the readers have read how she spends the whole story in agony loving this prick. However, I loved the translations, truly the only good thing about this novel.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_BlissCity_ rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: c25
This novel is so thicc. The drama, the intrigue is so...*chef's kiss*. Although it's heavier than other novels I read —not really the type that I'll enjoy everyday— the emotions are vividly expressed.

Although the male lead, the emperor, and the all the misunderstandings is pretty annoying, the story is great. The regret the male lead feels makes me feel good tbh. (He deserves it.) I hoped the emperor's character was fleshed out more but really, it's an okay read. I love the female protagonist. She's smart, calculative, and patient. She's... more>> also not unrealistically overpowered. I pity her though... All she wanted was to live a comfortable life, yet trouble ensued.

Perhaps, I'll give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. 0.5 because my head is aching from all the problems that should have been resolved with a sincere long talk. This is why communucation is key. Oh, and male lead is a complete love idiot. He's dumb for not realizing his feelings sooner. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mango.hula rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: c50
I'll be super honest, but this novel is on a dark, angsty and not my cup of tea.

Sidenote: I picked it up hoping for a grovelling ML, I got what I wanted, but the FL is too complicated.

Rate it for 4 stars, because I don't want to dampen anyone who wish to read. Its a good read, but after reading it till the recent chapters, I don't find myself looking forward to their updates (read: keep refreshing the tl website hoping for the updates to come pouring in), but its... more>> a good read nevertheless as I manage to read until the recent chapters and able to give my two pence of review.

If you're someone like me (-scrolling thru the reviews to find justification to read this novel), then I suggest try reading the first few chapters, because it give a foreshadow of what to expect in the novel. <<less
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