The LV.99 Middle Boss, Starts His Second Life with Subordinates!


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This dungeon is no good!

One day, Narugoa, a single monster, is appointed as the mid-boss of the first dungeon, the Cave of Silence, which is the closest dungeon to the heroes’ home base. The dungeon is full of unmotivated employees (monsters), and Narugoa decides that this is not good enough, so he begins a major reform of the dungeon.

But then the legendary heroes who had already defeated the Demon King arrived, and Narugoa challenged the heroes alone to protect his beloved employees, but was defeated, and somehow was reincarnated in a world 100 years later!

In a world 100 years in the future, a painful mid-boss fantasy unfolds with the employees of the legendary Cave of Silence, which has become a great labyrinth! Here it comes!

Magic exists, but the protagonist cannot use it. It is a world where God exists. There is also gore.–

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Chuu Boss-san Level 99, Saikyou no Buka-tachi to Tomo ni Nishuume Totsunyuu!
The Middle Manager LV.99, Starts His Second Life with His Best Team!
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Linley rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c28
Since no one has written a review on this novel at the time of me posting this, I'll do it myself~ Not my forte but I'll give it a go~

Rating: 4/5: This rating is based off of what I believe it's potential could be. If improvements are made it will rise, but if it continues at the current rate then I would give it a 2.5/5

Creativity: 4/5: it's not an unheard of concept, but the manner in which it is done gives it some uniqueness. I'll be somewhat vague on... more>> this point so I don't spoil anything for potential readers.

World Building: 2/5: Currently on chapter 28. While there has been some world building, it's negligible. The creatures of this world are thrown at you haphazardly, especially when you reach what I would call the "Dungeon Defense Arc". It introduces plenty of creatures all at once, and gives very little detail to immerse yourself into the story. More description would have made it much more enjoyable.

Story Telling: ???/5: Sometimes I feel like the storytelling in the novel is wonderful and well done. I can imagine the scenes being described vividly. Vice versa, at other times there are random skips in the story which makes you feel like information is missing. It's a little upsetting, but you can piece together what happened in between for the most part.

Since it's basically the prolog, I won't call this short synopsis a spoiler, but if you don't want any detailed information, STOP HERE.


The novel starts off with the protagonist, Narugoa, taking over a mid-level dungeon. When he arrives in the dungeon, he notices that it is in a state of disarray, and wants to improve it. Other monsters in the dungeon scoff at his idea, and think of him as crazy. Narugoa works on improving the dungeon bit by bit, making it a haven for monsters and giving those living there a happy lifestyle. As time passes, the monsters in the dungeon wonder why haven't the heroes shown up? After all, the location of the dungeon was close to the starting point of the heroes, wouldn't they come here to challenge the mid-boss? Soon enough, the heroes do indeed come to the dungeon... After defeating the demon lord. <<less
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