The Little Flower God and the Emperor


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Yue Lao was miserable. He felt like his pure imp-like soul had been tainted by the little Flower God. “You want to top the Emperor?”

“No,” the little Flower God corrected. “ I want to be topped by him.”

Yue Lao, “… Don’t call me godfather anymore. I need to calm down.”

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BillionJellyfish rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
A perfect short sweet story!

Detailed summary:

The MC is the little Flower God and is pursuing the Emperor of Heaven (ML). The Emperor has been single for thousands of years with no scandals to date, especially handsome, reticent, and a bookworm. With all these high specs, the MC naturally wants to be mounted by the Emperor. The way the MC chases after the ML is so straight forward and bold that it should become a model for all single dogs.

... more>> Overall:

This is an unbelievably sweet and fluffy short story. No drama, no angst, no nothing. It's a very simple plot with the focus on the MC chasing after the ML and their teeth-aching sweet interactions. Naturally, the ending is a happy one and I always recommend reading bl novels~ <<less
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head Ice Prince rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c15
The novel is really really short. Will take you like 15 minutes to finish it so you can give it a try.

I actually felt that it was really quite plain and shallow. The little flower god and the emperor have probably a 2 or 3 thousand year age gap and the story is based in Heven when it’s the 21st century but Heven hasn’t really changed cause the people there are all old folles.

The little flower god probably only fell for the emperor for his looks and a tiny bit... more>> because he’s very traditional (?) and the emperor falling for the flower god is also not very solid. Countless girls have chased him before but he didn’t fall thou. Maybe because the little flower god was the most persistent (for half a month) which is not really logical because it’s too short a time span for these gods have thousands of years of life span.

The novel was BL just for the sake of being BL. The little flower god could have been a female and you wouldn’t have found any difference. The little flower god was probably gay from the beginning and I don’t personally like that much. Getting bent for another person like the emperor did shows much more love but the little flower god also had a really straight forward character which I (and everyone else) found very likeable.

The love scenes was rushed and absent which hurt my heart deeply, after the emperor goes to the little flower god’s House their time is summarised to 1 paragraph like “and thus they spent their days with kisses and lovey dovey and rolling in the grass” their first kiss and (last) scene of intimacy was over just like that....

i feel wrong T^T <<less
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March 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Super cute and fluffy BL short. The lil' Flower God knows what he wants and shamelessly goes to woo the facial-paralysis, ronery Jade Emperor. (I'm assuming it's a the Jade emperor since everyone is a god.)

I'd like to take mo' and say the other two reviews are on point. Especially that the MC should be the model for all single dogs. @BillionJellyfish
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Celissiye rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: Completed
Funny, and a tad cute.

I did like the MC's straightforwardness (almost too much but didn't cross the line). He just went all in right away with the red roses. The interactions between the two were nice, gifts, flirty banter, and kindness to each other. Although the overall premise is a bit shallow, for the length, it isn't a serious issue.

When I say shallow, I mean dialogue like this:

“Why should I be afraid of you? It’s not like you’re ugly.” MC said this. I can't help but cringe inside. I know... more>> that the status quo in romance is a hottie ML with cutesy/beautiful MC-- describing them as unparalleled looks, talented, an untouchable expert of A B and C, but I do legitimately feel bad for how "ugly" or "normal" looking people are just plain tr*shed sometimes! But, well, other than this line, the rest wasn't anything new, but tolerable.

As for ML, he did not openly despise any person that was not the MC due to over exaggerated possessiveness, this is a good thing. Imo, he wasn't really the cold type, but the good-natured introvert.

Other notes:

  • The story focused on the comedic banter between characters, not short poorly written smut scenes.
  • One of the side characters, Yue Lao the matchmaker, was relevant and added funny commentary
Only takes 5 min to read, might as well if you'd like a short fix of comedy/fantasy/BL/cheesy romance. <<less
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July 28, 2021
Status: --
It was really sweet. I liked it.

It's really short, finished it within minutes so don't expect too much of a plot.

There is a huge age difference between MC and ML, like 2000+ years lol. But to me it didn't really matter cause come on they all are immortals and whatever.

I loved the MC. He is cute, extremely straight forward, and also devious. ML is also adorable.

I laughed at the part when little flower God gave his love rival pepper juice as eye drops lol.
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Delfunia rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This was very short but I found it very cute, I especially enjoyed the little flower god personality ❤️ he's so shameless and his go getter personality was refreshing to read
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FanGirlNoha rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: --
Cute and short. There's not much of a plot apart from the MC chasing the ML.. And even that is kinda rushed. But the banter between the MC and the Godfather is cute. It's a light read. I won't be coming back for it again.
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Chuki Yuuki
Chuki Yuuki rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahhh~ this is just so sweet and cute. The little flower God is especially clever and charming, no wonder the Emperor who has (*ahem* allegedly *ahem*) "facial paralysis" is taken!
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