The Legendary Mechanic in Marvel Universe


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With the Legendary Mechanic System, I transmigrated to Marvel Universe to be Dr. Zola’s assistant.

With Mechanical Force Analysis, I can learn every black technology.

Winter Soldier’s arm? I built a better one for you.

Iron Man’s armor? I already made it a decade earlier.

Doc Ock’s tentacles? I am the one who provided core technology.

Hulk’s mutation? Sorry, I was there and got hit by the radiation too.

As for a certain purple potato, can he collect all Infinity Stones?


However, I only had one simple ultimate dream. That is to go home…

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New 7starkiller99 rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: c51
Novel 100% not recommended to read.

Premise is a complete lie - Author has not understood how Black Star's system worked at all and mainly just copied some of the auxiliary effects.

MC is an OP crosser into the marvel universe with mechanical system who has thick plot armor.

He's also a whiny low IQ moron who manages to get his stuff stolen, get innocent people killed, easily fooled Bucky (winter soldier) into being his OOC thug, and continues to just mess around with completely ridiculous events. Plus, he's from Hydra and doesn't... more>> really care for human life and the author loves to justify the MC through other people's words.

The story is incredibly ridiculous, with MC swiftly being stronger than Winter Soldier, other people having BS charm skills (Madam Hydra and Black Widow), and a scum level of writing when it comes to US gangs and Kingpin. Plus, there's idiotic stuff like MC using constant brainwashing, learning how to easily control Zola's artificial robot body, faking Gu Worm nonsense, and tricking Shield into paying him a million dollars.

Basically, a tr*sh fanfic. There's very little interesting events, with MC mainly just muddling through the events of the story. The system basically controls his life with the quests and outside of the quests he's an incompetent idiot. -900Quintillion/10.

P.S. Mind control writing is never done well in these terrible fanfics. Plus, the author didn't really understand how winter soldier works nor brainwashing itself. <<less
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