The Legend of the Railway Hero


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“Did a demon lord appear?”

“Stop wasting time blabbering nonsense.”

While on his way home, Tamagawa Teruya, an ordinary high school student with a peculiar hobby had lost consciousness. He woke up enveloped by light, apparently transported to the Kingdom of Lutetia in another world with the help of a reckless magical experiment.

To Teruya’s immense disappointment, the Kingdom was on the verge of ruin. One not brought about by a giant dragon attack or a hostile demon lord, but by its own railway system which allowed goods from other places to flood the country leading to an economic collapse. And just when the Queen and the ruling elite were at their wits’ end, our hero appeared and came alight upon hearing the word ‘railway’.

That was because Tamagawa Teruya was a train-otaku, someone who loved the railways with the deepest of passions, easily three times as much as he loved rice. And with the help of the knowledge every train-otaku carried in their head, he rose to the challenge and saved the day.

Thus rose the curtains of a story in which a high school senior that is a railway maniac becomes a hero by employing his knowledge of trains.

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The Legend of the Railway Hero, Train-otaku's Other World Railway Development Record
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Exvalkyrie rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c261
Mark my word, any novel with serious theme which having "Comedy" Tags shouldn't be taken seriously.

While I do enjoy reading this novel, anyone who hoping for story and plot should be prepared for illogical and bait chapter, like seriously, my enthusiasm on reading this novel is on par as I read Youjo Senki. All that hype was tr*shed on ch 137, IMAGINE, 137 long bait chapter, then they decided to reveal the real name of this novel.

"Learning Train Tech and History -Isekai Edition- for Dummies *Bonus Sesame Street Q&A CD*... more>> "

And anyone who hoping for Comedy? Fear not, there's plenty recycled joke on formula:

  • Antagonist doing their thing, on level swiper from Dora the Explorer which always fail even if MC didn't do anything
  • Rapey Joke

    Women will always try to r*pe MC, by Deus-Ex logic ML will break on entrance (like wall or door, just to slap MC cuz mAlE alWaYs WrOng (even when MC nearly killed and she slapped MC with Great Sword, for the lulz)

  • Keep all possible side-gags (ALMOST all who intend to kill MC, because why not?)
what I hate the most is

Some Mad scientist (sonuvab*tch) kidnap MC and put him in suspicious Mind Reading Device for technology on his memories. Then come ML outta nowhere to save MC just to allow it with one word "we can know who his favorite female". *Surprised pikachu* MC ended up with his mind f*cked-up and being on PTSD *insert Vietnam flashback*. Author then goes, here Meido b**bs, we forget everything that just happen next chapter ok??

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