The Legend of Futian


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In a time when the Divine Prefectures of the East Sea were in great disarray, Emperor Ye Qing and Donghuang the Great appeared to save the day. Under their rule, the prefectures united and all nations as well as their kings have been controlled. However, the legend of these two great heroes becomes altered when Emperor Ye Qing’s name is wiped from the history books after his sudden death. All statues and images of him were destroyed and his name a taboo. Only the legend of Donghuang the Great shall live on.

Fifteen years later, a young man by the name of Ye Futian begins his journey in search for his true identity. The legend of Futian was going to be one for the history books.

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lightningninja123 rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c1000
Gotta love the chinese authors that try to not make a harem by making the MC loyal to the fMC but at the same time can't hold his lonely horny ass from making almost every special character:

    • female
    • peerless beauty
    • have slight attraction to the MC that eventually turns to a full on attraction
    • stronger than all friendly male characters
    • and for someone reason they are always single despite the fact that a bunch of young master chase that girl and it just so happen that not even one of them is good enough to be with her or she just for some reason doesn't ever like anyone but mc
For the remaining characters:

    • Arrogant male enemies
    • friendly but weak male ally that MC never really cares about
MC are always:

    • attractive to every female characters that he comes across despite the author always trying to downplay his looks by saying "he is not good looking but he has (insert some long ass description about how good looking he is)
    • feels like he needs to be full of himself when facing male characters
    • can't stop himself from helping every female characters because well there is no male characters to help (shame, not his fault that there never a special male character)
Such an unrealistic world where if there was no MC then this world would probably have 1000000 peerless virgin saint beauty
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Tobi rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c67
Overall, pretty damn good, too much bad reviews though which is sad. Warm and is sure to please you with some ass-kicking, face slapping, and good ol romance. Very noice.

Cliched done right. A lot of things in this novel is very cliched but it is fascinating to see that the cliches are making this novel shine.

The story is okay-ish since the plot sometimes moves too fast for my liking yet slow just as I want them to.
Harem, well... the Futian is still loyal to the Fairy so that's... more>> a plus, but I dunno about the future though.

All the main cast feels alive, especially our good pal Ye Futian.
-He's the definition of [I'm a dangerous man with some talents in my pocket] and [Arrogant yet justifiable]. He alone made all the cliches works, though there's a lot of hate at the start of the novel towards him.

-Let's not forget about our good love interest, the fairy beauty Hua Jieyu. Her character is also a unique one, not cardboard cutout at all.

-Yu Sheng, aka [ehh... this relationship is fishy] best friends with the MC and can keep up with his growth, saw someone complaining that he is just a servant to the MC and I have to say no. He's special.

-The side cast, especially the Professor/Father-in-Law, he's basically the older version of Ye Futian. Funny guy. <<less
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Jibber rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c43
Not really a fan of the author's other works so this review is mostly for others that wanted to see if anything changed or are unfamiliar. None of the spoilers should come as anything too surprising as it is pretty copy and paste to other Chinese novels so far.

Everything has really just fallen out of the sky for MC. The issue with his cultivation which caused everyone to look down on him was solved nonchalantly. The strongest master in the city takes him under his wing. He has the... more>> strongest cultivation potential. He shocks everyone by taking first place effortlessly. Girl he likes has to leave him because of family problems. He has a "shocking" background that puts him above the masses.

This author really tried to cram as many cliches into the first 30 chapters as possible.

I'll be blunt and just say it feels like I'm reading about someone in middle school. Think about how awkward and embarrassing you were in middle school then put that into a writing style. Everything is written in a way that just sets up the MC to shock and surprise everyone with his talent. Everyone is sneering and looking down on him while the female characters put up with his shameless behavior and give him attention. As the name suggests, the story revolves around the MC.

The characters in story all feel like support characters for the MC. No interesting characters yet.

The beautiful childhood friend who has to put up with MC's embarrassing bragging despite never never making progress in his cultivation is immediately thrown into the role of falling from grace. The author presents a character in constant regret of her decision to distance herself from MC. A female friend introduces the childhood sweetheart to her brother who later turns out to be an antagonist. He father is used to remind her multiple times of what she will miss out on by distancing herself from MC. The author throws in an awkward meeting between the two families where everyone of course assumes they're going to get together. Really messed up in my opinion.

Close male friend that is the most talented in the school before MC shows his strength. Always loyal the MC. Doesn't think for himself. Beats up the second most powerful enemy before MC takes the stage. Definitely never a threat to attract any beautiful females that are in the story. Turns out his father wants him to serve the MC for life and he's all on board with it himself.

The strongest love interest in the story is of course the strongest in the school. First in the exams before the MC usurps her and gets her attention. Her father is the strongest expert in the city and teaches him the hottest profession in the world. Actually an okay character by the standards of the story.

You shouldn't need a description of the MC at this point. Rather than saying the MC is shameless, it may be more accurate to say he lives in his own world. <<less
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May 20, 2018
Status: c32
I just read 1 to 30 really quickly. Honestly I think it's great and warm to have a novel where MC finally has a loving family that likes each other and not trying to kill each other at the start (despite his underachievement). Also, I'm not going to spoil what happened; but the first love of MC is so awkward and cute, that's really how a teenager first love should be, at least it was dumb, funny but very heartwarming.

there were great comments on this about how it was so sweet people had diabetes reading it, haha

The rivals so far are not really hateful, which is surprising, you can clearly tell it's just some teenagers trying to be better than another not the usual type killing or crippling each other. It actually almost felt like they are really student in a school

About the long term friendship breaking :


It was not really broken due to the girl's own will, really as pointed out she was influenced. And MC did not totally break off with her they just remained friends, just not close friends, they still talk to each other and goes to family party together, like just your usual childhood but not too close friend, you know what I mean ?


So far there is nothing that hints clearly MC is related to the legendary figure stated on the description yet, however I just like the interactions between the characters. And I specially like characters that stay true to themselves and I hope MC and other character will stay how they are currently.

Like, I hope MC's bro will keep being a bro as they are so good to each other. MC defended his bro when he was wronged even though he would get in trouble for it and the latter didn't really care but when he saw MC getting wronged in turn he just went mad as well. I feel like that's how friendship should be : I can call my friend s*upid but don't you dare do the same to my friend before me. Not exactly what happened but you know that feel


The progression is going smoothly, you can tell it's going to be a novel with adventure

as they are already leaving the academy then their places, it all happened within 30 chapters.


Finally the novel is still on going. It has one of the highest rating I had seen on Chinese website so I have a high expectation of it (mostly being above 9). I will update if I change my mind !
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July 16, 2018
Status: c230
Very, VERY similar to Ancient Godly Monarch.

The Emperor bloodline trend for the MC, the pure and naive romance at the start that ends up with the girl being dragged up higher and higher.
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mechafanboy rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c64
Pretty much author's other works in a new skin.

Was hoping that with the interesting-ish beginning, perhaps things would be different this time, but much like every other one of this author's novels, the beginning setup is by far the most interesting part and then everything conforms to basic Xianxia tropes.

Nothing particularly special here so a more honest review would be 3 stars, but due to the author squandering what I feel is an interesting beginning, docking another star for that. (In this case, super young super strong special class of... more>> cultivator, by chapter 60, at least 2 others of the "super rare" class have shown up as antagonists and one has basically disappeared from the story entirely. What was the point of hyping up protagonist's rarity if there's a whole bunch of them so soon in the story?) <<less
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WorstNameEver rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: c230
So I am writing reveiw in response to the large amount of negative reviews that havent even got past 30 chapters of the book. That is actually around 11% of the currently CHAPTER COUNT IN ORIGINAL LANGUAGE!

Lets get into the review now.

Ok. The Legend of Futian is a book about a person known as Ye Futian as his journey to basically acheive his fate and the expectations of his family and Godfather. The book is a nice balance of the western habit of character focus and the eastern habits of... more>> face-slapping and powers.


The story in TLoF, as of right now, is great. Apart from one sudden powerup (which was the awakening of his bloodline), the book has a nice lack of sudden boosts. The main character is very unique among books due to his arrogance actually being 1. Reasonable and 2. Usually hidden unless he is provoked. Provocations/rivalrys are much more tame and realistic than most books. An example is one particular enemy trys to force him into submission due to someones fate being misinterpretted to be the downfall of a nation (simply, actually way more complicated but whatevs). Overall, the book has a very big focus on Fate and brotherhood. With some pleasurable face slapping thrown in.


The characters are where this book really shines. Each one is unique and evolves as the book goes on. It is interesting to see how the characters have matured over the ~2 years of time the book has covered. The relationships between characters are amazing as well. None of them are the same. Ye Futian's relationship with his love interest is completely different to Yu Sheng's. Speaking of the twin devils. Those two have probably the most well made relationship in a book that I have read in a long time. Yu Sheng has his problems and so does Ye Futian. They have such a close bond throughout the book and even though it is toned down after Yu Sheng's love interest appears, it is still evident in many different scenes.

I would talk about the cultivation system but although it is interesting, it is a bit more meh when compared to AGM also by this author I believe which was slightly more interesting.

I will spare a few words for the Natal/Life Spirits however. These things are what some people are naturally born with and they give a boost to the power of particular elements depending on the spirit. Eg: A Roc would give a boost to Wind + Metal (?) and a Pheonix to Fire + Wind (?). These spirits allow the user a boost to their sorcery and martial arts. Usually their Natal Spirit also gives them the highest level talent for that element as well, but that doesnt matter if they are a full-attribute sorceror like Ye Futian who has highest level talent in EVERY POSSIBLE CATEGORY! So Mandate Sorcerors are simply people who have a particular element or elements (there are some bi-elemental spirits around. Not sure about tri-elemental though atm) boosted and are stronger in that element or elements that the other ones they can use. Now the spoiler tag explains Ye Futian's powers because tbh, half the reviewers and readers are dumb and cant understand how his power works.


Ok so it is simple. Ye Futian's Natal Spirit is the Ancient Tree which is apparently very powerful. I believe it is like Yu Sheng's Natal spirit (yes he has one it is just forbidden to be shown like with Ye Futian's Tree) in that it evolves and unlocks different elements. I believe that given the hype it was given and what was shown, his Natal Spirit has the ability to switch to any element Ye Futian needs it to.

Now his cultivation technique, The Freedom Meditation. This cultivation technique focuses on observation and comprehension. It basically allows Ye Futian to do two things when it is used. 1. Drastically increase his comprehension abilities (which are already insane haha) and 2. In special circumstances (usually some form of enlightenment and meditation over subject) , this technique allows the creation of Life Spirits (for the sake of convenience, I call Ye Futian's original Spirit his Natal Spirit and the rest his Life Spirits since natal spirit can mean birth spirit and life spirits mean spirits he has gained throughout his life) of the elements relevant to that spirit. For example, Ye Futian created a Life Spirit of the Sun after observing the sun with the Freedom Meditation.


I assume the boosts of Life Spirits stack because Ye Futian (mild spoiler) has more than 1 Life Spirit with the Spirit element. Although they do different things.

Anyway, I would recommend, but to decide if you really enjoy the book, at least get to the end of the Nandou Nation Arcs please. Thats when the story really begins just so you know <<less
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terraheart rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c1850
This is a classical Jing Wu Hen novel. He's also written PMG and AGM. His style is lots of romance/ intimacy wrapped in a unique cultivation system. MC's are classically handsome, strong and impulsive. It's his interactions between MC and love interests that make his novels different from most CN authors.

LoF is an evolved version of PMG and AGM where he tightens up the romantic interests but keeps his usual quirks such as teasing, intimacy, arrogant young masters and separations for other love potentials to come along. Novel is ONGOING... more>> so we don't know if it will be a harem ending but there's a 50% chance. Currently only one love interest. If it is a harem, it won't be large.

The support cast is solid, especially the silent best friend Yu Sheng, while the plot is solid and entertaining enough. This isn't a classic novel, its just good fun for those who like romance + cultivation.

However, it does have the major Jing Wu Hen flaws such as an awkward cultivation system (sometimes 1 is highest at one level, but next level 9 is highest), lots of girl teasing despite trying to make the MC a loyal love interest and tons of tropes (arrogant young masters, rashness by MC).

Translations are OK but some unsual choices are made which most English readers wouldn't use e.g.

Saintess -> Virgin

Holy Son -> Son

Madman/ Lunatic -> Fanatic

Left is what most novels use, right is what translator chose. So Saintess of sects are called Virgins and there's a lot of dialogue calling a Saintess 'Virgin'. Virgin is an archaic term used by catholic church but in modern English, virgin has different connotations. Its the same as not using the word 'gay' to describe someone happy these days. Its the same for when translator uses son and fanatic. Fanatic may seem its fine but contextually fanatic implies a political ideal whilst in the novel where its used, it just refers to someone crazy so it wasn't the best choice.

The novel also has no editor which means many grammar and spelling errors.

So why have I given this 5 stars? Because it's like the popcorn blockbuster I watch every Summer. It may not be the most intellectual story but it delivers on romance, action and story telling. If you are familiar with Jing Wu hen's works, this is just a combination of previous two stories (you'll notice a lot of similarities) with tighter writing. Hopefully he'll be able to deliver a better ending than PMG but I'm optimistic so far. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: c30
I figured this wouldn't be in my interest zone when the very first chapter started talking about breast size but I did try to give it a chance. It seems like the author wanted to cater to the harem crowd while not actually making a harem so that he could cater to the no harem group too. It doesn't work out well. Lots of heaving chests and peerless beauties and innuendos. The MC is a huge flirt and this story is more aimed towards relationships and what passes for romance... more>> at the writer's hands rather than the cultivation storyline. I know some people like that but I'm not one of them.

I was going to wait until I hit ch50 to write a review but I couldn't take anymore "hey beautiful" lines from the MC and was starting to get really irritated. Not my cup of tea. <<less
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Konstantin rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: c70
I'm not sure what most commentators expected from the novel... but I personally wanted to read about OP underestimated MC who is faceslapping his enemies and fastly grows in power while gathering beauties. Too bad, but it seems most reviewers lied. There is no harem here and I hate this fact with everything I have. A lot of cute girls who are interested in MC, but they are all friendzoned because "I already have a gf and I'm loyal to her! I still flirt with you girls and cockblock the... more>> reader". I should have checked the tags. As about "faceslapping"? Even the smallest clan which is against MC in the first 50 chapters has people in the 4th cultivation realm and MC will be strong enough to crush them easily only in 350+ chapters. So the MC is forced to rely on other people until then and slowly gaining his force while fighting a younger generation of losers which pose no real challenge to him unless they are few small realms above him AND MC is forced to hide his full strength. It was 70 chapters, but MC is yet to use his full power because he was told to hide it. In fact, he never used even 50% of his abilities yet... People complained about things I wanted to see in the novel, only for it to be different, lol. <<less
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vizzi01 rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c45
If there was build up, and proper pacing, even with all the clichés this could have been a good read. However the pacing and build up suck, and the world and characters are all rush and poorly developed. Nothing is expanded apon in the beginning and everything just reads flat. Its a 2d world with 2d characters. If you want a half decent story go read "A will eternal" instead.

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rdawv rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c308
Above average. Unlike some other readers, I care nothing about cultivation levels. In fact, this novel is great for me because it doesn't drown itself in explaining the nitty gritty or telling us how the MC going into seclusion for years and years. In short, the time-scale used in the story is 'believable' as you read about the MC growing up.

What really differentiates this novel from other thousand long novels is the MC. Others have the stoic, ruthless, vengeful, merciless and single-minded which are very common. The lighter-hearted and self-confident... more>> ones like Xiao Yan of BTTH are rarer. Fortunately, this novel featured the later type.

As a reader, I never got the sense of being bogged down. The story proceeds quite smoothly and quickly. The face-slapping and powering up are easily digested, the battles adequately described and the dialogue is more substantial than other novels due to the fact that the MC is silver-tongued. Fans of the genre who feel jaded of the usual might find this novel a little lightweight, but it is quite decent and fast paced. Cultivation levels are not really important, after all it's a novel about a guy and his friends who can easily challenge and defeat those who are higher planes than them. Just roll with it and focus on the interactions instead of the minutia and it could be an enjoyable read. <<less
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November 5, 2019
Status: c291
As the previous reviewer said cliche done right its funny interesting captivating and I would have rated it 5 stars but its not yet complete. I do hope the MC doesn't go download the harem route like his master. Also why the hell did he accept gifts from The Empress of Ancient Loulan after what she did. She tried to force him into a marriage threatened him and also threaten to kill his girlfriend. When the daughter came to visit him at the cottage and asked if he would marry... more>> her he have just said no and refused her outright instead he was like they're putting me in a tight spot. <<less
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Elias_bnz rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c322
Rated 3S

In the beginning, the story was great there was some character development some interesting mysteries and the brotherhood between the MC and Yu Shang was great, Then after that, the novel started blending with the usual CN novel type it became more focusing on face-slapping and you know the rest, so I'm gonna resume it in this :

Pros :

  • Good character development
  • most characters won't get abandoned
  • Cute romance between MC and FMC
  • Brotherhood
  • Righteous Mc
Cons :

  • Too much face-slapping
  • The author just can't stop repeating how the MC is handsome and it seems like in this world if you are not good looking you aren't worth sh*t and oh beauties the mc's GF remains the most supreme beauty no matter where
  • Worldbuilding is okay-ish I can't say that I got immersed in it
  • Villains are s*upid most of the time they fall for the MC verbal tactics every time.
  • Sometimes The MC becomes a hypocrite
I don't know what to say it started well then it became all about how beautiful/handsome she/he is, proposals and sh*t it's still okay to read if you can bear what I mentioned above.
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May 12, 2019
Status: c728
So far I love this novel! This is one of the best Xuanhan novels I have ever read. The protagonist isn't angsty of any sort, he is light-hearted and wants to be lowkey but his enormous and 'heaven-defying' talents prevent him from staying away from the spotlight. The protagonist continues to demonstrate his talent throughout the book, and he is definitely the most talented at the state (barren state) that he is now.

This is not a harem and he is dedicated to his only girlfriend

... more>>

now wife


and numerous beauties surround him.

The biggest mystery about the protagonist, Ye Futian, is his identity. Who are his parents? And what identity does his


godfather have? His godfather has been shadowing him until chapter 728, giving his companions tools to ensure that Futian won't die


Overall, this novel is AMAZING, and I would recommend it for everyone interested in the Xuanhan genre. <<less
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foomaanchu rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: c496
There are problems with the work. There are slow stretches. Some characters are flat. The interactions with the female characters - specially his matchmaking efforts - are totally meh to yuck.

However, there is something for redemption. The arc immediately after the MC moved beyond his home kingdoms to the broader Eastern Barren Region (about chapter 200 to chapter 400) was interesting in terms of the plots from the minor and major rivals. And it has a rare, and interesting, engagement with the philosophical questions related to the quest for power.

It... more>> is so different from some of the earlier stretches that I wonder if it was lifted from some other work.

It is not an obvious 5 star novel, though it is far better than a rage and kill all novel, and just for the one great arc it deserves 5 stars. <<less
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kakistory rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: c159
I am a fanatic of romance collab with xianxia, wuxia or xuanhuan.

So I'm just gonna comment on that aspect only.

As for starters, this novel gave you a feeling like BTTH, where everyone looked down on MC, including the said fiance or potential fMC, but turns out the potential fMC breaks the tie. (This is similar to BTTH)

... more>> Then as the MC power up almost suddenly, there comes the main FMC. (Yeayyyy!!)

The relationship in this piece is almost suddenly.

There is subtle harem, but the author manages it so~so, so it still sticks to the tag of 'protag loyal to love interest'

The interaction between FMC and MC is quite okay.

Overall, there's some parts where it's so sudden that you was like ''what happened., how? '' But give some more chapters a try and you'll make it far. <<less
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karu rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c26
It's not the worst thing out there. But I wouldn't call this novel revolutionary. There are many like it out there some more arrogant then the MC. But I do find the classifications of their "gifts" interesting, one on the Martial arts end, and then mixing in some magic and wizardry in there. It's hard to tell from 26 chapters, but I believe this is going to be one of those novels that just conveniently creates situations to make the MC look OP and awesome. I don't mind those kinds... more>> of situations, but depending on how repetitive it gets make or breaks this novel. <<less
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