The Lazy Prince Abandons His Homeland 〜 a Life of Decadence Begins with Captivity


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The Land Kingdom, a small country, has been forced to go to war with the Froysel Empire, one of the greatest powers on the continent, for a very silly reason. In the face of the Empire’s steady invasion of its land, the overrun Land Kingdom’s army had no choice but to flee for the royal capital.

In the midst of all this, Lute, the sixth in line of succession to the Land Kingdom and a bastard fourth prince is entrusted with a rear force with the task of helping the main army escape.

Led by Lute are fifty-three soldiers who have willingly volunteered to fight under his command. The approaching force, however, is an imperial army of 10,000 soldiers, wrapped in equipment that utilizes overwhelming technological power. The troops led by Lute do not have a chance in hell of winning, and the order to lead those men is in fact just meant as a sacrifice. Lute’s appointment as commander is not based on the belief that he could buy more time. It is just that it didn’t matter if he died, and he has the right rank for a commander position. After all, in addition to the fact that he is a bastard, he is called ‘the incompetent prince’ for being a useless prince who only does the bare mininum of work for the royal family due to his brazen and lazy personality!

However, even such an incompetent and lazy prince is not without a human heart. Lute can’t help but act for the sake of his subordinates, who have chosen to remain on the site of their death on their own fanciful whims.

── The ‘incompetent’ Lute, has two horrible secrets.

This is the story of a prince of a small country who regards laziness as supreme and struggles to obtain the life he wants in an era of turmoil. It’s the story of the ‘cool-headed, lazy’ Lute, who is counted as one of the ‘conquerors’ of history in later generations!

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怠惰の王子は祖国を捨てる 〜 捕虜から始まる退廃生活
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New hypersniper159
December 9, 2022
Status: c2
There is just so much of what the author is telling you what you should be thinking and its feels like they are purposefully spitting in your face. This has 100% plot and 0% character, just guessing based on the fact the author cant show anything about the characters and assigns them to roles of what they should be. The descriptions seems interesting, but just guessing on the 2 chapters I did read, I'm assuming MC has average intelligence while everyone else is ridiculously ret*rded. Maybe that's what the author... more>> wanted to tell me all along....
Spoiler- Quotes

"We'll be this s*upid little country that picked a fight with a huge empire even though we had no chance of winning, and got destroyed because of it!" - c2

"if the Empire viewed this provocation as nothing but a greeting that no one would have actually fallen for. In other words, Margrave Rize was s*upid enough to fall for the bait, and by extension, the Land Kingdom were the way bigger of fools for assigning the rank of margrave to such an idiot." - c2

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New Mr.slowly rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: --
So, I'm not a huge review writer, though I am an avid reader of many many of the works on this and other sites. Took a quick chance on this one as it only has a few chapters, and was not initially impressed. In my opinion the author has committed to too large of a data dump too quickly in the story, basically right at the front. I hung in there though and kept reading. Dammit if this didn't get extremely interesting right near the point of the present update.... more>> The tone, the world, and the interactions all are letting me know that this has A LOT of possibility to be really enjoyable and possibly slightly different. I can't make any promises, but that's my feeling. The translation is very good, with very few, very minor rough spots - little here little there that catch. Definitely in the top of the pile for quality. It doesn't seem to be, as of chap 9, a transmigration novel - the lack of tags also roll with that idea, but kind of has that vibe where the MC is slightly out of sync with the rest of the crowd. I would have to say that I really like this so far and am excited to see where it goes. <<less
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