The Law of Webnovels


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Ham Dani, a normal student whose hobbies were to read novels.

One day she woke up and find out that the girl next-door is as beautiful as a web novel protagonist.

And in school, there was the introduction of ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’.

The world changed into a web novel just over night, and Ham Dani’s role is heroine’s childhood friend 1!

“I just want to live normally, but why is everyone doing this to me!”

Due to a strong fate ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’ and the heroine entwines Dani’s everyday life.

And the results are?

Associated Names
One entry per line
Inso's Law
Law of Insomnia
My Life as an Internet Novel
인소의 법칙
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13 Reviews

Apr 20, 2020
Status: Completed
    • This is no reverse harem.
    • This is not the type of world for that type of novel, I am advising you, just throw the tag 'reverse harem' in the dustbin.
    • This is a tragic novel in my opinion especially for the MC cuz the characters forgot her in the end and jiho is the only one that she
      managed to make him remember her. So, yeah, she end up with her. So, cut the bullsh*t 'love triangle' in the first place and make this 1vs1 romance novel. No heartbroken in the end including mine. Seriously, change the tag, instead, add tragic or tragedy if you can.
    • Author, can you give any golden finger to our MC, poor her. Seriously, no kidding.I love mc's character very much though. That's good job.I salute her bravery and kindness in the first place, when she decided to befriend them even though she know that she will suffer later. But yeah, it is seriously unfair for the MC that I cried in her place when they actually forgot her!
    • I am not satisfied and cry my heart out cuz my ships is not happening in the end. The other three guys end up not with the MC. Eun Hyung end up with Yeo Ryung.I even expect Yuri love in this. God, I want to cry. But, it's okay I'm the idiot in the first place to expect reverse harem when the novel take place in the reality-like world where only 1vs1 can happen, so heartbreak is inevitable (yeah, including my heart when reading this). So please, dear future authors, when you are making a reverse harem novel, don't make this world setting. Just make nonsense like poligamy is allowed or something like that. Anyway, this is the fantasy and creativity of our ingenious mind, so yeah.
    • I am regretting reading this even though, honestly, THE WRITING IS GREAT but yeah, still, it make my heart in a depressed mood for a few days.
    • Seriously, please, change the 'Reverse harem' tag, don't want the others be deceived like the poor me.
    • Tug war of love is no good. Heartbreak is no good. Honestly, from my heart and taste in novel. War and love can happened but only if they end up together in the end. If it is like this, it is meaningless, they even forgot every single memory of her in the end, so why make one in the first place?Luckily, one man managed to remember.
    • Author, nice job, excluding my cause of sadness, you are a good author overall, fighting!
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May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I drafted this review a while back but I decided to put it up now because I disagree so hard with the previous reviews lmao.

The Laws of Webnovels is a coming-of-age story about an introverted teenage girl who got swept into a world inside a webnovel. It covers a lot of themes but I think the main aspects are overcoming fear of the uncertain future and believing in the power of your own will.

Hanm Dani is a sweet but flawed character. She treasures her friends despite of the constant anxiety... more>> of losing them forever. Even when she is treated badly by others due to her friendship with the group, she never blames them and she even worries about what her friends are feeling. Over the course of the series, she learns to open up to others about her troubles and even extends her hand to a stranger unlike how she dealt with Ruda initially. Overthinking is something that never goes away but she slowly learns to communicate all of these trains of thoughts.

One thing I disagree with most people is that Dani is NOT dense, she is BLINDED by her own convictions of what should happen in a webnovel. Dani has good instincts and notices small contradictions but she always brushes them off and holds onto her initial belief.


From thinking that Ruda is a girl to thinking she can’t be with any of the 4HKs. It’s clear that she notices there’s something between her and Cheonyoung but his early words were so ingrained in her mind that she shuts down any potential of it becoming romantic. She jumps into a relationship by volume 7 because she believes this is the best she can get and she wilfully ignores Lucas’ advice. This flaw is even more glaring in her interactions with Jiho. Often times, she unintentionally hurts him and pushes him away without realising his complicated feelings. (Funny how the other reader was angry at the 4HKs for ignoring her while not pointing out how she has not given Jiho an explanation nor an apology for her reactions in the party arc). Hell, she even got the whole genre of the original novel wrong.


Her convictions are born as coping mechanism. In order to protect herself from getting hurt by failed expectations and uncertainties, she puts up a wall and detaches herself from her friends like an omniscient reader. This is reasonable but it’s also deservedly called out in the novels. This is one of the big plot points: Dani needs to see her friends beyond tropes. She needs to understand that they are not dictated by the original plot but are acting with their own will and she, too, can take control of her life and actively chooses what she truly desires. The “laws” is a metaphor for the mental fortress that keeps her always at a distance from her friends.

Dani is also NOT a Mary Sue. Please check the definition first before throwing the word around. Dani’s not always right and got correctly called out by the villain. She has a pretty bad inferiority complex that prevents her from ever deciding on anything for the longest time and she knows it herself. She knows that she’s so painfully average and weak and it makes her feel inadequate to the guys who are in love with her. It only changed a bit after volume 14.

Because the novel is written in 1st POV for the most part, it’s kind of obvious that we’re viewing the world through her eyes but I don’t ever think it revolves around her or to the point that people say it does because while Dani is still involved in most situations, she’s really not the destination nor the final answer for almost everyone’s issues. Dani lends people her hand but it really comes down to their own resolves.

To be frank, I don’t think the previous review even read the whole series before commenting on how convenient the ending is nor truly understands the characters’ journey. The novel series has strong foreshadowing and set up. For example, Yu Han Ryeo already hinted the possibility of what happens in the final arc by introducing the method in volume 10, reinforcing the idea in volume 13, explaining it in volume 14 and then finally making it happen in probably what is volume 16 (to be published physically). It is the build-up that makes this arc unique, not that that act itself is unique.

The natural progression of the novels leads to a great conclusion against the severe losses all of these characters suffer, some definitely lose so much more than the others. The way Dani, who was initially so protective of herself that she hurts others, now chooses to pursue the people she loves even if she got hurt shows how far she has come. The way the endgame was willing to make such a drastic decision in such a short span of time showed how far he has come as well because it was his lack of acceptance for the irrational and the fear of failures that prevented him from truly pushing forwards.

If anything, it’s the special ending that is convenient because it introduced a whole different mechanics to satisfy the fans. The author said it herself: she didn’t like the special ending because it goes against Dani’s growth.

Personally, it is also unnecessarily cruel to Jiho specifically considering his resolve in that non-canon ending obliterate his growth before volume 15.


In summary, I do think that this is the best slice of life novel of this isekai trope because it discusses the theme of free will and the detriments of meritocracy on children along the way most deeply. The romance is well-developed because it is the extension of the narrative. It can get awfully slow at times like volume 7-9 but it is never really useless because Yu Han Ryeo was really hammering it down on how these events matter. Honestly, I am baffled with how misunderstood this series can get considering how the author often practically spoon-fed the readers. <<less
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Feb 11, 2020
Status: c194
This is a story about a girl who all of a sudden enters a new world, a web novel if you will, and about her struggles to get used to it.

She manages to make friends and you get to follow them and their heartwarming friendship around in their daily lives.

Originally I read the manhwa, got addicted and looked for more.
While it has its flaws, it's not an exaggeration when I say this is the best thing I've read in a long time!

There's character development, main character isn't a Mary... more>> Sue, no one's 2D and there are no stereotypical villains.
My fav part is just her friend circle, they're amazingly supportive and funny and upsetting all at once.

The only thing I don't really like is how dense the MC is. Like I find some denseness cute and relatable, but... Gah.

She will explain everything as if it circles around the web novel, even with her friends. It makes it feel like she doesn't see them as people and she forgets that fact. You often hear her make up stories about the 'female protagonist' and 'male leads' in her mind. Sometimes it can be funny, though. Other times it's frustrating.

Like, when a character was introduced in her new class, she was convinced the person wearing a male school uniform was a girl because she couldn't see an Adam's apple. She's convinced a 2nd female protagonist has appeared, and doesn't mind when the person get close and cuddle her all the time. She's still holding on to that belief 100 chapters later even though she got a kiss on the cheek, and things like 'Let's date' & 'I like you' has been said "jokingly". It feels a little washed out.


Then... The romance part.


Is the typical where MC becomes the protagonist and innocently steals the harem. Cmon, you really gonna catch 'em all? Not that I mind harem.

It's very slow romance though, nothing certain yet even though the ML is quite obvious, and I really like the pace it's been going so far.


Her best friend, the "female lead", is really sweet too. She basically has the biggest crush on MC, it's unstoppable and I ship it.

Anyway it's been a really, really nice read for me and I want more. <<less
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Aug 21, 2020
Status: c369
I like the manhwa but I hate the novel. She overthinks too much. She's very disappointing.

When the 4 bastards ignored her


they just ignored her when they found out dan-i was dating yeo dan, and didn't giver proper explanation. I mean she deserve that explanation.

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Apr 11, 2020
Status: --
I gotta say, wow! I stumbled upon a gem! I'm a real ruscker for selfless and sincere characters, so my seal of approval for Ham Dan-I. I'm not talking about the forced, 2D, tactless MCs where the author literally tells you "this person is nice and selfless to a fault, " but actual sincere characters. What I really enjoy about this story is the author's attempts to flesh out the main characters. The basis of the Four Heavenly Kings and the supposed main FL of the web novel world are... more>> 2D characters. They're specced perfectly with flawless intelligence and looks, but also equipped with nonsensical weaknesses. But over the course of the novel, their interactions with each other and Ham Dam-I have gradually started to turn them 3D. I really enjoy that change. Ham Dam-I is also somewhat nonsensical, but most of that forced ignorance comes from the fact that she struggles to come to terms with the world she lives in. This is literally the first novel in which the protagonist doesn't go "oh I'm in a novel world!" and is completely fine with it after three seconds. Being slice of life, I think the author did well turning the transmigration into the driving force of the novel. It's very novel. <<less
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Apr 10, 2020
Status: c242
I read the manhwa version first, and then I can't stand the cliff so I go to read the novel version. It's so good. It's even better than the manhwa

The downside of this novel is, You can't help but ship MC with all of his friend ?. Maybe even ship MC with heroine ?

But because of a certain event, I end up shipping MC with Ji Ho. My boy deserve to be happy (╥﹏╥)

Even though MC is a dense girl, and I often hate dense girl, I can't... more>> help but understand her point of view, and tolerate the reason why she didn't see them as a male. Heck! Even her consider them as her best friends is already that hard for her to think that one day she will dissapear and they will forget her (╯︵╰,)

For this reason alone, I like the son more than the other. He is my favorite character <<less
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Apr 04, 2020
Status: c202
I am hooked at this novel. I came from Chapter 47 of the manga and binged this all the way to chapter 200+. Its all still as captivating and amazing. The characters are all so deep. And their arcs can really trigger all sorts of emotions inside me. It was a good read and I had a hard time putting it down.

It's really unexpected for a run-of-the-mill shoujo type of setting. Though Dan-I can have her quirks (like others said, being really dense), for me, it's totally understandable. I love... more>> how level-headed and at some point, real this protagonist is. She's not all positive and bright but with her feet on the ground. Thank you for translating this and for the author for creating such a beautiful story.

Oh this novel is my gateway to the world of webnovels. I look forward to more. :) <<less
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Mar 05, 2020
Status: c160
I love this novel and manhwa so much even though Ham Dani can be extremely dense sometimes. She knows that she's in a novel and can't get out of thinking that the reason everything happens is because theres a plot tying them together. It's frustrating to read but at the same time it's understandable. Her role in the novel was supposed to only be a side character to th heroine. However her 'world view' can lead to really funny sections like when

... more>>

The white hair guy confessed to her and her immediate reaction was to go to the hospital to give blood in case she needs it in the future cos apparently, one of the main characters dying to due an illness is a common trope. Luckily I don't really ship them together or I'd would have been so upset that she only thought it was a joke sinces he's the main male lead.

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Oct 03, 2021
Status: c574
The Law of Webnovels is an amazing, very recommended coming-of-age novel about a girl who comes to recognize her self-worth. Most of the bad reviews here are due to opinions or misunderstandings. This book is an emotional journey of realistic (?) characters who have their own flaws and grow to overcome them.

This book is for people who:

  • Like deep novels
  • Want a realistic main character with flaws and quirks
  • Are fine with a slow burn
  • Like character growth
  • Enjoy novels centering around deep friendships
  • Don't mind slight cliches
    • Elaborating on this, the main character is put in a book full of cliches that do happen. However, her take on these cliches, in my opinion, is what makes it not feel as a cliche.
  • Like comedy
Addressing specific complaints about this book:

  • The main character is too dense:
    • The main character is not exactly dense. It is more that she sees this book as a novel and tries to stick to such. As Baiichi's beautiful comment explained, Dan-I is blinded by her belief of her being in a novel, which was firmly implanted to her after believing so for 3-4 years, along with her large inferiority complex
  • The main character is a mary sue:
    • Okay. I don't really get where this is even coming from. The main character was never portrayed as a mary sue at all. Unless this is deeper in where it hasn't been translated to English yet, however, I doubt that. The giant chunk of this novel is Dan-I's inferiority complex and how average she is. I don't see any way in which Dan-I can be called a Mary Sue.
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Dec 10, 2020
Status: c396
At first I loves this manhwa so much (the real reason was bec of YooChunYoung), so I decided to read to novel too. But when im in the middle of it, sometimes I can't figure the fML personalities.

When I reached those chapters in middle (300+) the author keeps on making the fML point of view always not knowing anything (dense).

... more>>

It was fine at first, but then the fML keep thinking how she doesnt deserve it or anything, I rlly cant read it anymore seriously. This personalities of hers' made other characters suffer.



I read some spoilers since im not gonna continue this novel, and I found out that in the end other characters forgot abt her and I think she deserved it.


But no offense, im just gonna drop this novel, the manhwa i'll still continue bec the art is so beautiful. And another reason i'll continue the manhwa was bec usually the manhwa will be kinda different from novel. <<less
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I have read this long time ago.... Im hurt,


the fact that my ship doesn't sail although they had more chemistry than the ML here. And to the point that they all forgot about her like WHYYYY?!

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May 05, 2021
Status: --
I really loved this one at first but then the story became what it was trying to mock—that TL trope.

There are times that I understand why MC acts in the annoying ways she does, suddenly coming to a different world, not knowing when they will forget about her, the author has done great in showing the characters' fear over these. Like Du Ze from TRAP, she always tries to observe, remaining as a reader and never actually involving herself.

But then she did involve herself. Just not with the 'main characters'.... more>> And what pissed me was that for the majority of the novel she remained dense (chose to) to the fact that she was actually someone important to them. Just like she feared going back to her world one day, they also stressed that she will leave. If she thought so much so why not actually act cleverly?

And the ending was just convenient. Don't get me wrong but it was good. But the love triangle formed at the start was ended this way was what seemed convenient. I like good plots but having useless romance thrust in makes my mood sour.


Her relationship with yeodan... it was pointless. She didn't have any character development too after that.



the part where everyone forgets about her was unique. And even though Eunhyung didn't have to suffer because of being SML but it wasn't fair for him just forget everything. It wasn't fair for anyone.

From the start Hami felt indecisive towards Jiho, which makes me think if not for the ending would she try to be with him (coz she actually loved him
) or a yeodan will repeat.


Loved the unique plot and the friendships. especially between Hami, yeo ryeong, and jooin. MC was flawed, real- how a teenager should be. But her character growth was very slow for me.

It would have been a 5-star if the author didn't make the whole world revolve around MC and insert that awkward meaningless love triangle. <<less
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Apr 18, 2022
Status: c476
i love this novel but I kinda stopped reading at 476-ish, because I cannot stand it when the group had conflicts. Because I love their dynamic and never wanted to see them separate like that. its just too painful to read because I was too immersed in their friendship I guess

... more>>

yea I'm talking about when MC got a boyfriend. The aftermath was hell. They weren't as close as before. And like, , the boyfriend isn't even a bad guy-


do read with the well-being of your heart in mind, is what I wanna say.

anyway- other than that, the comedy was nice. The group's occasional existential crisis too. It's honestly a fun concept. Author knows how to juggle between the contrasting tones (comedy, tragedy/angst).

tbh I do love the romance between MC and the two original mls. Both has their charms in it.

but then again, mc's boyfriend is okay too


im definitely going to pick it up again when the novel ends because I am curious and care too much about them, I just wanna know how long I need to suffer through the angst <<less
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