The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love


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The obsessed Big Brother, the loyal God, the yandere Vampire, the cold Honor’s Student…

When a grand variety of Prince Charmings arrive continuously, what should a person feel like? Luo Liyan held her poor aching waist, raised her head to the skies and sighed, give them to whoever wants them!

“What, want to run after seducing me?” That man with strong possessiveness approached little by little, trapping her in a corner. “Little Yan, what type do you like? I can always satisfy you, as long as you stay at my side!”

Looking at that man who seemed more devilish the more he smiled, Luo Liyan trembled as she hugged herself.

Cries… So terrifying. Who the hell forcefully gave and took like this guy?

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Aytise rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Here's a review by a reader called Nokita on the NovelUpdates forum:

The first thing that attracted me to this novel was people saying that the MC chooses to stay with ML on her own record. Afterwards were reviews of people praising this novel and saying it was very good. Then I began reading it and... well...

Goodbye sleep, we were never really close but it was so good to be with you. But sadly my new love has called me.

I can almost feel the ache in my eyes. This... more>> novel has over 2000 chapters and counting, and I read about 1100 chapters in like a week and do not regret every second of it. (Except maybe when I have to get up for work.)

Luo Liyan, our MC of this novel, is a girl who died in an airplane crash and was latched on by System 666, who belongs to an organization called more or less Reincarnation Department, who are in charge of your usual take in Quick Transmigration novels. MC has to collect points (which they refer as Golden Beans) to resurrect, and for that she has to complete her missions in every world. If she fails a mission she isn't killed, she just has to do 3 missions for the Reincarnation Department, without being 'paid'.


There seems to be something deeper to this, however. A lot of arcs inside the novel, we eventually learn that all this world hoppings is not just a mindless hopping for points.

At one point in time, MC seems to have suffered great damage in her soul and all this is actually to repair and heal her, though MC has no knowledge of it, and no memories of ML, who seemed to have known her before the Quick Transmigration arcs start, and sometimes mentions of his regrets, how it was his fault for loosing her, and such such such, causing her to get hurt and nearly die.

I'm not far enough to learn what actually happened, but I smell something fishy.


A week into the novel, 1100 chapters in and... I'm sorry but my head is swimming. I mean it didn't seem much at first but then as the arcs went on I really fell in love with it, despite thinking I wouldn't like a particular arc, but then I read and read and went "damn I love this setting".

The titles often fooled me tbh. Didn't think it was an ancient setting until I began reading it.

The System allows MC a sort of "Golden Finger" once a day at the cost of Golden Beans, which allows her, as its name suggests, to do sh*t like disappearing, healing her wounds, wishes, etc etc etc. It sounds OP as hell, but it's actually not, as at the same time MC can't do anything drastic in front of everyone, and suspicion cast upon her real identity (people realizing she is not the real host, too obvious acts that would spill the existence of outer forces, etc) can cause her to be automatically ejected from a mission, causing a Failure. And things like "I wish world peace happens" or "I want the beauty standard of everyone to go zero" and "Make him 10000% genius" are literally impossible. I thought this setting would make me "..." but it actually fits in so well with everything and doesn't really hinder my feelings while reading?

MC's memories are erased every end of the arc, but this doesn't make me want to punch System. System, at the end of arc 1, asks her if she wants to stay or leave, and tells her that she has to burn off Golden Beans to stay. It warns her of how worthless it is, as her memories are automatically sealed off after each arc, but MC loves ML enough to agree to such conditions.

MC continues every world with awareness of her memory loss, and it isn't angering to me, it is actually pretty chill, This makes the novel sort of like MC is not the sole person trying to seduce/counterattack the ML, especially as her missions go from specifically counterattacking ML to doing generic missions, in which ML is the one trying to chase MC, who didn't really meant for a relationship but fell in love with ML anyways.

The first time it happened it shook something in me, because there, right there, is MC and ML falling in love without any outer purpose like a mission of counterattacking. They fell in love JUST BECAUSE and not because some mission pulling the strings. Or well, MC sometimes has missions that relate to ML, but she isn't obligated to fall in love with him or be in a relationship with him and she chooses to anyway, out of her own free will, and I love it.

The MC of this novel is an okay person. Isn't Holy Maria but isn't a psychopathic heartless bastard. Can be at some things and really scary if time calls for it. Furious and vengeful if some revenge targets of the hosts are specially a**holes. Has okay-ish three views. Like... She isn't going to suddenly pick up some chopsticks and gauge someone's eyes out. She isn't gonna be apathic poker face at someone being tortured. Etc. Has emotions. Smiles and laughs and gets angry and gets speechless and has normal emotional functions. Isn't heartless to ML. Basically hasn't really checked off negative marks in my book, aside from the fact that she doesn't kill and doesn't allow ML to kill (as it would make her points decrease depending on how many he killed), and other such ruthless acts that would certainly make everything easier. She's sometimes 'manipulative', but her real emotions and reactions to anything make up for it.

The ML is a psychopathic Yandere, simply put. In almost all of the arcs he is.... really abnormal. Sometimes even antagonistic-evil, even. He has no morals to speak of in many arcs, is okay with killing people, is okay with torturing people, is okay with causing gruesome deaths and inflict a lifetime of suffering on others. Possessive of MC and loves her to death, is a living can of vinegar, gets jealous of anything, and once his arc selves fall in love with her it's like face has gone to the gutter as he's shameless in begging for affection and sticky to her and all. Of course, his personality might be different depending on the arc, but it's mostly a matter of "What is his Yandere meter now and how obsessed he is with MC currently".

ML mentions he is willing to supress this part of him if it was for MC.

Oh, and the Reincarnation Department is batsh*t scared of ML. After some particular arcs where it's Bad Ending, ML often ends up destroying half of the organization in his anger before the boss manages to stop his rampage with MC entering the next world....

The personalities of MC and ML are somewhat... different. I hesitate it to call it "on different side of spectrums", but it seems to be it, almost, as MC isn't a trigger-happy murderer and ML is a 100000% psycho. However this doesn't turn me off. This author writes the perfect balance between a ML and MC, one who is obsessed to the point of madness and the other who is almost a normal person.

MC loves ML, but as her memories are sealed, that love has to grow 'from the start' in every arc as she doesn't know ML. She thinks for herself, has logic, has a brain, doesn't ignore the cliches in novels, I LOVE HER though I actually like the ML more (sometimes, anyways).

Forgive the above paragraphs, I actually suck at trying to explain the fluffy goodness of ML and MC, but it's really, really good. Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes it's touching, sometimes it's heartbreaking, most of the time it's fluffy and good and nice and LOOOOVEEE.

The thing I love the most is how much ML cares for MC and how he shows it. He is a cold, ruthless, heartless monster to others, but in front of MC he is just so excited and loving and puppy-ish and all.

As for the plot itself... The arcs are actually a little longer than what I'm used to, one particular arc even reaching near 100 chapters to finish, but I didn't even notice the length until I reached the ending and realized the next arc was starting. It was that good to me.

The arcs all have their traits, the plot devices are also different and easy to differ from each other, it's really smooth and even though it should have made me "Hey this is going too fast" it was so nice I didn't notice at all that only a few hours passed in the novel because so many things changed with MC and ML and it wasn't bothering at all?? Some arcs particularly stand out from cliche plots of other Quick Transmigrations, such as this arc where MC technically time-travels for a few hours or where ML is a chemical genius, or that one where ML, uh, gouged out the eyes of a doctor who was stunned by MC's looks.

....I did mention he was psycho, did I not?

Almost all of the arcs are Happy Endings, with one or two Mixed Endings, and a few Bad Endings.

Sorry for not aqccurately explaining what makes this novel so good (IT IS REALLY GOOD). Reading so much so many novels mix in my head together. Also 1100 or so chapters after and my pea brain can only focus on one arc at a time so I might have forgotten some details again.

Also, finally decided to catch some sleep IT'S A LIE so, yep.

"Versatile", "alive" and "free style" are words that comes to mind when I ponder over this novel, though. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: c1500
This is a pretty romantic book. The MC is exceedingly normal but learns skills as she levels up. ML is a straight up Yandere. NOT abusive at all, more like a loyal woof-woof. The worlds are a mixture of generic and different. There are a couple of who-done-it (murder mystery worlds) which are good. Descriptions can become kind of gory. No smut so to speak.

I would totally recommend reading this novel!
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Alazycatwantstoread rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: Completed
I absolutely loved it!! Moreover, almost all of the arcs end in a happy ending. The ML is also the same person.


One of my favourite arcs is when the quest was to avoid the ML, become her own gold lord and no longer rely on men to live and somehow the ML falls deeply in love with her anyways.

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MyOTPisbooksxme rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c13
@crystalwings left a comment:

"A well written story, just the plot made me feel a bit off at some points. It's not quite to the point of dislike, but it just wasn't right. It could simply be a matter of my personal taste, I guess. A pretty okay read if you have some spare time."

I understood after a few chapters what it was that felt off at least from my own perspective, the MC is a bit dumb in her approach to get the ML attention saying any impression is even... more>> a bad one is better than none and then uses crasshing into his car while drunk as a means to do it? Then she seems to have no clear or concrete plan and is just there.
Then again there's the male leads impression of her which seems to see her (at least in the first few chapters of the first arc) as a dumb, careless person and his liking of her only seems to increase when she looks hot.
Again these are just my opinions and I'm sure this book is good to some people but as a first impression the MC didn't attract me. Oh, the translation is good though. <<less
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Maiasia rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: c5
Not a fan of tsundere heroes. Not a fan of not so brilliant heroines. Whether it was a ploy or not to get with the ML and achieve her task, the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way, BUT I am into yanderes so maybe I will stockpile chapters... The three stars is for my current dislike of the chapters. I'll change it accordingly with more chapters.
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November 26, 2020
Status: --
Oh please! Spare us some unhealthy relationship.

On further chapters the entanglement of the MC and ML seems abnormal in a proper sense. If we look closely at MC, she develop subconciously or by habit a symptoms a stockholm syndrome patient should have. And that is not a good sign.

Well, not to be surprise as both of them are mentally ill and that is their romantic pleasure.😒🙄🤔
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crystalwings rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c189
A well written story, just the plot made me feel a bit off at some points. It's not quite to the point of dislike, but it just wasn't right. It could simply be a matter of my personal taste, I guess. A pretty okay read if you have some spare time.
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MeowMeowMeow rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: --
( ̄^ ̄) Drop -

There are so many plot holes. The plot doesnt make sense, like the author is writing whatever it comes to their mind.

I also can't say that the novel is bad - the FL and ML interaction are cute. Their romance is also fast paced.

Maybe its only me- who doesn't find the novel interesting.... Meow~
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Nelle rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: c4933
More than 5000 chapters in and it's still ongoing!! Gosh there's too many chapters. Author has to know when to stop. I've put c4933 as the placeholder, but actually I skipped A LOT of arcs.

The three stars is because the start is actually good, maybe the first 10 arcs? MC has a personality of putting herself first. If the ML is bad, she will not stay (although she stayed for every arc lol, but there's some twists to that at the start). The ML has the same soul and there... more>> are arcs where he has a memory of the worlds, but most of the time he does not have it. As the MC accomplishes more tasks for the Rebirth Club, she will gain fragments of her memory (more of a general memory though, not detailed). Anyway, it started out so good, but as the story lengthens, it started getting bad.

Eventually, I had to skip plenty of arcs that I find uninteresting and only read the ones that piqued my interest. There are two arcs that I hated, if you come across these arcs, it's best to skip it:


1. The arc where ML is a very rich man and he ordered his subordinates to destroy MC's knee caps as well as disfigure her face. ML has been very abusive throughout the arc and he imprisoned her. It's not the cute yandere type, but just straight out a person who deserves to be in jail. The part that I hated the most is she stayed in that world for him, just because he's the guy who's been in love with her for several worlds already. Gosh *eyerolls*

2. The arc where ML is overly possessive - the mentally ill kind, he has paranoia. He monopolized MC from gradeschool, prevents her from having friends, changed her class (from literature to science) without her permission just so they still become classmates. He makes decisions for MC without consulting MC. He even prevented MC from getting news about an ex-friend, and intercepted her letter. Again, MC stayed in the world for him. I really don't like that her reason is because (again) he's been in love with her across several worlds already.

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Liuser133 rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c44
Illogical is all I can say. The MC and ML's emotional progression and interactions make no sense at all. I really don't have high expectations for most QTs since I read them to kill time but wow I cringed through the first arc and then had to drop.
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Donnali2004 rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: c666
So there is one of the reviews up by Aytise, and it was basically saying how the reincarnation department is afraid of the ML. At first, I thought she was calling the ML unreasonable, but after seeing how the system 666 treated the FML, I think it's pretty fair. Anyway's it is a very good novel to read if you enjoy world-hopping and sometimes fluff sometimes straight-up psycho. If you're like me and prefer to just mtl the raws afterward, be warned. There's like 4000+ chapters and I believe it's... more>> still ongoing. <<less
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