The Last Surviving Alchemist Wants to Live Quietly in the City


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The Kingdom of Endalgia was destroyed by rampaging monsters coming from the Demon Forest.

The alchemist, Mariela, was able to escape almost certain death by using the “Magic Circle of Suspended Animation.” Although it was somewhat inadvertent, she awoke nearly 200 years later, in a time where all other alchemists had died out.

A labyrinth was left where the demons had stampeded through. In this labyrinth, a city formed from what little remained of the Kingdom of Endalgia. Its purpose was to manage the Demon Forest.

In this city, the only remaining potions were decades old and the effectiveness of these potions had deteriorated. This caused the price of potions to increase by nearly 100 times.

Mariela became the only alchemist left in the city able to make potions. This story is about Mariela secretly selling potions while trying to relax and enjoy life in the labyrinth city.

Associated Names
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Ikinokori Renkinjutsushi wa Machi de Shizuka ni Kurashitai
The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life
The Survived Alchemist With a Dream of Quiet Town Life.
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TerraCeline rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c3
This is a very cute story so far. Reminds me of Miniature Garden Chemister. I love potion making stories and stories where the MC is very self sufficient, similar to the witch of 300 years killing slimes... etc. I think the translator is doing a good job at keeping the nuances, wit, and humor of the story. Mariela looks to be very likeable 3 chapters in. I'm ready for more!
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Bizmatech rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: c14
The slice of life aspect is fine, but the rest is rather subpar.

1. Lots of inconsistencies.

She is a completely average alchemist... except when the author wants her to do something cool. Then she's an amazing alchemist without peer.

... more>> Sometimes she needs to spend time and effort to make an important potion that does something. Other times she uses magic to produce the same effect and it's treated like no big deal.

2. The magic and alchemy system is overcomplicated to the point that even the author can't understand it, which leads to a lot of point 1.


Mandrake, mandragora, and alraune are the same exact plant. Different languages have different words for it, but because the plant is famous they are all commonly used. The author however, either doesn't realize this, or doesn't care because...


3. The author seems to love showing off how much fantasy there is in this fantasy world.

Why do anything the normal way when you can do it with magic? Don't know how something worked in the medieval/renaissance era? Who cares? Replace it with a magical version of modern tech and nobody will notice. Just make sure to tell them that it's powered by magic stones so they don't get suspicious.


And seriously, what's with Japanese author's obsessions with having their characters eat orc meat? It's basically one step away from cannibalism, and there's no way you can convince me that's healthy.


4. The rest of the worldbuilding is rather meh, and equally inconsistent.

The very existence of this city seems questionable. At first, it was explained as a city of opportunity where everyone was welcome. Later the MC remembers it as a place where only refugees or the equally desperate would come. How this place became a capital is beyond me. Now, the city is controlled by the neighboring empire because... reasons. They seem to spend more money on the place than it's worth. Its only purpose is to contain a labyrinth that's so remote that most adventurers don't bother to visit. It produces no goods of value, and the few things it has worth trading rarely leave the place, again due to its remote and dangerous location. If the city was abandoned overnight, nothing of value would be lost.

5. s*ave magic.

It's a crap gimmick. Does no one realize how incredibly dangerous this is? All it would take is one person abusing it, building up a secret s*ave cult to take over a kingdom. This could easily be a 40k Chaos heresy level nightmare, but nope. Everyone just treats FREAKING MIND CONTROL magic like it's a perfectly normal thing instead of the absolute horror that it is. This is the sort of thing that could fuel the premise of an entire series, but here it's just a convenient way for the MC to meet her husband, and will probably never be important in the future. <<less
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c20
This is clearly a shoujo novel and should be tagged as such.

This is the story of the last surviving alchemist, well.. Only the last one in this city, and then again, not really, there's a family that was the pinnacle of the alchemist families before her suspended animation and it's apparently still there, they're just selling lower quality potions, clearly a scheme to earn more money.

The alchemy system in itself is dumb, to become an alchemist you have to enter a contract with some spirit of the mana vein or... more>> w/e they call it in this novel, to be able to use special spells, these spells is what alchemy is all about, there's also processing the materials, but that's done with spells as well. This is the reason there are none in this city, they can't find the spirit after a monster stampede annihilated most of the population. All of this is probably a mechanism to make it more "unique", but in the end the author could just have extended it to 1.000 years instead of 200 years in the future and make it a completely lost art, it just makes no sense.

there are inconsistencies in this novel too, for some reason she has a lot more mana after waking up, this is all well and good and it's hinted at on several occasions, yet when she makes a certain potion, that she should be able to make before the suspended animation, yet for some reason she's faint from using too much mana. Then there's the fact that the MC goes around saying someone else has no negotiation skills while freely giving away 10% of all her profits for free, even after the other party gave her a clear offer that was clearly more advantageous for her. <<less
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LionessLover rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: LN2
I have to wonder just how some people who write long reviews actually read? I now read both LN-books, the official quality translations. Just as an example, but there are many more, the last paragraph in the review of @2Girls1Cupcake is complete hogwash! 1) The only time she faints after exhausting her mana is when she produces large amounts of glass. 2) She is use to it, it was part of her training by her master who when she was a child made her learn to gradually extend her mana... more>> capacity by pretty much daily exhausting her mana and fainting, and he made it all in a play so that the child that she was back then didn't see this as hard work but as part of play. So she takes this into account, knows it - but just doesn't care too much that she will faint. She forgets to tell the guy who is with her but that is a different problem. 3) Her mana capacity is through the roof because a) it was pretty high for her age to begin with because of that training from early age, but more important b) because she spent 200 years suspended between live and death, and it is explained that the only two methods to extend ones mana capacity are by exhausting your mana (and fainting and feeling not so good) again and again and again every day for many years, which her master managed to make her do in a playful way that she didn't experience as hard, and second the more time you spend between life and death. She had both. So now her mana is "red" - off the scale.

Another complaint in a review was that the MC wasn't good at negotiating. This complaint completely ignores the story!!! Even though it's true, that's only for her "pre-hibernation" life and shortly thereafter. Once she is settled, she very deliberately does not want to charge ridiculous prices, even if they are achievable. And aside from whatever her personal attitude and reasons for this, it also makes logical sense from an educated and cool-headed onlookers perspective. She already lives in a mansion, even in a one of a kind location with a unique sacred tree. If she made the maximum money possible, just because it's possible does not mean it's good. The local economy is tiny - just that small city, and few connections to the rest of the country. Monopolizing a lot of the money supply that would just end up lying in some hole doing nothing would cause a lot of bad feelings and unrest. It's like the eternal US trade deficit, only far far worse. Only ignorant and economically uneducated children reviewers complain about her "ignorance" of not charging the monopoly prices that she could achieve. It is far more important to have the ability to always be able to create a steady revenue stream over having assets. Especially in an uncertain world as that fantasy world, where everything can be gone overnight. The girl has that ability. Even if there was the full competition of her "pre-hibernation" life, we learn she barely scraped by only because nobody believed she could do what she actually could do because of her young age. Now she has connections and makes all the money she wants even from her non-alchemy activities, so by only using 10% of herself.

Or reviewer @Bizmatech first point already "1. Lots of inconsistencies" -- which makes no sense whatsoever. What story did that reviewer actually read??? Or his 5. Point about the s*ave magic, showing he DID NOT READ THE NOVEL (speed-reading while forgetting most or not comprehending in the first place does not count as reading). It is explained that the s*ave magic can only be used by very, very few people, that they are found and selected from very early on in life, and that they are specially trained and themselves bound. They cannot do as they please! The government recognized the danger of those individuals and took great pains of controlling what they do!

I recommend the light novels/books, the translation is good too. Two available in English of four total (it says here on this page).

The story is along the lines of the usual RPG game aligned stories, with the labyrinth spawning monsters (the forest too), dungeon levels and their respective ever more powerful level end bosses have to be defeated, you are a certain level, appraisals of you and of items, magic, potions, orcs, etc etc. - The setting is as standard as it gets.

So far so boring. HOWEVER, if you are willing to read yet another such story in such a setting at all, try this one. It is the least obtrusive one where the story telling covers those (for me: hated) game aspects.

Where this novel is especially strong is that it gives you a feeling for how hard the MC had to work to get to where she is. This is completely unlike many stories where all they do is chant something or use some easy magic and there's the result, effortlessly. During the course of the story you learn more and more about her training. Also, because all the processes and ingredients are described with so much detail, even though it's way too much for me to want to learn about some artificial world, it does however have the effect to show the effort that goes into this "alchemy" thing.

As I said, I did skip a lot, the author went to great lengths to invent ingredient names and recipes and all such details. I still enjoyed the story enough to read both LN books in two days, and it really is a lot. I only skipped small sections with such invented details that I don't want to burden my poor head with, not full pages, so I did follow the story itself to the end. Even skipping those details, they do help with the overall feel though, for example getting a feel for how much it really is that the girl knows and learned from her genius master (genius both because he was so good but also because he was an amazing teacher finding ingenious teaching methods). <<less
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This Guy
This Guy rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c29
I really enjoyed what I read, but was once again disappointed that the translator dropped the series (web novel) because Yen Press is translating and selling the Light Novel. They are different from each other, and the web novel has so much more content available. This sort of thing happens a lot, though. Reading from the raws is still possible, but certainly more work.
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May 13, 2018
Status: c10
I really realllyyy love this!!! Although it's just starting and the first 10 chaps is like an introduction (kinda), it has a really great plot similar to those stories with normal MCs that somehow became OP in a degraded version of their normal world or err timeline (?)

... more>>

Sieg is such a cutie that doesn't deserve that treatment at all!! I liked mariela and his interaction, tho it still a few you could already see that they would have a superr loyal servant and easy going friendly master relationship in the future. Though I hope that sieg becomes a bit tough (?) Or more reasponsible I guess in the future because mariela seems kinda naive to me and I felt she was being duped by those black iron transportation mercenaries (?) At one point. I just don't like the fact that she easily agreed to what those guys said, I just need seig to be open minded and not naive. Pls. T.T


I don't usually read novels that just started translating so I put this off for a few weeks but still, I couldn't help reading it despite knowing it will make me cry when I ran out of chapters to read (which it did). I reallyy hate that it still doesn't have a fixed update schedule and not knowing if the translator would continue this or not so I reallyyy hope you stay strong on this translator-sannn!!! I'll support you all the way!!! <<less
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Chrysanthemum Kiss
Jase Aniban rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: v1c6
I do hope that the translations for this novel will push through. I dont usually read novels just starting out because the waiting time will frustrate me. But since it's alchemy and female MC, I indulged with it. It is ver promising and looks like it is a story of wits. Pleeaaase dont abandon this translator samaaaa 😙😙
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November 19, 2018
Status: c25
It has a similar vibe to the Atelier video game franchise so fans of the game would no doubt enjoy it. From the ridiculous on the sly innuendos, a troublesome Master, dodgy useless adults; I like it so far!

... more>>

It makes me think having the characters visit a shop with the name "Meruru" is a deliberate reference from the author. Mariela reminds me most of Rorona (Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland). Just with a bit more spunk. It doesn't help that she has a handsome man following after her lmao.


About the man depicted on the cover alongside our girl:


Our man (?) Sieg has done a lot of s*upid things in his life thanks to his blessed circumstances as a person with a spirit eye. Once the thing that made him special was gone, his arrogance further doomed him in a life of servitude as a s*ave. He made a lot of s*upid decisions and his gamble of saving his former Master's son caused a chain reaction that led him to meeting Mariela. While he was still over the moon at meeting his Goddess, Lynx decided to crash his delusions and make him truly question his life choices as a dedicated freeloader.

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