The Last Boss Witch Will Keep Her Past Self’s Crush Until Her Dying Day


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Sonia Carnelian is the only daughter of the Witch of Salvation. However, during the wedding ceremony that was done in accordance with the treaty, the Prince breaks their engagement, and she is condemned as an evil witch.

“In the original work, ‘the last boss’ will get angry, but I’m not that stupid.” ― Sonia escapes the crisis with the knowledge of “anime” gained by peering through the previous life. And she gets the Prince’s Knight in exchange for the insult.

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New Luukia rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c20
I love that the MC, ML, FL is not a good or a bad guy. Especially the MC. She's so much human than the other MC in another novel. I can relate to a lot of her thoughts. I mean, just being kind and pretty won't cut it to survive in this cruel world. You need to be able to be realistic. Yes, I think the MC is really realistic.
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PersonaJXT rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c53
This was more disappointing than anything else.

Complete at 50 main chapters, 14 side chapters, a smattering of extra chapters, and a few chapters of a sequel. It's the story of Sonia, the supposed last boss of an anime, who learns magic to be able to see into the past. She goes beyond the norm and ends up seeing her past life as an anime okaku girl that was a big fan of the anime that is apparently Sonia's current life. With the goal of avoiding her demise, Sonia strives to... more>> make sure things don't go the way of the anime. Things nonetheless progress like the anime despite her not being evil and going around killing people and she ends up arriving at the scene where Prince Rain breaks off their engagement - the start of the story proper. Influenced by her past life, she then takes Bill, the knight of the heroine's party wielding an anti-witch sword, as payment for Prince Rain's actions and then goes back home with him. Not everyone is satisfied with this though and plots abound as people work in the background for their own goals, entangling Sonia (and Bill) despite her general desire to just be left alone.

It had an interesting start (stereotypical for the genre, but interesting nonetheless) and some interesting twists early on, but then it just never stopped. The plot twists kept coming until it started feeling stale and convoluted more than interesting. When half the story is, "Oh, but what actually happened was..." over and over about the same things it starts getting rather annoying.

To give a spoiler example,

Sonia's mom is the witch that saved the country. But no, actually she's the witch that plotted to seize control of the country. But no, she ACTUALLY planned the war out to mitigate the losses to the country. But no, she really worked with the prince to overthrow the evil king. But no, she actually just wanted to get rid of a rival and steal her research. But no, actually... (not gonna spoil this one and beyond)

. It just goes on and on and on like that, right up till the end.

It doesn't help that the explanation the author relies on for half the plot points is that

they're not human (Sonia, Bill, Emelda, a lot of fathers, etc.)

and Sonia is surprisingly helpless despite supposedly being last boss level (constantly saved by Bill because there's a surprising amount of last boss level enemies out there for some silly reason) and it's really hard to enjoy the story. It felt more like the author started with a good idea but lost control as the story progressed until it just became an absolute mess. I especially didn't feel like the ending was very satisfying, especially with how in a strange parallel to the anime (that Sonia is the last boss of) most everyone except the main two characters gets pretty bitter endings, despite it being one of the points Sonia (and thus the author) went out of their way to say was something she was dissatisfied with.

Seriously, almost everyone ends up dead (pretty much all the fathers now that I think about it), effectively dead (Emelda, Rain, a certain "comrade", or grieving (maid, queen, merchant, etc.) in the end.


That's not to say I didn't have fun with it. I did finish the main story and did read some of the side chapters from the villain's point of view. But the more I read the less I enjoyed things to the point the only reason I finished was because I was already almost done anyways. The relationship between Sonia and Bill was fun at times, especially with how Sonia loved teasing him and stuff. Watching Bill fidget was pretty funny. I also enjoyed Emelda as an antagonist in the first half as it really felt like it was leading up to something interesting, though I felt the payoff was rather disappointing and full of plot contrivance.

I can't say reading this was a waste of time as I did finish it, but I also can't say I can recommend it at all. It tries too hard to have plot twists to the point the story is just a mess at the end. I'd say the first half is worth reading, but the second half drops the ball hard. There's currently a sequel in the works, but it's only a few chapters in and I haven't looked at it.

As for the translation, it looks okay. Maybe a "C-" or somewhere thereabout. One of the better examples of machine translation, but still machine translation nonetheless. There are a decent amount of inaccuracies, a lot of things that could've been translated better (missing nuance), and a lot of clunky English. More effort could be put into making things read more smoothly (because if you can't read Japanese you should at least make sure the English is at a high level), but it's far from unreadable and generally gets things correct enough. <<less
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digitalreader rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c2
I have only read the first 2 chapters released but I found the it interesting. It might be a bit too soon to judge but I think this novel deserves a chance.

The MC has her engagement broken on her wedding day... she spins things to her advantage
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cheeto rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: v1c6
Though it is kind of easy to foretell what will eventually happen by the end of the story, it is well written and translated. The chapters so far were easy to read, hopefully the characters will develop further as the chapters go on.

I'll give it a chance since it promises many bitter-sweet moments.
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zavita rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: c9
Interesting story equipped with a formidable protagonist who is able to maintain his common sense in difficult situations and respond perfectly. Also some mysteries that add color to the critics.

I hope the reason for the witch hunt done by the previous king was revealed.
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