The Landlady and The Amnesiac


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When it came to her fate, Luo Bei was the rare one in a million fated to be wealthy and high-ranking.

Luo Bei didn’t believe it at first, until one day she unexpectedly discovered:

The pitiful person next door who suffered under his biological mother’s abuse would become an overbearing CEO with power and influence.

The ill-fated pregnant lady downstairs was the cool CEO’s wife who ran away with his unborn child.

The sallow and emaciated youth living in the bas**ent was a superstar film emperor.

Most importantly, the amnesiac guy working in construction who Grandma picked up was actually an overbearing CEO.

Lastly, she realized she herself seemed to be…

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Tian Sheng Fu Gui Ming
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New kirtil
April 6, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a good novel.

A slice if life. No misunderstandings, no angst, no drama, good ML, good parents/grandparents, generally good characters. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs a pick me up or wants to read a low stakes, no drama and a laid back slice of life story.

The reason I rated it 3 is because as I continued reading, the high horse-yness started bothering me. This was a short novel, so it was too up in your face. As you read all the major characters felt like they were... more>> constantly giving you life lessons. Everything they say started to feel like a poster quote; so inspiring, so motivational. <<less
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Julianita rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: Completed
One thing in novels that I began to find uncomfortable were novels with female protagonists that had in their titles (even tho I have read some) :

  • "xxxx prime minister's 4th daughter"
  • "xxxx cold general's wife"
  • "xxxx demon emperor's wild concubine"
It looks like the value of the protagonists, from the start, is because she is a daughter, a wife, or a concubine. And this is linked with a powerful male.

When you see a male protagonist novel title, it's always emphasizing how domineering they are, how strong they are, how much potential they have. But why, when it's the turn of the female, it's linked to the success of a male?

I love this novel because even though you do have a powerful male, he isn't the sky, the worth, the goal of the female protagonist.

They are simply the best partners like the ML said one time:

"I work to grow a sugarcane field, you grow a watermelon field, isn't it best that we can grow our fields at the same time and I can have your watermelons and you can have my sugarcanes?"

Even if they, for some reason, could not be together in the end, the MC would undoubtedly shine. The ML was more than a partner, it was an inspiration, a mentor (and a brainwashing machine!). She was just a normal person with low goals that met someone that said to her, look, you can reach even higher. And after that, she pursued higher and higher goals and worked hard for it.

This novel is how two people from selling sugarcanes in the streets worked together to become overbearing presidents. The MC value was in herself only, and not in others, this was refreshing. And their relationship, this kind of romance, it's so rare that I was sad when I finished dreading. This is a type of history that I would love to read more.

This is definitely a must-read.
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Eclat123 rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel deserves nothing less than 5 stars. It's a well-written refreshing twist on the popular cliched novel cannon fodder and domineering CEO troupe. The plot is simply brilliant. The author introduced different arcs and supporting characters based on fictious novels that got the readers hooked with its great pacing. Its main idea itself is already very intriguing by bringing a bystander MC in between all those cliched mary sue and gary stu protagonists, but the way the author introduced each character was very noteworthy.

The main star in this novel... more>> are the characters. Every character in this story never followed the usual archetype, they have their own spunks and unique color. Even the side characters have enough depth and growth. There's absolutely no one-dimensional character here.

I especially like ML's character, an antisocial self-willed money-grubber (that sounds so distasteful, but that's truth lol). I love how, unlike other typical CN novels, the author focused on how MC and ML build their business literally from scratch while not downplaying their struggles. Maybe it's because I also experienced how hard it is to build a business from nothing with some friends, but this novel resonates a lot with me.

The romance is also very realistic. Despite the fact that ML is actually rich af, MC and ML got together because they've been through a lot and are the ones who understand each other the most. I love how there's no unrealistically obsessed villainous characters in the story. The people who held feelings for either MC or ML understood well when to give up and resolved everything amicably like irl.

The writing itself is light and and easy to follow since the author is quite experienced. Out of all the author's work, so far this is the best one yet. <<less
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MiyaMira rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Nice and simple read. There's not much drama, and I like all the characters. MC at first have the characteristic that we all can relate at one point in life: Fresh graduate looking for a job, and will be satisfied with a desk (or stable wage) job. After having a dream about the future of her tenants, she started to change subtly into a more thoughtful and mature person than before. As for ML, he is a rare personality even in real life. He's straightforward but still within politeness, very... more>> hardworking but knows when to rest, likes money but not exactly greedy, will give advice when you need it, etc., etc., definitely a trope for a perfect person. But when reading, you don't really feel he's so perfect because his personality just have enough imperfections like a normal human would. I love the positivity of the ML the most. It is amazing enough that he can easily brainwash people to follow him if he wants to. Overall great leisure read, my smile never left me throughout the whole novel. <<less
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crimsoniv0j rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I read the raws because the translated chaps seems so interesting. And I'm glad I did! This is hilarious, a new approach on cannon fodder view point.

This is gold! I didn't waste my time reading it. Totally recommended.

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Meatshield rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: Completed
As a rational person I adored this story!

The leads are just so sensible in how they approach everything so no one’s feelings get hurt unnecessarily. They’re not overly cautious but they know that they wouldn’t be happy together if certain obstacles in their path aren’t cleared before they official become a couple. Furthermore, because they fully trust one another there’s no unreasonable jealousy Or suspicion. The open and honest communication that they have is so enviable because we know that a breakdown in communication is what causes a lot of... more>> relationships to fail in fiction and irl.

It doesn’t sound very exciting on paper but honestly this story was so refreshing because it depicted actual smart and logical people approaching romance. There’s no magic switch that flips that makes them fall for one another. Everything is gradual and natural.

Anyways, I stan representations of normal functioning adults dating! Read this story! <<less
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Pezwitch rated it
June 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Most realistically romantic CNovel I’ve read

FL and ML trust each other, they have actual conversations, they support each other, they didn’t fall in love at first site

I read all three translators and I suggest reading Wanderers translation from chapter one, it is excellent. The others leave out some scenes so it doesn’t make sense at times

Highly Recommended
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluesonnet rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
If you're looking for an intense, steamy romance, look elsewhere. Having said that, this story was a pleasant surprise. The portrayal was very mature, which was unexpected because stories involving transmigration or with transmigration elements tend to be on the shallower side. I liked the FL enough, but it was really the ML who carried the story (and the little bean Jingzhou). This story made me laugh quite a few times, too. If there was something I would have wanted to be done differently, it would have been ... more>>

for more lovey dovey moments.


All in all a good read, even in MTL. <<less
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emmyazzy rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Love this novel. It is sweet and cute at the same time. It depicts how a woman and a man that are neighbours, friends, business partners, dating partners, and spouses interact.

I enjoyed their interactions a lot! Both of them are really mature in dealing with their relationship. An example would be how the male lead didn’t confess until he knew that the FL may like him because he had to consider their relationship as a business partner at that time. One fatal move could lead to a huge crack in... more>> their business relationship.

Another thing I enjoyed a lot and probably mainly why I read this novel was that it talked about the loopholes of some cliche novels we usually read.

An example would be the FL’s friend and neighbour. The FL’s friend which is the female lead in the novel the FL running away with a ball. In that particular case, she was tired of her husband’s and mother-in-law’s attitude that she ran away. This is where her mother-in-law would treat her coldly and not only that her husband (the ML in that novel) treat her coldly as well. Since at first he couldn’t marry some girl he liked or something. After the FL’s friend ran away, he then realised that he loves her.

In our current novel, the FL witness how her friend had became stronger mentally and physically because of being a mother. The FL’s friend also tells the FL her experience of that. To be honest, it’s quite sad if you imagine it *touch wood* on yourself. Like it must be horrible to just feel that everyday and with a practically useless husband. I mean if he’s unhappy, then don’t marry then. -.- Why must you vent on your wife?

Anyway, after that the FL’s friend’s husband found her and started to chase her. The ML in our novel directly told him off that if he really wanted to pursue her, he should deal with his own mother first. Like wow super cool move by the ML, huge plus point from me. LOL. Then, the husband did and reflected on his past actions that maybe if he did this earlier, his wife wouldn’t run away. The FL’s friend didn’t agree to his courtship but still let him to have access to their child. After a while, they just did joint parenting and the husband wasn’t caught up with how his wife didn’t like him anymore and such and support her like an old couple. For this particular part of the novel, it’s said that after a long time then did the wife agreed to be together with him. Well, since because she was talented herself too after working.

To me, this is really realistic. I mean I honestly think it’s hard to forgive someone easily and go back to a toxic family. Like so what if he loves her and all? His actions doesn’t justify the pain she suffered. So he deserved it like what the ML said. Since the ML even commented that the husband didn’t treat their relationship properly and thought of it as a mistress and boss relationship.


Another fun fact would be

turns out the FL is actually a FL in a novel as well. And the ML is the amnesiac boss. Even she was shocked by it but ignored it and lived on her life.

I believe she had only dream of this after this particular transmigrated girl came to disturb their romance. Transmigrated girl even judged the FL as someone who is a flower vase and the ML only liked her appearance bla bla. Like please, even if she is a flower vase, so what? The ML likes it after all. It also shows that she has that ability to be a flower vase. But if you say that the FL is a flower vase, it’s like downplaying all the efforts she worked hard together with the ML. It’s true that the ML is more talented in business but the FL is the one who is giving the money and working together with him. I disagree if you say she’s a flower vase in this novel.

After that, transmigrated girl even waited for the ML at the apartment (since she also rented a room and wanted to rent a room next to the ML). The ML was very irritated and didn’t bother her. He complained to the FL (since she is the apartment owner) and the FL said that if she did that again she will take actions. Obviously, the transmigrated girl took actions again. She told the FL that she was the fiancée and to the ML as well. The ML didn’t believe her. When the FL asked the ML on what if it’s true, the ML assured that he knows that he doesn’t have one nor is he married. Later, I think transmigrated girl went to the FL and ML’s car dealer shop and tried to emphasise that she is his fiancée. Unlucky for her was that their VIP customer that likes to disturb the ML is ML’s grandfather. The grandfather immediately told her off and assured the FL that he doesn’t look like one that has a fiancée. The transmigrated girl knew that this person might be the grandfather from the novel and was intimidated. She immediately left the apartment.

From this, it kinda also shows that in reality maybe even the transmigrated girl who knows of the future can intervene in a real romantic relationship between the lead. I mean she even tried to step in when the FL and ML’s relationship was already dating. It’s kinda like a mistress. I also liked how the FL knew that she was the FL of a novel but continued to work hard because who knows it may not turn out like in the novel.


To conclude, I would totally recommend this novel! <<less
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Gumamela rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The synopsis looks very promising so I read it. But halfway through, I got bored. The MC is very good. She is levelheaded, smart and kind. The ML is focused on money making so at the beginning of their meeting, they mostly talk about money - jobs, business, the like. I find their love story very adultlike which makes it seems less passionate. I got more interested on the side characters stories rather than the main.
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Adira rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a great story with a fine plotline. And swear on my unicorn panties that I came to adore every single character from little small fries like Jiang hui/zhang qi/chen lan to key players like pianpian/xiao jiang sihan/grandma luo/cheng uncle/that female boss especially the ML he’s the main reason I finished it in one day.

Except for the MC (sorry I couldn’t afford her niceties and honesty without getting my feathers ruffled) and that annoying brat Fang Jingzhou {that thing is anything but a kid, cause no 5to6 yr old kid... more>> would act or say things like he did despite having issue/trauma or left behind bitter past residues in their psychology (can speak from lot's experience of course) }.

Do recommend it especially for such a unique ML and genuine side characters regardless them having cliché roles. <<less
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Ashfire rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: extra 2
A very logical and interesting story where MC and ML both are like normal people with normal problems. They know what is important and focus on other thing (like making money) instead of love as the subject.
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Mystiqueeee rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a very good story. It's lighthearted but realistic. I mean, the emotions, realizations, and dreams of the characters are realistic. The romance is not overly sweet and romanticized. Don't get me wrong, I like their relationship a lot. However, it isn't the typical relationship of a CEO and the FL. It's really more real and there's no much drama. Their relationship is just really ideal. They respect each other and at the same time, they let each other grow in their own way. They're very supportive of each... more>> other and there's none of the typical "I just want to be the only one who can see her/him". Instead, they recognized each other's charm and was aware that there'll be some people who will like them but what's important is they trust each other.

There's also not much drama and heartbreaking scenes for the 2nd ML. Really, this story is very lighthearted. The 2nd ML respected both the ML and FL as well as wish the happiness from the bottom of his heart. It wad still sad to have his heart broken by his first live, but nevertheless, the author didn't emphasized it that much. But instead, the author just want to tell the readers that Jiang Sihan is moving forward and focused on his career.

I also like how there's not drama in the ML's family. I mean, it's not the first time I've encountered an ML's family members doting and liking the FL, but there's always someone in their family who won't like the FL (e.g., the ML's cousin, mother, or friend) but here, there's none. Just like I said, it's smooth sailing. Cause c'mon, in reality, although they said that the relationship between the daughter in law and mother in law are very precocious, it doesn't mean they'll always be at loggerheads. The FL's relationship with with the ML's family is closer to what's in real life. There's not much drama nor schemes.

And lastly, my only regret is there's no side stories dedicated to the ending of those "novels" like how Jiang Sihan achieved his goals, or how Fang Jingzhou became a CEO. I would really like to have those but nevertheless, I'm very satisfied with everything else. My heart feels relaxed during the time I'm reading this story. The plot is good, the romance is just right, and most of all, the moral lessons were very meaningful. Overall, it's a 10/10. <<less
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tjinn rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: Completed
It's like a slice of life story, no unnecessary misunderstandings, drama, dog blood... there's not much romance as well but a good sense of camaraderie.

Good read though. Didn't feel like skipping any part.
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December 30, 2023
Status: Completed
Easy and pretty cute read. Really liked it at first, but got annoyed by the cliche character types and purposeless plot points in the last third of the novel. Definitely worth a read if you like decent characters (aka not s*upid- 99% of them have functional brains) and a fun twist on old cliches.
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jz1225 rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: Completed
A gem of a story and should really be a hallmark for how we conduct ourselves in life.
I'm very often unsatisfied at the end of a novel finding it rushed or annoyed with obvious plot holes. Though I wanted more, it made sense to end where it did and how it did considering the MC's approach to the notion that life is continuous and story endings with "happily ever after" are unrealistic. It of course ends happily. I would love if the author did a spinoff on Fang Jinzhou's story as he's such a compelling character. I would love a spinoff of all the supporting cast!


Instead of a guarantee and cliche, there isn't a confirmation that MC ends up as a CEO like she does in the novel version of herself though likely. It's focused instead on wishing for the MC's daughter to be the happiest little girl in the world. It's so sweet in that it's more about a hope than set in stone


MC and ML exemplify the notion that life must be taken one step at a time but without waiting around for things to happen. Success isn't built in one day and that a stable attitude is paramount for progress. They teach that one should never treat themselves badly and that working hard brings satisfaction rather than exhaustion when using optimism.

Both their families are also just -chef's kiss- MC's grandma exemplifies that kindness is a power and sincerity towards others will result in long term benefits. ML's grandpa is the epitome of educating through tough love and the need for equality, fairness and decisiveness in business. ML's mom is the GOAT of women should treat themselves best before worrying about the unfair societal expectations on women.

Their attitudes are so inspiring and rational. No one wants to be unhappy, so why do things that would make oneself so? The conversations are insightful and a benchmark for how couples should interact. There's so much mutual respect and care for each other that transcends the disparity in their economic backgrounds.

Serious topics are discussed and any hypocrisy is pointed out. Adults behaving like adults is so wonderful.


Like in the case of Pianpian (the pregnant runaway CEO wife) I would've hated how the original story was supposed to be. The baby gets sick, PP goes to the dad, they have a whole abusive chasing process and reconciliation where PP's only title is just CEO's wife without her own identity. Instead, ML points out to that CEO his lack of sincerity where he planned to be engaged and still keep PP by his side but if the reverse were true the CEO wouldn't accept it. That an heir that relies on an alliance marriage is disdainful and proved a lack of abilities. ML calls out that CEO's disillusionment towards his mother's clear intention of recognizing the grandson but not the mother. Their ending is a bit open ended that after years as more of coparents, PP and that CEO eventually put down the past and started over but not that they definitely ended up together. I would love to know more in detail bc I'd so enjoy seeing that CEO's emotional turmoil and growth. PP grew a lot too and recognized that romantic love is not the epitome of one's life but self-love is.

Lil Fang's OG story is heartbreaking and the way MC rescued him is so realistic. The idealist in me would love that the MC and ML officially adopted him but that's not how life works. A child is a lot of responsibility and she doesn't have the proper means to completely care for him as he still has his grandparents and living mom. The mom is such scum and I like that MC doesn't waste her time trying to save her from her OG ending of su*cide. She isn't a virg*n Mary just because she knows the OG plot. She gives kindness to those that in her perspective deserve it or have the capacity to change.


Although I wish there wasn't a 2nd ML, I was satisfied with how he was handled. I guess this was the only part that I didn't like, where the idea women and men can't just be friends was stated more than once. Though I think it was stated more to show 2nd ML's lack of awareness towards his feelings for MC. It would've been nicer to show that you can be a good friend to the opposite gender without feelings being developed. His emotional journey and reconciliation with his feelings is still great though.


He and ML are still good friends, he doesn't pine after MC and lives his own good life but simply hasn't met another woman that he likes yet. He respects the boundaries and wishes them well wholeheartedly. Even when he belatedly confirms his feelings, he doesn't disturb the couple. ML is also just great here too bc he respects the 2nd ML's character and recognizes the man's rare integrity. He doesn't prevent MC from hanging out with the two guys who had feelings for her bc he trusts everyone involved - MC, 2nd ML and childhood friend.


The story gives me hope and inspiration to live my own life better rather than focusing on all the obstacles towards success. It fuels me with a zest for starting small and making money to make myself happy. It emphasizes making money should not be for the sake of greed but for the satisfaction that there are results from hard work. I've been in a career funk and always constrained myself to the white collar life though it's not the most suitable for me. I have a personality more aligned with the MC and she's unlocked some dreams of mine I didn't dare to consider.

It's also clear and stated often that MC does not need a man to be happy. That ML and MC should have their own goals and aspirations. There's a line about how he grows his sugarcane field while she grows her watermelon field, and only then they can share the sweetness of each field with each other or have the qualifications to question the sweetness. It's a great analogy. Better stated in the novel.

It's simply about people doing their best to reach their goals while supporting each other without selfish or self-righteous interference. Everyone's life is their own and no one can dictate it for them. Everyone's form of happiness is different and each form is not lesser than another. Great lessons to be learned and ones I will take the heart. We should never rush and falter, but strive with an open-heart towards our own mountain peaks.
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zetnnik rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: Completed
A nice, easy read slice of life story. I wish the author expanded more on PianPian’s story. Aside from that it’s a good story. Highly recommended.
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Asurn rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: Completed

pretty good 4/5

Oh and its another one of those novels with the "pregnancy tag" where pregnancy doesn't actually occur until the last few chapters/epiloge and has nothing to do with the main story.

So marked for my "non-pregnancy" list that I plan to create in a while.

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Tang Ning777
Tang Ning777 rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: --
One of the most underrated novel ever!!!

It was a slice of life romance. Loved the main leads and all the supporting characters. I read it in one setting. Could not put down even if I wanted to.

From the synopsis, it may seem like any other brain dead novel with vain characters. However, it's the opposite.

... more>> I felt like I was living through these characters. All of them were so positive and living life to the fullest.

I loved the male lead and female lead's relationship. Both were mature and knew what they wanted. Their love wasn't rational to the point of being tasteless but it also wasn't impulsively passionate to the point of being cheesy.

The ML was the funniest character in the novel. I liked him a lot. Luo Bei was also unlike other female leads.

Every character had their own quirks and were not just paper characters.

Fang Jingzhou was the sweetest boy and I wanted to give him a hug. His chemistry with the leads was the best.

I loved this novel! I also think that the author was making an irony out of all the main stream lovesick brain dead domineering CEO novels. We got to see how the main characters of these novels with tragic pasts struggle from a bystander character's pov.

This novel was surely one of the most unique and fluffiest novels I've read in a while.

"Remember, own everything but illness, lose anything but money" (A great Zhou Jianguo once said this to a little boy to cheer him up😭😭😭) <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I absolutely love this novel. The MC and ML were so endearing. The people around them were also a delight to read.
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amelyn95 rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: extra 5

This is a really easy read... and it is a realistic love story between 2 logical adults. They are not very romantic, the story is like 50% about them, 50% about the other characters. Which I love.

Their relationship start really naturally. From a landlady- tenant, friend, business partners, and then into a couple. I like that from the start he wants someone with similar work ethique next to him. Someone who works just as hard as him, and not merely a pretty vase. They communicate, they trust each other. They... more>> do not randomly trust what strangers say, they do not get blindly jealous, they understood its normal for their partner to have admirers because thats what happened when you are godly looking!!

The other thing I love in this novel is, the trio did not fight for love. When the other one found out the main couple got together, he congratulates them right away. He did not try to fight for the girl, he accepted it almost immediately because he truly cares and appreciates his 2 friends. Authors should write this more often. This is how adults should react when their love is unrequited, they did not go insane, they did not moped forever. Real friendship last!

And the other characters, especially the little boy really made the story better. I love that he found a family with the main couple. I'm so happy that he is growing up well and loved. <<less
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