The Knight Commander’s Son Dotes on the Villainous Daughter


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“Alice, I am breaking our engagement!”

The MC remembers his previous life when he hears those words.

Seeing the prince breaks their engagement at the party, he remembers the same thing from his previous life while playing an otome game.

Seeing the prince blaming the villainess even though she is falsely accused, the other targets and the heroine secretly smiles at her.

He decided to save his favourite villainess and make her his own.

This is just a sweet story about the mc, who is reincarnated as the son of a knight commander.

Despite being the target of the Otome game, he decided to dote on the villainess.

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mysticalvoid111 rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: --
To be blunt, it feels like it was written by a naive and sheltered teenager who doesn't have any romantic experiences and oblivious of the flaws of society. I know I'm being rude, but I only read this since novels with tags of Otome and Male Protagonist with no BL and no harem, are so few.
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SpinniBotty rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: c5
I'll be brutally honest with you. By reading this novel I felt like reading one written by a middle-schooler who just discovered the otome game stereotype and fanfictioned about it. The conversation level is abysmal, almost elementary school children's level. And mind you, It's not necessarily the translator's fault since it's probably like this on the raws.
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Scyferine8878 rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: c9
To be honest, pretty basic, cliché not intense otome story. The romance kinda fast-paced. Well MC is a pretty straightforward guy and a bit alpha. Aside from that it's kinda normal nothing shocking since there aren't that concrete world building (yet?) from what I read. Just basic otome settings.

Villainous also kinda feel a bit bland. For me personally I don't really like pure saint-like one dimensional character. Well maybe in the future it will improve my impression of her. I like strong willed, tough personality and a bit of mature... more>> lady vibes villainous. But well I guess it's hard to find that kind of fMC.

For now 2.5* but since I'm a bit generous I will give 3* <<less
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Freshl0517 rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: c13
I disagree with the previous person's comment, the dialogue seems more or less alright to me. There are enough justifications in the plot to allow for the dialogue to be so childish at first, and things change later on. (Then again, maybe my vocabulary never went past elementary lol).

Besides this entire genre is basically fanfiction on top of fanfiction on top of fanfiction so I don't see the point in pointing it out.

However, It was a little strange how the other characters so easily accept the protagonist's change from being... more>> a dog of the 'original heroine' to becoming obsessed with the 'villainess'. Even the 'villainess' herself falls for him despite knowing that just like the other members of the capture target's entourage, he was nothing but a dog for the heroine up untill the condemnation.

The sudden change is acknowledged, but it doesn't seem to carry the proper weight it rightfully should. Later on, this is explained when it's revealed that the OG heroine had charm magic. But the protagonist falling in love so obsessively with the 'villainess' still seems kind of abrupt. Even if we know that he loved her character in his previous life.

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