The Knight Can Have a Gentle Flower


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Yuina, who works in the Royal Palace, is an 18-year-old girl dreaming about falling in love. Someday she wants to meet someone special, fall in love, have a relationship and get married. One fateful day, she met Terriol Hagen, the Crown Prince’s knight, and fell in love at first sight. They soon became lovers, but because Terriol was always busy, their relationship didn’t progress smoothly——.

Part 2 of the Lucott Kingdom series.

Associated Names
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Kishi wa Amai Hana wo Teniireru
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The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams (Same Franchise)
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07/16/20 Isohungry Translations c3
07/13/20 Isohungry Translations c2
07/10/20 Isohungry Translations c1
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